Hey Guys! I'm so sorry for not updating. I feel like this story is so blah. And I'm havimg writers' block. And I want to do more stories. I really really want to do a few other versions of some of the fics that dnapolymerase314 who by the way is the BEST AUTHOR EVER and she has awesome stories. Seriously. He/she is HILARIOUS. Anyway, on with the story.

POV de I

Yay. Today, we get to go on a quest that if we screw up, not only will we die, the whole entire world will go KAPUT! How lucky am I? Maybe Gaea will change her mind an decide she's tpp tired to start another war. Talk about wishful thinking. And I seriously hope Leo doesn't lose control of the Argo II on the way there. How idiotic would it be if we died in a stupid boat crash as we were sailing to our DEATHS? Hmm… I wonder whether I'll end up in Elysium or not. I wonder if Ill even get the chance to be reborn. Hey, who will end up as the underworld ruler? And where will all the souls go? And- Gah. I'm getting distracted. Focus. Okay, what did Annabeth tell me my room number was? Uh, it was…

"Hey, Annabeth?"

She came down the steps and regarded me.

"Uh, where's my room again?"

She rolled her eyes. "Percy, really. I told you seven times!"

"I'm sorry! I have a lot on my mind. Like you know, the quest. I wonder how we're going to die. Maybe Zeus will shoot me. Or maybe we could get barbequed by a dragon. Or we could run into more ghosts! I wonder if Minos was released from the underworld. Oh he would so want to kill me. And maybe-"

Annabeth laughed. "Chill, Perce. We are not going to die. And your room is Room 6."

I gave her a quick kiss before bounding towards my room. I set down my stuff and unpacked. We decided that the second we got to the Atlantic Ocean we would start sailing. I hate flying. And that reminds me, I want to go speak with Jason. To be honest with you, I don't think he likes me. So I decided we should bond. I took off and ran to the practice centre Leo build into the ship. Sure enough, there he was. He was practicing with an Imperial Gold sword. I uncapped Riptide and walked up to him. "hey Jason. Want to sparr?"

He saw my sword and smiled. "Sure. Now that we've both had practice with Roman and Greek styles, this should be fun."

He took his first swing with the sword. I noticed he went straight for my chest. I blocked and lunged at his legs. He deflected the hit and swung at my sword. I parried the attack and decided to try something new. And old trick that Luke taught me. I locked my hilt on his and twisted. His sword clanged out of his hands and skidded across the floor. I sheathed my sword and we shook hands.

"Nice job."

He nodded. "Yo, do you think you could give me a few pointers sometime? I usually don't ask for help but, you know, with so many people counting on us I think we could use the extra tips."

"Sure dude. No prob."

I took a shower, then changed into a white V-neck, dark wash jeans, my totally awesome grey converse(not the regular kind-the kind that has a grey thing and the bottom with a whit stripe and the laces two different shades of grey) and went to find Annabeth. She was sitting on a beach chair, with her nose buried in a book. I check the cover to see what book it. I saw Tacihgcn Efir. The I made out the letters and saw it said Catching Fire. Oh, I know what book that is! It's the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy. I read the first one and it was awesome! Well I decide to sneak up on her. I crept behind her chair and yelled BOO

She literally did a three sixty and pulled out her dagger. When she saw it was me, she sighed, and then punched me. "Never do that again Seaweed Brain! I almost had a heart attack!"

And that everyone, is my girlfriend. Annabeth Chase, drama queen extraordinaire.

"Okay okay!" I gave her a big kiss and said, "Sorry."

She smiled. I love that smile. I missed it. Its one of those things that make life worth living, like clown fish, and capture the flag, and the color blue.

"I missed you, Percy. I cant believe I have you back!" and she flung herself into my arms.

"Yup. I'm back. And I'm never leaving again!"

Then we kissed. For a really long time. Like, really long time. And then Leo came up the stairs and 'yeched'. Well, there's nothing like a wisecracking kid who can set himself on fire ending your kiss. Wow, do I EVER get happy endings? Why don't the fates go pick on aomeone else?