It was two years ago during the fall. Leo made his way to the cafeteria where he was supposed to meet up with his friends for lunch. As he walked down one of the hallways he saw his friend Damian waiting for him near the foot of the stairway. He leaned up against the banister chewing on some gum as he watched students pass by, mostly the girls.

"Hey Leo," he greeted the other boy as he saw him walk up.

"Hey man" Leo said as he reached out for a hand slap. Damian ran his hand though his shaggy hair. He grinned as he placed his hands in his pockets as he turned to walk down the stairway with Leo.

When they arrived downstairs they grabbed their food before the two of them made their way over to a table where the rest of their friends were sitting. Leo took a seat next to Mira as Damian took the adjacent seat. Erza sat next to Jellal as the two of them often did back then. Mira sat across from them as she at a spoon full of mashed potatoes from her tray quitely. They all looked somewhat the same except Mira wore her hair in a ponytail. Back then Mira dressed more sloppily; her shirt wasn't tucked in like it was supposed to and her school tie was wrinkled and only halfway tied. Unlike Mira Erza wore her uniform with prestige. Jellal on the other hand wore his uniform neatly but kept his shirt un-tucked.

"So what's up with you guys?" Damian said as he picked up a roll and took a bite. His eyes fell on Erza but the redhead hardly noticed him.

"Eating what do you think?" Mira snarled as she took another bite of potatoes.

"Well aren't you just the ray of sunshine today?" Damian said raising an eyebrow at her. She was usually in a foul mood and for whatever reason the group still had her hang around.

Leo just gazed between the two of them smirking to himself. He knew that the reason why was because despite Mira's hostile behavior she was still a very attractive girl. He joked with Damian that Mira was like a Bengal tiger, incredibly beautiful to look at but as very dangerous. That and he often found it entertaining when she constantly argued with Erza.

Mira's eyes glared at Erza who returned it the same look. Jellel looked back between the two of them. Leo smirked as he waited in anticipation for a fight to break out but it didn't. He couldn't understand why the two of them hung out, but they had since they were little kids. It just confused him but it was just fun to see.

"So how are things Jellal?" Leo asked as he picked up a spoon full of potatoes.

"They're fine," Jellal said. He placed his hand on top of Erza's caressing it gently. Erza's face lit up a slight pink as she gazed at him shyly. Leo watched as he raised an eyebrow, but Damian just scowled as he took a bite from his tray.

"So are you finally going to ask Erza out?" Leo leaned over the table and whispered in his ear. Jellal chuckled a little bit as he turned back to the red haired girl. She was still blushing a little bit as she took another bite from her tray and slowly chewed it.

"I have a plan," Jellal whispered back at him. He flicked his eyebrows. Leo just let out a soft laugh as he nearly fell back in his chair.

"Oh really?" Leo whispered his eyes widened in intrigue. "So what is it?"

"I can't tell you that," Jellal chuckled as he leaned back in his chair. "It would ruin the surprise."

"What surprise?" Erza asked turning towards him. She tilted her head in confusion. Mira stared at both of them with a scowl.

Jellal turned to her his face blushing a little bit. "Oh that I can't tell you," Jellal said shaking his head. He chuckled softly as he leaned closer to her smiling. The girl's face flushed as he did so but she couldn't contain her giggles.

Mira watched as she rolled her eyes at the two. Leo sat back resting his chin on his hand as he. He couldn't help but smirk as he watched the two of them. He had been waiting a long time to see them together and now it appeared that it was about time the two of them were finally going to be official. He had been pushing Jellal for a long time but the boy had never taken the risk.

Damian said nothing but remained quite eating his own lunch. He looked at Jellal with disgust. He saw that both he and Erza were incredibly close but they hadn't ever made their relationship official. He was hoping to take the opportunity to ask Erza out himself, but he knew that as long as Jellal was dating her than that wouldn't be possible. Now that he heard that Jellal was actually going to make it official he knew that any chance he had with her was gone. Though he didn't hate Jellal he hated it when he couldn't get what he wanted, and he wanted Erza.

"Hey guys what's up?" a voice asked snapping Damian out of his depressed state as he put on a grin.

"Hey Mest what's up?" Leo asked as the boy sat down next on the other side of Mira. She glared at him, but then turned her attention back to her food and ate in silence. She didn't say anything that could potentially start conflict but she acted as though she was annoyed by everyone, which she more likely than not was.

