After so many people threatened- I-I mean asked me to update this story, here I am!

Graveyard Shift

Summary "It's official, I'm desperate for cash." A young girl in need of money to continue her education takes up a job at the local Wawanakwa mental institute. The job is as weird as it should be, but when she takes the night shift, it's about to get weirder. Mature Duncan/Courtney

Author Cereal-Killa

Fandom Total Drama Series- Duncan/Courtney

Warnings Lemon in later chapters- Language- AU- Etc.

Length Since I've gotten all the plans laid out, it's gone from being three chapters to about five or six chapters long.

Status Side project

Published Saturday. March 2nd, 2013


Courtney feels her breath hitch as the man lands on top of her. He is by no means small in any sense; his frame is obviously huge to her own, seeing as how she stands at only 5'3. The wind is knocked out of her as she hears his sharp chuckle in her ear. An unbelievably long tongue leans out to lick and nibble at the appendage, and through her struggles, she feels her body reacting. Oh no you don't! She is totally saving herself for Alejandro, not this dirty, crazy, handsome, masculine, sexy thing of a male...

Who is in a straight jacket no less! She comes back to her senses and starts pawing at his chest, trying to avoid the impure thoughts that come with the feel of rough muscle meeting her hands. She feels a bulge press against her thigh, stiffening as she recognizes his erection. Mmm, you got a dirty mind, love, I like that... The voice is in her head again, sharp and deep and rumbling, but it's closer now, even easier to hear than before. She feels another long lick to her ear.

While I would love to continue this... I don't particularly have time today, sunshine. At this, she feels more than hears his next words. It feels as though they are reverberating through her entire being. The sound is a weird, distorted echo of a voice. I have the key. Prepare for escape. We have three minutes, tops.

Confusion laces over her mind as she hears whoops and hollers of joy from outside of the cell. Someone has to hear this. Hatchet will be back any moment to help, right? She isn't doomed-

The man's ringing laughter makes her glance upward to his straight jacket clad form, his blue eyes glinting with malice. "Yeah right! Hatchet's way too afraid of us." He cackles, leaning down and licking her cheek. She shudders in disgust. "Their leaving you for dead, sweetheart."

"Shut up!" She finally finds her voice, punching and hitting the man with all her strength. "I don't know what the hell is going on here, I'm probably just crazy, or maybe the coffee from earlier messed with my head... but I'm not letting you one up me!"

The blue eyed man smiles. "Think what ya want, sweetheart." It's people like you that are always the easiest. Courtney writhes underneath him, and his smirk quickly grows into a scowl. "Stop moving so much, Princess, or I'm gonna have to make you stop."

"Fuck you." She seethes, gasping when she feels a sharp pain on her right shoulder. "W-what are you..."

The man comes back up with a forlorn smile, teeth messy with blood- blood. Her blood. She brings a slow, shaky hand up to feel her neck, recoiling when she feels a warm and wet substance staining her collar bone. ""

"I forgot how good blood tastes, after being in for so damn long. Grabbing a bite every now and then off of Hatchet, it's not the same as you..." He licks his lips, "You're so pure, so innocent, you taste-"

She starts to lose focus, his words becoming jumbled and gargled, and then his face going slowly black in front of her eyes.

When she wakes up she is surprised to find herself lying in a comfortable bed. She feels fine until she realizes it isn't her bed, or her house, and who the fuck is that-

"Oh my fucking Lord, what is going on here!" She screams, remembering everything that had happened. "Where am I-"

A calloused hand clamps over her mouth, a voice in her ear hissing, "Shhhhhhh ya little bitch. Duncan told me to keep an eye on ya, I'm just keeping ya safe..." She shudders when she realizes the voice is female, but that it's still rough, slimy almost.

"W-what do you want from me...?" She asks, trying to sound intimidating. It doesn't really work with her voice cracking like that, however. "Let me go home."

"Duncan is keeping ya for a reason. I haven't gotten further orders than that."


"The one who read your mind, ya know. Green mohawk, piercings."


"...Are ya hungry?"

She raises an eyebrow in confusion. "Um... yeah...?"

"Good." Courtney flinches when the pitch black room is suddenly flooded with light, revealing the body that houses the rough voice. She is pale with dark, seemingly black eyes, and has stringy black hair that was tinted with light teal. She is wearing a loose t-shirt and sweatpants, and her eyes are sunken into her face, like she hasn't seen the light of day in a while. "I haven't had human food in years."

They're sitting at the kitchen island when Courtney decides she's had enough. "Ok, really, what the hell is going on here? Who are you?"

The girl turns from the stove where she is fixing what looks to be two omelets and blinks. "I'm Gwen. Who are you?"

Courtney scowls. "Cool, your name is Gwen, mine is Courtney, nice to meet you and whatever. Now Gwen, riddle me this-" She fights to keep her breathing under control, gripping the kitchen counter with her finger nails- "...What are you?"

Gwen's eyebrows raise. "Oh, you meant what are we." She looks back to the omelet and doesn't speak for so long that Courtney at first thinks she forgotten they'd been talking. Then she turns back around and says, "Well, we're experiments. Me, personally, I'm able to see visions of what's coming. And Geoff can levitate things, and Duncan- well, you already saw, or rather heard, what he can do."

