It's pouring down rain and Rikki is staying over at Cleo's when Zane decides to propose.

He knows that she hates expensive, over the top, romantic, hey-look-at-me-and-my-boyfriend! gestures of any sort, so he simply went to the jewelry store early one Monday morning and bought a simple but elegant engagement band, then he kept it in his pocket until he felt the right time came.

Apparently, that time was while watching some guy on Jurassic Park get eaten off a toilet.

Zane is stretched across the couch, Rikki lying on his stomach and watching the movie with a humorous concentration, when he gets the sudden urge to ask her. Cleo and Emma were in the kitchen making snacks when Zane pressed his lips to Rikki's forehead.

She looked up at him, smiling sleepily, her eyes a mess of dark blue and crystalline teal and a certain darkness that manages to look like smoke and lightning and everything wonderful about her. "What was that for?"

"I just love you." He states, gently pushing her to a sitting position on the couch and dropping to both his knees on the floor.

Rikki levels him with a quizzical stare before glancing up to see Emma and Cleo making hot chocolate, giggling the entire time. She smiled at her friends, and looked back to find Zane down on one knee, a small velvet box opened in front of him.

"Marry me?" He asks, as if its the simplest question in the world.

Rikki chokes on the water she'd been drinking.

On the screen, a weasley looking lawyer screams and is promptly eaten alive.

"What?" She asked quickly, her eyes wide as saucers.

Zane just smiled. "You heard me; marry me. Please? I'm potty trained and everything."

Rikki could feel the warm tears sliding down her face as she threw her arms around him, sending them both tumbling backwards.

"Yes!" She shrieked. "Yes yes yes yes yes!"

-and with that, they kissed.

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