Mest was a tall boy but he was also the same age as everyone else in the group. He had short black hair that he kept gelled up and long side burns. His eyes were a light green, almost like pale leaves just before the turn of autumn. He wore the standard school uniform but he often popped the collar up with long silver earrings in both ears.

"Not much what are you guys up to?" Mest asked. He smiled at them as he then turned to Mira who just returned it with a scowl. His smile became one of awkwardness as he became more worried that he was about to be beaten. "Sorry," he said nervously as Mira's glare fell back down to her tray once more.

"So what are you doing after practice today?" Damian asked his eyes still focused on his own plate of food.

"Well we originally planned on heading out to the pier to grab some dinner," Jellal said as he nudged Leo. Leo nodded his head in agreement. "But you're more than welcome to join us Damian if you wanted to.

"What about Erza and Mira?" Damian asked gesturing his head to the two girls.

"Can't," Erza said softly shaking her head. "I got some homework that I need to finish for tomorrow."

"Well I guess it will just be us guys then," Jellal said as he pouted jokingly. "That is unless Mira would like to join us?" Jellal said turning to the other girl. Again she said nothing but only glared at the boy who recoiled from it. He waved his hands in the air to deter her leer. She scoffed before returning to her lunch once more.

"So what about you Mest?" Leo asked as he grabbed a spoon full of potatoes.

"Yeah I'm down," Mest said grinning.

Later that night the boys made their way to the pier. It was a cold autumn night but not too cold. The boys just wore their school coats as the made their way to the restaurant. The restaurant was a small joint that over looked the beach and resided just outside the main development. It was a narrow with only a few tables inside with a counter to order from. The grill could be seen in the back as the cook flipped some burgers. The lighting was dim making the run down place look even worse.

After the boy placed their orders they took their seats on the outside the restaurant on the narrow patio. It too was dimly lit but they preferred the refreshing night air over the stench of the worn down café. They sat there with drinks in hand around one of the tables.

As Damian sat down he moved a chain that the owner used to tie the chairs to the table in order to prevent potential thieves from stealing them during the night. He threw it under his chair onto the ground.

"Shit it's cold out tonight," Damian said shuttering as a cold wind blew.

"Stop being such a baby," Jellal joked as he took a sip from his cup. "It's better than sitting inside. Place smells like a moldy jockstrap or something."

"So then why are we eating here?" Mest asked. He hugged his coat in closer to help keep himself warm. It wasn't that cold but drinking their icy cold drinks certainly wasn't helping at all.

"Because it's got some of the best burgers in town," Leo said as he took a large gulp. "Trust me Mest when you have some of these burgers you'll see why it's worth coming here."

"Well, well, well, looky what we have here," a voice said. The group of boys looked up from their table to see another group of boys approaching them. At the head of them was a younger Zancrow, though he didn't appear much different. The other boys were the same group as Zancrow normally associated with except for a shorter boy that followed them.

The new boy was pudgy with a rather large chin and long blonde hair. His eyes were narrow and slanted like almonds. He had a pig like snout as a nose and a wide toothy grin. Though he was short he still stood slouched over like a hunchback.

"It appears that we have some Academy kids out for a little dinner," Zancrow teased as the small group approached Leo and the others.

Leo just sat back in his chair remaining casual. Jellal and Mest sat back as the they scowled at the oncoming boys. Damian on the other hand seemed more entertained by the motion as he leaned over in his chair as a wide grin crossed his face. He waited patiently to see what would unfold.

"You guys don't mind if we join you do you?" Zancrow asked as he grabbed a nearby chair.

"Why don't you guys beat it?" Jellal said menacingly as he glared at the blonde haired boy. Zancrow just smirked as he gazed back at his friends before his eyes fell back to Jellal.

"Friendly aren't ya?" Zancrow said as he sat down and leaned back in his chair. "We're just here to grab something to eat just like you. There's no need to get hostile."

"I agree," Leo said calmly nodding his head. "But if you guys don't mind could you just leave us alone? We just want to eat our burgers in peace and then head on home. There doesn't need to be any conflict right?"

"Of course," Zancrow laughed as he waved his arms in the air. "That sounds fine to me. What do you guys say?" Zancrow turned to the others. None of them except for the short hunchback looked like they wanted a fight. Rustyrose shook his head in annoyance as he calmly walked passed Zancrow and took a seat on the other side of the table.

"I'm not interested in getting into any fights either," he said causally.

"You see," Zancrow said lifting his hand. "We're just here to be friendly."

