The Third Amendment

III. No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be perscribed by law.

Simply put: Soldiers aren't allowed to stay at your house without permission.

"I had a buddy in Baltimore, who thought that because he was a cop, he could sleep with anyone he wanted," Tony chuckled, recalling the memory of a decade ago. "And he tried so many different ways that I thought he ran out of ideas."

His mood was light and breezey, and there was glee in his kindled eyes.

He wore a light gray polo shirt, with no jacket, and dark blue jeans, because it was a sunday.

"But of course, claiming to be a cop wouldn't score with anyone. They all just threw a discusted face his way. But, it was okay, because I always caught what slipped out of his hands." Tony finished.

They knocked on the big green door that they approached, and a cute little girl opened the door. She looked over her shoulder and yelled, "Mom," and her mom quickly came to the door.

"Can I help you?"

Tony opened his mouth to speak, but Ziva cut him off before any sound could come out of his mouth. "We are conducting an investigation on Staff Sargent Michael Douglass, and we need to camp out here for a few days, just until we figure out what he's up to."

The lady looked confused, "Nobody by that name has ever been through here. I'm quite involved, and it's a small commuity in a small town. I know everyone's name, and I sure would remember someone in the Navy."

"What my partner meant to say, was that we have a court order telling us to watch from this house. He seemed to stop here for eleven minutes every day as part of his prestine schedual, and we're wondering why." He flipped a piece of paper out from behind his back and flashed a stupid grin.

The lady stepped back and waved a hand out to them while Tony whispered, "You have to have a court order Ziva. If not, you're violating the Bill of Rights," Ziva thought, the Third Amendment, then heard Tony repeat, "The Third Amendment, it just so happens to be."

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