Laura talks about her life with the Hitzig brothers.

"so you're an actress ..." Max reassures.

"Yes, but as I said, I only played in independent zero budget films. Umm… and since I couldn't get into Hollywood I got bored of trying, so I decided to come back here.

Peter interrupts sarcastically "God bless Hollywood!" and he giggles; Max nods at him in order to cut it off.

Laura continues "Oh God, I've missed Germany so much! I want to go everywhere and remember the old times!

Max asks excited "Where do you want to go? Are you hungry?"

"Like a wolf"

So they start walking around the city, laughing and dancing to Laura's ringtones. They started reminiscing all those good years when they were best friends and they were having the time of their life.

Peter interrupts this bff moment and asks Laura "How come I didn't know you back then?"

She replies "You did, silly. The only difference was that I was brunette, fat with acne ... and with smaller breasts ... ... (and they both look at her breast auPeteratically)

Peter responds in a flirty way "I'm sorry for not remembering you at all. And usually I remember beautiful girls ..." and he smiles and as he continues with the flirting, Max seems to be getting more and more jealous

Later on, they sit in a German restaurant and have lunch. Peter flirts with Laura all the time and Max tries to change the subject. However, not only he doesn't succeed but they do come closer and closer.

At home, next morning, Peter half asleep goes to the bathroom to pee and all of sudden a naked Laura comes out of the shower. They look at each other and scream at the view of their genitals.

After a while they both drink coffee in the living room embarrassed without looking at each other. Then Max comes over and is ready to go.

"I'm leaving I must go to David. What wrong with you two? Why were you screaming in the morning?" he asks curious.

Laura replies nervous "I was nothing, Max, I just….saw a cockroach in the bathroom. A very big cockroach!" she winks at Peter and he giggles.

Max looks at Peter "And why were you screaming? I know you're not scared of cockroaches!'

Peter thinks a bit and comes up with an answer "No. I saw two large beetles. You know how much I'm scared of them. Yep, beatles….Two ... HUGE beetles!". Laura laughs out loud. Max is a bit confused with their reactions but he's too in a hurry to think.

"Anyways…Laura, I found a great house just outside Berlin, you two should go see it" he says.

So they start driving to the house. It is a very beautiful, neoclassic 2-floor house with a big lovely garden. They ring the intercom system and the door opens. Suddenly, two huge black angry dogs start running towards them barking. Frightened they start running around the backyard until the landlord comes out and commands the dogs to stop. Nevertheless Peter with Laura were running so fast that they stumble and fall into a pit of mud. They burst into laughter and they start playing by firing mud at each other. Then the landlady, Ms. Owels, comes over and looks at them curious. She's a short, 76-year-old lady with sneaky eyes and old smelly clothes.

"What the heck; they are worse than my dogs!"

Anyway, they got in and chatted about the rent and took a tour of this wonderful house and Laura seriously considers renting it. She looks at Peter

"Peter, what do you think?

"If I was a selfish bastard I would tell you this place is not for you and to keep looking so that you would keep staying with us" they smile at each other and then Peter continues "but I think this house is perfect for you…"

After awhile, Max talks with Peter on the phone

" She booked it? Oh ... –Max looks sad- this is it then. Great…just great…"