Nodding, Courtney smiles. "Yeah, okay, I get it. I was working the night shift but now I've been capture by fucking psychopaths. Yup, it's all crystal clear now! Thanks, Gwen."

The pale girl seethes, "I'm telling the truth-"

"Oh fucking stop it!" Courtney yells, pulling at her hair with wide eyes. "I'm getting the hell out of here." She runs toward the door, yanking it open only to find a blonde man with bright blue eyes smiling at her. "Jesus Christ, there are more of you?!" She hisses at Gwen.

"Hey, where you going, dude?" askes blondie.

Courtney rolls her eyes. "Anywhere but here, thank you. Now get out of my way-"

Her breath catches in her throat when she feels herself being flung back to the couch. After the initial shock of the collision, she hisses and tries to get up. Except she can't. Trying to move her arms, she struggles to even simply lift them from the couch cushions. It's like an invisible force is somehow binding them.

The blonde guy chuckles at her, as though something about her being trapped and unable to move her own limbs is amusing. "Let me introduce myself... I'm Geoff. I'm able to create an invisible force over people and objects. You're not able to move, I'm making sure of it, so stop trying. Gonna have to ask that ya calm down and stay while, dude! We're not bad people!"

"That's because you're not people at all. You're some fucking crazy alien monster psycho demon from hell!" Courtney hisses at him. "Gwen already told me all about it."

Gwen frowns. "I said we were experiments, I didn't say we weren't human."

She only struggles harder under the grip of the invisible bind. "Humans can't do this type of stuff! Humans can't make someone not move, humans can't fuck with your mind, humans can't-"

Sweetheart, baby, Princess... I'm gonna have ta ask ya to calm yer tits and stop giving my friends such a hard time.

She gasps, hearing that voice again in her head. The two others in the room turn toward the window, and Courtney slowly turns to face it as well. She has only gotten one quick glance at the man before, but there is no mistaking who he iss; that cunning smirk, those mirth filled eyes, the utter delicious body and face...

Oh stop it, Princess, yer makin' me blush.

"Let me go!" She yells, trying to conceal her blush by struggling even more. "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you people but you need to go back to goddamned psycho ward!"

Duncan sighs. "Geoff, stop."

The blonde looks up to Duncan with confusion. "What do you mean, let her go? She's fucking losing it."

At this, Duncan smirks and nods slowly. "But I have a better control over her... trust me..."

Geoff looks even more confused, but Gwen scowls in realization. "You fucking bit her, didn't you, dumbass?"

Duncan smirks. "I don't know what yer talkin' about, Gwen-" He feels the air leave his lungs when she presses him up against the wall, her arm baring his neck.

"How dare you..." She bites out in anger. "You looked at her for what? Fifteen seconds? That how long it takes you to choose your goddamned mate?!"

It is Gwen's turn to gasp when their positions are switched, Duncan now holding her lithe neck between one large hand. "I'll do whatever fuckin' pleases me, and, sorry sweetheart, but we both know I never would've gone for ya. If I had ever wanted ya, I woulda took ya, cause that's how I do things." He grins, showing all of his teeth, his fangs still tainted with Courtney's blood. "I saw something I wanted and I took it and she's mine now."

"Yours?!" Courtney says, breathing normally again thanks to Geoff letting up on the invisible restraints.

"Yes, mine." She gasps again, when, just as quickly as the night before, he's on her. She tries to throw a punch but finds her hand won't move. Is it the invisible restraints again? No, Geoff is across the room looking just as confused as before.

Yeah, it's not Geoff anymore, sweet pea. I've got power over ya, power the likes of which you've never dreamed of.

Trying to spit words back at him, she finds she can't. It's like being over taken by some weird, alternate personality- one that doesn't want to fight back. Duncan lifts the neck of her shirt, pressing his thumb against the bite marks he'd left earlier. Courtney feels herself arching her back into the press, a euphoric numbness settling over her. She has to stop this-

That's the funny part- you can't stop it. See, what we are, darling, is mates. I gave you some of my blood, you gave me some of yours... Viola. Mated.

She feels her eyes widen in horror.

For life.

"W-What the hell do you mean?" She stutters, barely able to get the sentence out over the haze that is taking over her brain.

He smirks, petting her hair with his large hand. "Just what I said, babe- I own ya. The only thing you'll ever need is me now."

"Duncan!" Geoff yells angrily. The darker haired man turns to face his friend. "Are you serious, dude? Did ya really mate her?"

"Do you have a problem with that?" He says with a growl, low and dark from his throat. He clutches Courtney to his chest, wrapping his arms around her.

Geoff lifts a brow. "No, I'm just hopin' ya know what it means, dude."

Duncan stares at him for a moment before hissing, "Get out, the both of ya."

Standing up from where she'd been tossed across the floor, Gwen grabs her neck and scowls darkly at him. "Gladly." She seethes. "Oh, and by the way, your little whore isn't safe here. Chris and Hatchet are out looking for her, as well as us."

"What don't you fucking understand about 'get out'?" He says again.

When they were both gone, he stands up and shuts the door, leaning his head on it and chuckling under his breath. Courtney feels her eyes widen and breath hitch when he turns around, light blue eyes darkening considerably with lust.

"Ready to play, Princess?"

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