Old Light: A Killjoy Drabble

You are my sweetest downfall… I loved you first.

Everything seemed to be stuck for a good few seconds. Neither Fun Ghoul nor Party Poison could believe what they were seeing: Jet Star and Kobra Kid, collapsed in the sand. Fun Ghoul ran to Jet, checking his pulse, for breathing, something—anything—but there was nothing to be found. He let out a noise, shaking their curly haired companion.

"J-jet—Jet, wake up—" He called weakly, tears welling in his eyes.

Party hadn't moved. He couldn't seem to find his legs, swallowing repeatedly. His jaw worked, mouth open and closed but he couldn't get the words to come out. His hands shook as his body finally started forward stiffly. Slow steps before he dropped to his knees beside his younger brother. His trembling was starting to become obvious as he scooped up the blonde, pulling him to his chest.
"K-Kobra," he muttered, calloused fingertips brushing a pale cheek. The male in his arms stirred weakly, dulling eyes opened. There was a soft cough and for a moment, Party looked relieved. He pressed his hand to his brother's chest, trying to stop the bleeding.

"Y-you… look like you've…seen a ghost, Party."

"D-Don't speak, idiot," the older chided harshly. That just got a little laugh from the man in his arms and Party wasn't sure what was so fucking funny.

"N-non…ti preoccupare… caro fratello. It'll be okay." Funny how Mikey was trying to comfort his older brother, a gloved hand coming up to brush through long, dirty hair. "Listen to me, Gee…" Kobra's breathing went shallow, he winced.

"F-Fuck—Quit talking, Kobra! Y-you're gunna be fine, we'll get you back—" The older looked up, over to Fun Ghoul. "Get bandages!" He barked, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. He glanced down; his younger brother was still talking.

"You gotta… keep fighting… Bring them down…" he was saying, his head lulling to rest against his brother's chest. "Don't… stop. Don't ever…" A sharp breath; he was in pain. Gerard's grip on him tightened as he shook violently.

"Non parlare. Basta appendere," it was a ground out order, the closest thing to begging Kobra had ever heard from his brother. The blonde gave a weak grin.

"History… History will… remember you, Gerard," Mikey managed. Another sharp breath, but it never escaped. He stilled in the elder's grasp.

"Kobra-? Ko—M-Mikey—" Party's eyes filled with tears as he looked down to his little brother. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he blamed himself, pulling the body close and rocking back and forth. It was the first time he could ever recall really crying. The tears ran down his cheeks as he clung to his brother. Fun Ghoul stood behind Party a little ways, biting his lower lip as he watched. He, too, was crying, clutching the first aid supplies.