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December 3rd, 2012/ Gotham City Hospital

Wonder Girl

Diana paced in front of her like a caged animal, footsteps literally creating dents in the Watchtower floor. The entire Justice League and the Young Justice team had been shown Artemis's memories by J'onn, and now they were simply waiting. One by one, each hero had cast their vote on Artemis's future. Dr. Fate had again spoken of a storm that was coming, and predicted Artemis would be needed.

There had been two options presented, one being that Artemis would be mind wiped and released to Belle Reeve, and the other that she would be allowed to work with the team under close monitoring until a January 1st trial. Cassie knew that Diana had voted towards her incarnation, but Cassie had secretly voted for the latter. She liked Artemis, and while she had almost done something terrible, she deserved a second chance. Cassie liked to believe that people could be more than their circumstances, and that held true here.

Batman came out of the room after a while to collect Diana, and they took her to where Superman was waiting for them. Robin pushed out, looking haggard.

"Is there a consensus?" Cassie asked.

He dropped into the chair behind her, ignoring her. "You know what make this think of? What this constantly reminds me above?" Cassie pursed her lips, a sinking feeling in her gut. Robin didn't give her time to answer. "We need to start searching. We don't have a lot of time left."

Cassie nodded and they both stood. "Let's go back to the Harbor; we'll try to figure it out." She said in an attempt to ease Robin.

He still seemed agitated, but nodded, gesturing towards the door that Batman had just led Diana into. The entire league was in a circle, talking quietly. Superman's head instantly perked up when he saw them enter, his super senses as keen as ever. He nodded towards Batman, who turned to face them, waiting silently.

"Have you made a decision?" Robin asked his mentor.

The Flash seemed uneasy. "Actually we-"

"-Do not tell them anything." Diana hissed.

Batman frowned, "This is their teammate, and they deserve to know. We have reached a tie. The only person left to vote is the Kid Flash."

Cassie looked around. "Well, where is he?"

"I'm right here." Appearing almost of nowhere in a fashion that would have made Batman proud, Wally came closer to the heroes. "I have my vote." He said, eyes guarded and closed.

"Are you sure?" Flash asked gently. "Maybe you should think it over some more."

"No." Wally's voice was firm. "A friend gave me some advice." Barry nodded and led him away from the group.

"We're going back to the Harbor," Cassie told Diana. "Let us know when there's an answer. We do deserve to know, we were the most effected."

Diana looked weary, more tired than Cassie had ever seen her. "You get it, right?" The older Amazon asked. "To lose Donna, to lose a sister, was enough, but Artemis puts the entire team at risk."

Cassie didn't know what to do, to fight for her friend or sympathize with her mentor. "We all knew getting into this that there would be risks. I'll see you later Diana." She said, turning to walk away.

Robin quickly fell into step beside her. "Is she okay?" He asked in reference to Diana.

Cassie shrugged. "Not really, but she's tough. I mean, come on, she's Wonder Woman. She'll cope eventually."

Robin nodded and held the door open for her, pausing at the Zeta Tubes. "We won't find anything at the Harbor."

"Where else would we look? The entire Watchtower is being upgraded security wise. After Artemis got past the entire Justice League, it won't be easy to do anything around here for a while."

Robin smiled mischievously. "Well, there is one other face."

Cassie paled. "No. No one has ever been in there except Batman and the Justice Leaguers. If we got caught breaking and entering…" She shuddered.

Robin just laughed. "Lighten up, Cass. It's not breaking and entering, I live there. Besides, Batman will be here until this all gets sorted out, and then will most likely go straight to patrol."

Cassie narrowed her eyes while she thought. "It's not a big deal for you, but your Daddy Bats might not be so keen…"

"Again, he'll never know." Robin assured her. "Regardless, you can follow me or not. I guess it comes down to if you really want to find them." He pushed the button and the tube scanned him, and in a flash of blue light he was gone.

Cassie steeled herself, putting her hand on the machine as well. In a blink of an eye, she found herself standing on a roof next to a large light.

"It's the Bat signal." Robin said, materializing from the shadows on the other side.

"Is it some kind of top secret entrance to the Batcave?"

Robin smiled impishly. "Of course not, but Batman's way too paranoid to actually have the Zeta tubes linked to the cave. This way, we can get there without revealing its location. Follow me." He turned, jumping easily off the side of the building.

Cassie looked down uneasily, she could fly, but Robin couldn't. In a neat flip, he hit the ground in a crouch. She easily floated down, following him as he threaded through shadows before pausing in the corner of an alley. It would be undetectable to everyone who didn't know where to look, but Robin slid through the cracks in a building, and a second later, a motorcycle roared to life.

"Hop on." Robin called over the idling engine.

"I could fly faster." Cassie stalled, trying to buy time.

"But this is so much more fun."

"Do I get a helmet?"

"I left my extra one in the cave, usually a deal breaker, but since your head would probably crack the concrete before it was even bruised, I think you can take your chances."

It was true; Cassie's powers would keep her safe. Sighing, she hopped on behind Robin, holding onto his lean waist. Normally, she would have been over the moon, but recently she had felt nothing but kinship towards the Boy Wonder. As the zoomed through Gotham, she found herself wishing it was Kaldur she was clutching, and not Robin. The more she thought, the angrier she got. Maybe it had been stupid to kiss Kaldur, but she hadn't regretted the kiss. She did regret what happened after though. The taste of salt on his lips… the sun golden on her skin… it was heavenly. But he had muttered Tula's name. Part of her wished she could have played it off, but it had been too hard, the tears too close to falling from her eyes.

"Cass." Robin said, voice only heard because Cassie had super hearing. "You okay back there? You're crushing my ribcage."

