The world seem to stop moving when she saw him. That morning, Leo had been so annoying, as usual, cracking jokes and singing songs. Jason had become so distant, and his memory had fully returned. Piper was on her wits end, because Jason apparently had a girlfriend. She was ranting about him when Annabeth excused herself. She ran to her room and sobbed. How can they be so happy? Oh, right. They never knew him. He was all she could think about. Percy Jackson. They had met five years ago, and had started dating after he saved the world. But then he disappeared. And she was about to be reunited with him. But what if he had another girlfriend? What if he doesn't remember and got a "piper"? What if- Stop, she chided herself. Everything's gonna be fine. And then, she heard Leo.

"Were gonna die!" he yelled.

Annabeth stomped up the stairs. "What do you want Val-"

She stared at the three hundred Romans pointing their weapons at them. Then it dawned on her- Percy was here! She scanned the crowed. Black hair brown eyes, no. Blonde hair blue eyes, nope. Black hair green eyes, nex- Oh. My. Gods. He was there. And he was staring right at her, smiling the biggest smile she had ever seen. He was wearing the most ridiculous outfit. She knew he must be a praetor, and not just because he was wearing a toga. Percy was born to be a leader. Please, Hera, or Juno, or Aphrodite or Athena or any god listening. Let him remember. Please. Let him remember!

" Hey Wise Girl. Good to see you again."

Annabeth ran up to him and tackled him onto the ground.

"Don't you ever, ever, EVER leave me again Seaweed Brain. I missed you so much."

Percy grinned. " I missed you too Annabeth."

Annabeth helped him up, and then stared at him. " You… You remembered!"

He leaned in. " Even Hera's power wasn't enough to make me for get you Wise Girl." Then, in front of the whole camp, he gave her a kiss. They stopped when they heard an ear-piercing scream " JASON!"