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It was just an ordinary day for me, watching TV, looking at blueprints of the Sears Tower, and doing homework. A sudden knock at the door made me jump up to answer.

"Hey, Dad," said Peak.

"Hi, Peak. I need to talk to you," said the tired looking father.

"Shoot," Peak said confidently.

"My company is bankrupt and I'm living in my old friend's house. Peak I'm broke."

"Dad, that's horrible! What do you need? I'm sure mom can help you," Peak said with a small quiver in his tone.

"Peak, she can't help I'm too far under. I need you to summit K2. It would help my company a lot and with endorsement deals I could have extra money. Peak this is up to you, but I want you to know that I love you and need your help."

He ran out the door and into a taxi.

Oh, my God what will I do? I can't just get into a plane and fly to the Himalayas. Or can I? I ran to the computer and bought the next plane ticket to Pakistan. Then called Zopa and arranged for him to pick me up.

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