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Ch.1 Natsumi

Standing on my balcony, I look to the moon. It has been 4 years since they left. Since HE left. The house has gotten quiet and lonely without them here.

I know Fuyuki misses that stupid frog, and I kinda do to, but tomorrow, I'm finally a Senior, my last year at school.

I'm the Student Council President. All the girls look up to me. I walk back into my room, it was time for bed.


I reach my hand over to the alarm clock. Pressing the snooze button, I continue to sleep. I quickly jolted out of bed, for I realized I have an important meeting to go to.

I quickly put my school uniform and tied my long hair back. I looked in the mirror, ever since they left, my hair has grown longer. Fuyuki says I look like mama, but my hair is now a darker pink and I don't wear glasses.

Having no time to cook breakfast, I grabbed a slice of toast with butter, and ran out the door. I met with Koyuki on the way to school.

"Hey Natsumi, I heard we're having some new students this year," she said to me

"mmph-mmfh," I replied

"Sorry Natsumi, I don't speak toast," Koyuki replied with a smile. I took the toast out of my mouth.

"I said 'oh really?'" I gave her a friendly punch on the arm

"Haha," she skips ahead of me a little bit, and turns around, "I wonder what they're like, which class they are in, and either if they are girls or BOYS,"

"Koyuki, I told you, I'm waiting for someone to come back," I took another bite of my toast.

"Oh I know, but it doesn't mean you can date some other people while you wait," she turned in a circle

"Sigh, well I'm staying single," Koyuki gave me a pouty face; I changed the subject, "well are we going to sit up on the roof for lunch?"

"Hmm," she ponder this a bit, "of course, it's like our little hiding place," she beams at me, and I beam at her.

We walk unto school grounds, and into the building. And into the Student Council Meeting room, it's still strange how when I entered tenth grade, people voted me for Student Council President, but it's alright. I have more respect, and I help other students who are in need of help.

The meeting droned on. We talked about how we need new computers for the labs. A better cleaning system. The bell rang, class had begun. I had sent Koyuki before the bell rang so she wouldn't be late. Picking up my bag, I turned off the lights since I was the last one out.