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A wave of relief flashed over me when Kaoru replied.


I sighed, closing my eyes and relaxing my whole body, a small smile playing on my lips.

"Kaoru, listen. I don't know why you've been avoiding me, but we have to talk about this." I told him, trying to keep my voice as quiet and as gentle as possible as I pulled him down onto the bed, switching positions so that he was sat down on the bed and I was stood before him.

My twin didn't dare look at me, instead, his eyes seemed to be focused on his feet, poking aimlessly at the carpet with his toes.

"Damn! Your feet aren't that interesting! Look at me!" I shouted, my impatience getting the best of me as I reached out and roughly tilted his chin up, forcing his gaze to settle on me, and only me.

"Hika, I-"

I raised my spare hand to lay a finger over his lips, silencing him before he could protest. I struggled to hold back a smile when a dark blush spread across the bridge of Kaoru's nose and cheeks, showing exactly how he was feeling.

"Kaoru, I'll say this now-" I began, sighing again as I thought of what to say, reciting words in my head before finally coming to a decision.

"-I love you, as more than a brother; much more, in fact, and, when we kissed, if only by accident, it confirmed my feelings for you."

God. That sounded so much better in my head.

I saw Kaoru's eyes widen upon my confession, and, if possible, his blush grew deeper, his light brown eyes gazing straight back into my own, identical copies. When he didn't answer, my impatience flared up again, and I asked yet another question.

"How did it make you feel?"

I knew that, if he didn't feel even remotely the same as I did, then our relationship was royally fucked.

"You really feel that way about me?"

"Answer my question first."

Our conversation plummeted into silence once more, but luckily for me - (and my sanity) – Kaoru was the one to break it. His voice seemed a little more confident, and I could tell that he was finally opening up.

"It felt great, now answer my question."

Okay, so he was a lot more confident; as well as blunt, and it almost sounded as if he was teasing me, which I was not going to allow. I'm the seme.

"Y-Yes, I do really feel that way about you." I stammered, stunned by his sudden change in emotion.

More silence.

"Do you feel the same?" I interrupted, turning round to switch off the TV, which had been wasting electricity and blaring away in the background, before turning back and kneeling down before my brother, sitting back on my heels.

Kaoru's eyes were frantically scanning the area behind me, looking for somewhere to focus his gaze so that he didn't have to look at me.

After what felt like hours, a mumbled reply broke through my frustration.

"What was that, Kao? I didn't hear you."

A repeat, still inaudible.

"Kaoru, speak properly, dammit!" I shouted, standing up from my previous position and growing more and more impatient by the second; his inability to answer the simple question which held the future of our relationship was starting to annoy me.

"YES! DAMMIT HIKARU, YES, I FEEL THE SAME!" He shouted back, following my actions and standing up alongside me, the look on his face after his outburst told me everything.

He hadn't meant to shout, and he probably hadn't meant to say what he did, either.

I didn't know how to process any of this, but I was sure that, if I didn't do something distracting, we would end up in an argument.

So, of course, I did something distracting. I grabbed Kaoru by the collar of his shirt, and pulled him into a rough kiss, my eyes closing the moment I felt his lips against mine.

The kiss didn't last long, as I'd pulled back as soon as I felt Kao begin to kiss back; just to make sure he knew that I was still seme, no matter the situation.

I wasn't letting that go any time soon.

Before either of us could say anything in reaction to my actions, a terrible squealing noise which just begged to be investigated could be heard coming from the hallway.

Of course, Tamaki had watched everything through the key hole, and was now fangirling in the doorway.

I threw a smirk in Kaoru's direction, and merely kicked my senpai aside; making sure that the door was properly closed this time, before tugging at a dressing gown which hung on the numerous hooks on the back of the door, covering the key hole to give us the upmost privacy.

I was tempted to lock the door, but the gesture itself would've probably come across as creepy.

I walked back over to Kaoru, who was sat back in his previous position on the bed, yet again, looking down at his feet, and purposely stood close enough so that my feet were in his line of vision.

"You still interested in feet? Anyone would suspect you had a fetish for them." I teased, knowing full well that my words would cause Kaoru to throw a playful look of disgust my way.

How I knew my twin.

He looked up at me with those eyes which were so similar to my own, yet different in their own way.

"Of course, where else is there to look?" Kaoru smiled, the playful look of disgust following suit.

I grinned, leaning down to gently tilt his chin, my lips ghosting over his own.

"Why, you should be looking at me, and only me."

And with that, I captured his lips yet again; my movements gentle this time.

'At least-' I thought, my eyes closing as we indulged in one another.

'At least now we won't just be acting at the Host Club.'


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