Chapter 1: Arrival

This story was done for a reader request. 143yaoifangirl sent in the suggestion of a Hiroki and Takano pairing and I thought "Damn… that's a hot idea…" This is not PWP, however. I don't write like that. But this piece does have a significant sex scene between Hiroki and Takano.

In my correspondence with 143yaoifangirl, it was arrived at, that for a switch, Takano would end up playing uke to Hiroki's seme. (So, if you can't handle versatility, or have issues with antics outside your OTP, you have been warned.)

The premise is that it takes place in college before either Hiroki or Takano has their permanent partner and their encounter is a onetime thing... This story takes place during Takano's lost years when he's still reeling from Oda/Onodera's disappearance. Meanwhile, Hiroki is acting out in that "sordid" way mentioned in the Shinoda chapter as a means of dealing with his longings for Akihiko. I also have Takahashi Takahiro attending "M" University in this piece. I know in the manga he wasn't able to go, but in my version he was accepted and started his first semester and then had to withdraw when his parents died and he became responsible for his little brother, Misaki.

Hope you like it…. Also, please excuse the poor title. While the premise inspired me, the title muse abandoned me.

I hope you will consider dropping a review even if you're encountering this story long after its completion.

Don't Preach/Daniel Lazerus

Disclaimer: I do not own Junjou Romantica or Sekai ichi Hatsukoi or any of their characters.

College Daze

Chapter One: Arrival

Hiroki got out of Akihiko's car and slammed the door just hard enough to let his best friend know that he was not pleased. Akihiko's pale eyes narrowed slightly at the sound. The car was brand new, just purchased with the first allowance from the trust his grandfather in England had set up for him.

Looking over and noting Akihiko's disapproving stare, Hiroki dropped his eyes; a slight blush rose in his cheeks. His first inclination was to apologize but what came out instead was: "I still don't see why you had to choose red, Akihiko. It's so obvious."

Akihiko pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and tapped one out. "I chose it because it pleased me, Hiroki. Nothing wrong with a a guy getting what he wants… You should try it some time."

Hiroki felt his cheeks grow even hotter at these words.

If only I could.

The problem was, however, that what he really wanted, more than anything, was Akihiko. Even now his fingers twitched reflexively, how they longed to be traveling over the contours of his best friend's lean, muscular body.

No way in hell that's happening.

Slipping his traitorous hands into his pockets, Hiroki raised his head. Akihiko had come around and was now leaning slightly on the side of the car smoking his cigarette.

He looks so god damn gorgeous.

Raw Sensuality and a carefully cultivated nonchalance radiated like a halo from Akihiko. Hiroki allowed himself the exquisite torture of at least allowing his eyes to roam over his friend. He started with Akihiko's extraordinary hair, his bangs slightly lifting in the cool spring evening breeze.

If one was inclined to ask him, Hiroki could name the exact day that Akihiko's thick mane had begun slipping from the white-gold of their childhood into the rich silver tones it now carried. It was just one entry in his extensive and ongoing silent cataloging of his unrequited.

Hiroki's dark gaze drifted down over Akihiko's beautiful face, the thick lashes, amazing purple-hued gaze, and high cheekbones. His eyes traced the sensual mouth that he'd so often imagined covering his own lips or, if he was feeling more sordid, which occurred far more often than he'd ever admit, his cock. Hiroki felt both his heart and his groin pulse painfully at this thought.

In his tailored clothes, Akihiko always looked impeccable. Even when attempting to look casual, his aristocratic upbringing bled through. It was something the young author couldn't hide any more than he could his peculiar genius. But Hiroki knew too that the way Akihiko dressed was part of his personal armor, just as he was also aware that so was the gaudy color of the car he had just bought.

However, this knowledge did little to diminish the effect Akihiko had on him. Regardless of whatever subconscious motives dictated Akihiko's choices, the maddening fact remained that he wore everything well.

Hiroki pushed his hands deeper into his pockets. Despite the fact they had been raised in the same social circles, he always felt so shabby standing next Akihiko.

"Tell me again what we're doing here?" he asked petulantly, though well aware of the answer.

"Takahiro invited us to join him at this party." Akihiko pushed himself up off of the car.

"You know, Old Man, you didn't have to come if you didn't want to. I know how much you hate social events like this."

"You hate these things just as much as I do…" Hiroki fired back.

"Ah, yes, but one has a duty to support his friends. Don't you think?" Though his tone was slightly bored, Akihiko's usually stoic face had begun glowing at the thought of Takahashi Takahiro.

