College Daze

Chapter 10: Afterglow

Misaki's palms pressed against the cool glass of one of the suite's huge windows. He tried to pull back, but much larger hands covered his, holding him in place.

"Please, Usagi-san, not again," he gasped, as hot labored breaths ghosted over his neck making all the short hairs there stand on end. "Not here. Please. Someone will see."

The hands pinning him suddenly slipped down Misaki's thin, bare arms. Usami had stripped his upper body within two minutes of them entering the suite. Misaki groaned as these cool hands ran over the heated skin of his back before sliding round to the front to begin pinching his hard nipples.

"Unngh, please, Usagi-san," he begged.

"I don't care if all of Tokyo sees," Akihiko murmured, after placing a sucking kiss on his boy's slender neck.

"I want everyone to know just how much I love my Misaki." His hands drifted down and began to make short work of undoing Misaki's belt buckle. With a metallic clink and a fabric whisper Misaki's pants quickly fell, pooling around the trembling boy's ankles. His briefs followed, pulled down mere seconds after.

Misaki's next noise was a half gasp, half sob as one of Akihiko's now heated hands grasped his semi erect cock and began to stroke him to full hardness. He felt Usagi-san place another nipping kiss just below one of his ears.

"I have waited too long for love. Now that I have you, Misaki, I am never going to let you go." Misaki found himself bound to the man even tighter by the silken tones of Usagi-san's whispered voice.

Braced on lean arms Yokozawa looked down on the slick, heaving chest of the man beneath him, amazed as always by the taut, muscular beauty of his lover's body. Yokozawa marveled at how much it moved him to be able to think the word "lover" (as he would never say it) and know that for the first time in his life the term was true.

He pulled out of this place of thoughtful revelation, wanting to be present in this moment with Kirishima. Yokozawa watched the other man's normally sly face grimace as he slowly pushed into Kirishima's tight ass. The two men panted and grunted as Yokozawa slowly slid in further.

When he was finally ensconced, both he and Kirishima breathed a sigh in unison. Yokozawa watched Kirishima's marvelous chestnut-colored eyes gaze up at him and he was amazed that even now, the gleam of humor had not left them.

As much as he wanted to begin moving, Yokozawa held off, allowing the other man a little more time to adjust. Then he felt Kirishima's long muscular legs wrap around his waist and tighten, drawing him in deeper.

"Come on Mama-san, show Papa how it's done," Kirishima teased. His light chuckle turned into a pleasured moan however as Yokozawa thrust forward provoked by his words.

These sounds of bliss continued as Yokozawa growled, "How… many… times… have… I… told… you… not… to…" he punctuated each word with a pulse of his hips. He stopped in his motion however when Kirishima gasped out, completing the sentence before he did.

"Not to tell you how much I love you? Ah, I can't help myself because I do love you, Takafumi."

With these words a warm front moved into the stormy surface of Yokozawa's eyes and precipitation gathered in their corners. Kirishima saw this and his dark gaze glowed with understanding. He offered his lover a sweet smile free from all it usual mischief. Silently Kirishima reached his long arms around Yokozawa's neck and pulled the Dark Horse down to him in an impassioned embrace.

Ritsu lay curled into the shelter of Takano's body. In his inebriated state he was mildly aware of the irony as the same man had just been the sexual storm that had pummeled him so soundly. He closed his large green eyes as the strong arm draped across his waist, pulled him tighter into his lover's warmth.

With bigger man's chest pressed against his back, Onodera could feel Takano's heart still beating rapidly from his erotic if he could read his junior's mind, Takano brushed his lips across the nape of Onodera's neck.

"Do you feel that Ritsu? That beat is for you and no one else," he whispered.

The liquor coursing through Onodera's veins made him brash. Without opening his eyes he muttered, "I could say the same for the throbbing in my ass, Takano-san."

Takano propped himself up slightly on one arm and leaned over. He softly kissed away a tear that had remained caught in the corner of Onodera's eye. He ran a gentle hand through Ritsu's dark, sweat-damp hair.

Onodera's eyes opened slowly, despite his surprise at this tender response to his accusation. He'd expected it to incite Takano into another flurry of rampant ravishing.

In truth, though as much as he resisted, Ritsu craved this fury more than anything. It was only the force of this that managed to drive away the fear that still lingered in his heart that someday Takano might change his mind and decide to truly reject him.

Ritsu turned his head and despite the color rushing to pink his cheeks, he managed to meet Takano's gaze evenly for once. The earnestness in the amber eyes he met overwhelmed him.

"Make no mistake Ritsu," Takano whispered as his hand dropped from ruffling Onodera's hair and the back of his fingers lightly grazed the younger man's cheek.

"You are my first, last, and only love." Takano leaned in as he said this capturing Ritsu's mouth in a long and lingering kiss.

The water had been running for almost an hour now in the suite Hiroki had rented. Behind the steamed glassed doors of the huge shower, he sat on the tile floor his back pressed against one of the walls, completely spent.

Nowaki's lean muscular thighs straddled his. Hiroki's relaxing cock was still embedded inside him. Nowaki looked down at the thick fluid of his own release that lingered on Hiro-san's taut belly untouched by the streaming water. He drew a long finger down following the paths of his seeded trails.

"You're amazing, Hiro-san," he whispered, still feeling the internal warmth of his orgasm and the comforting heat of Hiroki's now quiet cock even more so than the multitude of hot drops from the shower kissing his skin.

Nowaki looked up mildly shocked when Hiroki shifted and gently took his face in his hands.

"That was a hell of a ride, Nowaki. You're pretty amazing yourself," Hiroki whispered. He hoped that the pink of his steamed skin hid the blush he felt as he said this.

At the same time he glowed with this bit of unexpected praise from his lover, Nowaki searched Hiroki's gaze questioningly. While he wanted to ask what had brought about this unexpected turn of events, he didn't. Choosing instead to remain silent and just enjoy it, Nowaki leaned forward and returned the gesture, gathering Hiroki's fine jaw as well. He kissed his partner deeply.

"I love you, Hiro-san," he murmured when at last he broke the kiss.

Hiroki swept aside Nowaki's sodden, black bangs from his brow. He studied his lover's intense blue gaze. He felt overwhelmed with gratitude for unrequited love, wayward rocket ships, and youth's stubborn persistence: in truth for anything and everything that had played a part in fate bringing him to this moment.

"I love you too, Nowaki," Hiroki growled before initiating a kiss of his own. He was incredibly thankful they were in the shower as the spray of the water camouflaged the tears of desperate joy he felt at having this incredible man in his life.

Sheltered inside his beloved Nowaki, Hiroki felt himself begin to stir again. Feeling this revival, the strength of his kiss increased as Hiroki set about replacing another memory of loss and lack with one of love.


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