9 months later

Morticia went into labor late Wednesday night and had their first child, a girl, early Thursday morning. She held her daughter, wrapped in a hideous pink blanket, in her weak, tired arms. Gomez stood next to her, his hand on her shoulder.

"She looks like you, Cara Mia." He whispered.

"What shall we name her, Gomez?"

"Something gloomy. They say Wednesday's child is woe."

"Then why not name her Wednesday?" Mamma asked, entering the room. Gomez and Morticia glanced at each other and smiled. And so it became. They named their daughter Wednesday Friday Addams.

Wednesday Addams grew to be a thin girl with deep black eyes, ivory skin, and raven colored hair like her mother. They had a second child only 2 years later. They named him Pugsley. The name was again thought up by Mamma and stuck. He grew up to be a heavy boy with and appetite to feed an entire family of rats.

After years and years of searching, they finally found Gomez's brother, Fester. He'd been traveling abroad for years before returning home. Gomez and Fester made up for whatever argument tore them apart and they became one family again.

They lived perfectly well for years. Fester married a woman named Dementia. They moved to a different home but never had children. Wednesday grew up and married a boy of the same age named Joel. They went on to have one son named Lucifer. Pugsley began traveling the world and he took Thing with him.

Mamma passed away not long after the children left. Mrs. Frump passed away years after, followed shortly by a lonely Ophelia. Lurch passed away at a very old age and was honored by being buried in the Addams' cemetery.

Morticia died before Gomez. He buried her in the cemetery, alone. He didn't give her a large funeral. Pugsley and Wednesday wouldn't have come anyway and Fester was long gone. He figured he'd be lucky if he, himself got a funeral. The children never came to the house and everyone else avoided it. Technically after he was gone, the house and all of the possessions belonged to Pugsley and Wednesday. They probably wouldn't even know he died.

Morticia had always idolized death for the beauty it was. She always promised to wait for him after she left. He buried her in the space in the center of the cemetery with a small headstone. The simpler the grave, the more it meant, it seemed. He placed rose thorns all around the grave and headstone. Once he was finished, he knelt down in front of it, wishing he was buried below and not her.

He did not cry a single tear all the while he buried her. She had died in her sleep. Peacefully. The way she always wanted it. He was thankful for that. He ran his hand over the headstone and his wedding ring caught his eye. He hadn't taken it off since it was placed on his finger. It seemed too unnatural to have it off.

He took it off and examined it, noticing something inscribed on the inside. Something he'd never noticed. He read what she had carved into the gold and it made his heart ache. He would miss her unbelievably. He couldn't wait to be with her again. He dropped the ring in the fresh dirt and began to cry.

The ring's word gleamed in the moonlight. Love in the hereafter. Yours forever, Morticia.

***The End***