The Economics Club at "M" University had a staunch reputation of proudly being an "elite" network, dominated by the sons of CEOs, directors and Takahiro had been accepted into their ranks was quite a coup for the average youth. Tonight the club was having its celebratory party, welcoming its newest members, and their inductees had been encouraged to invite guests.

Hiroki had been with Akihiko when Takahiro had come to extend the invitation and knew he'd only been invited out of Takahashi's unbearable sense of politeness.

Fucking Takahiro!

Falling into step alongside Akihiko, Hiroki started towards the towering apartment building.

The party was being held in the swank apartment of the club's president, a lavish three-bedroom suite in a fashionable high-rise. As they drew nearer to the complex, Hiroki's attention was blessedly diverted from his heartache for a moment. His gaydar immediately blipped as they passed by two striking, dark-haired youths loitering at the entrance he and Akihiko were approaching. Both young men were smoking.

Though equally handsome, Hiroki noticed one of the young men in particular. He had shaggy black hair and warm amber eyes that glinted through the thin-framed glasses he wore.

I wish I looked half as good in my specs.

Hiroki had moved on to thinking of how utterly unfair it was that some people got to be so damn tall, when the fellow standing next to the subject of his appraisal raised his eyes and caught his gaze.

Though the guy's face did not alter from the bored scowl it was wearing, steel gray eyes told a whole other story: he's taken, was their clear communication.

Holding the other's glare just long enough to let him know he was not easily threatened, Hiroki at last looked away and continued to follow Akihiko into the building.

"Tell me again why we're here, Masamune," Yokozawa growled around his cigarette as his dark eyes followed the brunet who had been obviously checking his friend out. He watched the man disappear into the building.

"Free liquor... and not the cheap shit you've been bringing over." Takano stubbed his smoke into the outside ashtray.

"Do you even know anyone at this party?"

Though he had a reputation for being a bit of a bull, Yokozawa also had a strong sense of manners. Crashing someone's event particularly at a swank place like this made him uneasy. Not to mention that although his own consumption of alcohol was notably high, and perhaps more frequent than it should be, he had been harboring considerable concern lately about Takano's increasing alcoholic intake.

"Well, a friend of one of the members told me about it… I consider that practically an invitation."

Takano slipped his glasses off and into his pocket as he said this. He'd donned them to study the GPS in his phone when they were trying earlier to determine the party's exact location As he took off his glasses, a wisp of it caught on the breeze and was lifted up off his forehead further disrupting his already handsomely disheveled hair .

Seeing this, Yokozawa tightened his grip on his dwindling cigarette and fisted the hand currently in his jacket pocket. It was all he could do not to reach up and gently brush the stray strand down. Smoothing things out, trying to keep Takano together, had become his full time job of late. And as the weight of the responsibility he felt for his heart-broken friend increased, in equal measure so did his love.

Instead of touching Takano, Yokozawa snorted as he stubbed out his fag. "I can't believe you pulled me into doing something so reckless, Masamune." He hardened his gray eyes into an angry glare.

Takano stared easily back. He'd known Yokozawa long enough his friend's gruff exterior didn't fool him in the least.

"Why think of it as reckless when you can think of it as an adventure instead?" Takano ended this challenge with a chuckle, knowing that Yokozawa would never back down from a charge.

"Besides," he added with considerably less humor. "It's a much needed diversion."

Yokozawa frowned. The pain in Takano's eyes that he'd hoped his care had begun to finally extinguish had rekindled and he realized with a renewed sense of loss that, despite all his best efforts, Takano's torment was burning fever-bright again tonight.

"I know I am going to regret this." Yokozawa sighed, sticking his empty hand into his jacket pocket. "I swear, Masamune, first sign of trouble we're leaving and if you get too drunk, I'm not carrying your ass home again like last time… Got it?" His voice was as brusque as his heart was tender.

Takano clapped his arm around his shoulder and Yokozawa's breath caught at the familiar touch.

"What would I do without my enforcer?" Takano's laugh was heartfelt this time, the heavy weight in his voice momentarily lifted.

Shaking his shoulders, Yokozawa stretched out his elbows pushing Takano away. "Get off, idiot!" he growled, though what he really wanted more than anything was to linger under the lean arm that had just held him. It pained Yokozawa to observe this rough rejection didn't faze Takano in the least.

Instead, Takano plunged on determinedly ahead of his scowling friend. Pushing open the door into the building, he turned back over his shoulder. "Just pretend like you belong here, Takafumi, that's the key to a crasher's success."

"I'm not sure how successful I really want us to be." Still, despite the deep sigh he exhaled, Yokozawa squared his shoulders and followed Takano into the building.

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