Blushing, she released her grip, the padded torso taking a gaping breath. Robin led her out of the city and down a deserted dirt road. Before them, towered a huge stone wall. Robin paid it no heed and continued to drive towards it. When they were a few mere feet away, he pushed a button on his bike and a section of the wall slid open smoothly and soundless. They thundered into the dark tunnel, Robin slamming on the brakes on a small metal square. The floor quaked beneath the bike and began to descend into the black.

It soon stopped, a large cavern coming into view. Made from rock and stove, the walls disappeared into the fog that hung over the room, no ceiling in site. Along the walls, many tunnels branched out in darkness. Robin hopped off the bike, and after a second Cassie did to. The floor panel retracted, taking the bike with it. He tossed his helmet onto one of the many tables, just another object on the cluttered spaces. Though there was items everywhere, Cassie knew that not one thing was out of place. There were three tubes against the wall, one with a version of Batman's, one with a Robin costume and one with a female costume. She frowned, she had never heard of a female bat. Robin had settled in a chair in front of a large screen covered wall. The clicking of his keyboard blended in with the drip of rain water and occasional shriek of a bat.

"This is…homey." She said as she leaned against the chair Robin was in.

"Is that the word?" He asked, not turning his eyes from the screen as he continued to break firewall after firewall. "Here we go."

The screen flashed green and eight pictures appeared on the screen. He clicked on the first, and the picture magnified. It was of a blonde girl with narrowed blue eyes and full lips.

"Cissie King-Jones, also known as Arrowette," Robin read. "She was an Olympic level archer."

"Like Artemis." Cassie pondered. "I guess it would make sense that they would try to recreate the old team."

Robin remained impassive. "Cissie was incredible, if not reluctant at what she did. I think she did it because her mom was the first Arrowette."

"Is there any way that she could have led to what happened? Maybe she leaked information? She asked, drumming her fingers against the black material.

"No." Robin's voice was surprisingly strong. "She was stubborn, but she and Bart had something. She wouldn't have risked him getting hurt."

Cassie didn't even say anything about how the archers and speedsters on the team tended to hook up. "Then look up Bart." She directed.

Robin exited out Arrowette and clicked the picture of a goofy looking red head. "Bart Allen, aka Impulse."

Cassie nodded. "I remember hearing about him. Didn't he like time travel from the future? He's Barry's grandkid."

"Right, he was pretty immature, but he was fast, faster than Wally I think. There was no way he would have done anything to hurt the team, or Cissie." He clicked out and onto another, of a teenaged girl who didn't seem to be all there-literally. "This is Greta Hayes, alias Secret. Her brother, a murderer named Harm, killed her. She wanted to be put to rest after this mission, much to the dismay of Lagoon Boy." A green reptile like human popped up. "La'gaan came from Atlantis, but seemed pretty clear to me. He was semi obnoxious and liked to joke, but he wouldn't hurt anyone."

Cassie groaned in frustration. "Who else is there?"

"Empress, but she was the one who tried to warn us. The other side hadn't been right, she said. And then Lobo."

A brute that set Cassie on edge appeared. "He seems sketchy."

"To say the least," Robin agreed with a chuckle. "We should start with him."

"Robin?" A female voice called out from somewhere in the cave.

Robin became rigid. "Shit. Here, Cassie, follow me." He flipped over the chair, leading her to a nook, where they wedged themselves in. "Shh." He ordered.

"I saw your bike, I know your home." The voice called again. "Did you finally get sick of your stuck up new friends?" There was laughter then silence. Cassie figured they were safe when a face suddenly dropped in front of hers, upside down. Easily flipping, a girl straightened in front of the two. "Found you." She crossed her arms over the chest.

In a black costume with yellow accents and a yellow lined cape, she was a female version of Batman, teenaged. Long red hair tumbled out of her cowl, and her emerald green eyes were narrowed suspiciously.

"Hey, I didn't think you would be here." Robin sounded nervous.

"I didn't think you would bring a friend home." She hissed.

"I'm Wonder Girl." Cassie waved lamely.

"Also known as Cassandra Sandsmark, child of Zeus and an Amazon. I know who you are." The batgirl replied casually.

Robin cleared his throat. "And this know it all is Batgirl, who's supposed to be on patrol. Why aren't you on patrol again?"

"Because, I was worried about you, Batman told me about what happened."

Cassie couldn't help but arch a brow at her sincerity, the funny smiles on their faces as they stood a little too close together. What about Zatanna? Cassie couldn't even begin to figure it out.

"I'm fine, really. Can you do me a favor and not tell Batman about this?"

She smirked. "Why, Boy Blunder, are you willing to be in my debt?"

"I wouldn't push it Fatgirl. Batman was wondering who took the Batmobile out on a joy ride."

Groaning, she consented. "Fine," She moaned. "But keep things PG in here."

She turned to walk away, but Robin rushed over, grabbing her arm and whispering in her ear. She smirked a little and whispered something back. Robin frowned and seemed to say no, but Batgirl didn't stop smiling. Finally, he consented and leaned in, lips brushing her cheek. She winked and left Robin and Cassie once more.

"So, I'm guessing you don't want me to tell Zee about that?" Cassie asked as they went back to the computer.

"Batgirl's… no one."

"Didn't seem like no one." Cassie sang.

"Listen," Robin sighed. "I'm obviously not ready for a relationship yet, as I'm leading on Zee and Batgirl. They're both great, but I can't be happy and make a choice yet."

"Until you find Donna?" Cassie asked. "You can't move on."

"We were dating, would it be cheating if I was with someone else? You know, since we don't know if she's dead or not."

"We're going to find her. So, who is Lobo?" Cassie asked, changing the subject partly out of loyalty for Zatanna and partly because she was uncomfortable.

Robin slumped back. "We might be here all night."

Cassie sighed at what had to be hundreds of files and plopped onto the floor. "Hoorah,"