Accidents happen

So, here is my FIRST EVER fanfic [Technically not, but let's not be technical, k? ;3] – sorry about the cruddy title, my brain kinda went blank [No surprise there then xD] And, sorry – again, if there's any spelling mistakes [My laptop has no spell check] and I'm pretty sure that this is going to be incredibly OOC somewhere.
Rated T for language, contains twincest in later chapters, rating may go up, depending on whether I can be bothered to make it more lemon-y or not.

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Hikaru POV


I groaned, turning up the volume on my iPod in a failed attempt to drown out the sounds of my little brother, who had been calling me from upstairs for the past 10 minutes.

"Hika! Hikaru – come here!" Kaoru shouted – louder than he had before.

"Bloody hell Kao." I sighed as I tossed my iPod aside and trudged upstairs to find out exactly what Kaoru was up to.

I passed many maids as I finally found myself outside my bedroom door.

"Kao – What're you up to?" I asked quietly as I opened the door. The first thing I saw was Kaoru – wearing only a pair of purple and black shorts and a yellow baseball cap – stood on our bed, surrounded by boxes and folders from the top of our wardrobe.

"Oh god – do I even want to know?" I laughed, leaning against the doorframe. Kaoru's eyes lit up.

"Ooh! Hika! I need your help!" He smiled as he pulled me over towards where he was standing only seconds before.

" There's something up there – " Kaoru stopped talking and pointed to the wardrobe, which was rather small compared to the huge, walk in one we had which was just across the hall. Then he continued, "And I can't reach it. Help me?"

I didn't answer, but just stared at him, laughing.

" Please?" He added, giving me the puppy dog eyes, which he knew very well, was my only weakness.

"Ugh – " I groaned as he smiled at my reaction, "What am I supposed to do? Lift you onto my shoulders?" I joked, but Kaoru took it seriously.

"Yes!" He grinned innocently. I sweatdropped, and reluctantly stepped forward and crouched down, allowing him to slide onto my back and position himself on my shoulders.

I slowly stood up, holding on tightly to Kaoru's ankles as he held on just as tightly to my wrists. He reached up to get the object that was 'Oh-so-important' and I felt my knees wobble.

"Uuh – Kao, Hurry up, you're heavy!" I shouted, not meaning to raise my voice as much as I did. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold us both up for much longer.

"Oh come on! I weigh the same amount as you do!" He joked, not really bothering to take my advice and hurry up to get whatever he needed.

I nearly said something back, but I was interrupted by my legs giving out from underneath us. We both fell to the floor, and then everything seemed to slow down.

"Hika!" Kaoru screamed as he fell down on top of my, landing sprawled across my stomach, accidently bringing out lips together for about five seconds.

My eyes widened, not because I was kissing my own BROTHER, but because I was enjoying it.

Kaoru quickly pulled away and stood up, leaving me on the carpet by myself. He laughed nervously and ran his fingers through his hair.

I'd been thinking of Kaoru as more than a brother for a few weeks before then, and this just added to my confusion.

"What the fuck was that?" I thought, shaking my head slightly. I wasn't brave enough to look at him, even though I felt him looking at me. When I finally brought up enough courage to turn around, Kaoru was walking towards the door.

"Uh – See you – later?" He laughed, and I could tell that every trace of happy in his voice had been a complete act to try and make the situation less awkward, and he failed, epicly.

Well, If you think that's messed up, wait untill you hear what happened next!

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