"Yeah maybe you guys should learn to be a little more humble," the shorter hunchbacked boy said as he stepped towards them. Jellal's eyes fell on him with a menacing glare, as did Mest's. Damian sat back in his chair and waited to see what was going to happen next. He grinned to himself as he bit his lip.

"Back off," Jellal growled, but the hunchback did not heed his words.

"Why what are you going to do about it?" the boy said tauntingly as he took another step closer.

Zancrow watched the two of them with a smirk. His eyes darted back and forth until he noticed Damian was doing the same. His eyes fell onto the boy and soon he found Damian looking back at him. The two of them had the same expression as Zancrow could see Damian's own eagerness for a fight.

"I said back off," Jellal growled again. It was no sooner than Mest found himself standing up, his expression serious.

"Come on guys let's go inside," he said as he motioned them to the door. Jellal nodded without even looking at him as the two boys made their way to the door. Leo shrugged to as he too stood up and followed.

The three of them made their way to the restaurant door but soon noticed that Damian wasn't following. He still sat there leaning back in his chair watching the other boys with some anticipation.

"Damian?" Mest called out to him. Damian turned his head back to gaze at them. Mest gestured for him to follow them but he was reluctant. Eventually he gave up on the potential fight and followed the others to the door.

"Oh what are you doing running away pussy?" the hunchback taunted.

"Easy Nullpuding," Zancrow said. "Remember we're trying to play nice here with the Academy kids.

Damian stopped in his tracks. He turned to stare at the other boy, though he did not offer a gesture of threat nor anger. Instead he just smirked at him. He then turned back to walk to the door, but Nullpuding just snarled. Zancrow watched in earnest as he saw Nullpuding walk up to Damian.

"Hey punk I was talking to you!" Nullpuding growled as ran up to grab Damian by the back of his shirt.

Nullpuding pulled with enough force that Damian spun around. Once Damian was facing the shorter boy. Once Damian was turned to face him Nullpuding punched him in the gut. Mest and Jellal's eyes went wide as they saw Damian hunched over from the blow. Leo on the other hand became more serious. He knew that what Nullpuding had done was a huge mistake, but he just hoped that Damian wouldn't go as far as he knew the boy was capable of.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" Damian laughed as he quickly barreled his knee into the other boy's groin. Nullpuding let out a howl of pain as he bent over grasping at his private area.

Damian didn't waste a single second. He saw out of the corner of his eyes that the other local boys were already up and standing and making a move towards him, but what he didn't see was Zancrow lifting up his hand to stop them. Jellal and Mest watched in bewilderment as Leo began to run towards his friend to stop the fight from escalating any further. It didn't take more than a second as Damian reached down under the chair he had been sitting in and picked up the chain that he stored underneath. He swiftly wrapped it around his hand once and while Nullpuding was still distracted by the blow he received to his groin Damian grabbed him by his hair lifting his face up. Once up Damian arched his arm backwards and delivered a blow to the Nullpuding's right cheek.

Nullpuding let out a cry of pain as his body fell towards the ground, but he didn't fall for long as Damian kept his grasp on him. Again he reached his arm back and this time delivered a blow just above the boy's eye. Blood squirted from the wound he had created as little drop spewed onto Damian's own face. Damian continued to deliver the blows blood spattered everywhere soaking both of them as even more of it began to soak the ground. Nullpuding weeped in pain as his legs gave out from underneath him. Even on the ground Damian was relentless delivering blow after blow. The boy cried out as he lifted his shaking hands to prevent anymore punches from hitting him, but it was all for naught.

"Damian stop!" Leo yelled as he grabbed the boy's arm. Damian looked at him as he shook him off.

"Fine," Damian said as he stood up. He wiped some of the blood from underneath his nose. He took the chain and threw it towards the ground grinning all the while. Soon his eyes fell onto the local boys as he just shrugged.

Zancrow watched him scowling all the while. His eyes fell down to Nullpudding who lied there in a pool of his own blood. His face was disfigured, his nose shattered as blood continued to pour from it. Both his eyes were swollen shut as his entire face was smeared with blood. There were numerous cuts and across his face each gash deeper than the last. His clothes were completely drenched a crimson red as he laid perfectly still except for a few twitches.

"You okay?" Zancrow asked raising an eyebrow.

"Damian what is wrong with you?" Leo exclaimed as he grabbed the boy by the shoulders. He gazed down in horror at the bleeding boy and then back up at Damian. He was furious. He couldn't believe that Damian could do something like this.

"Fuck it," Damian said he threw Leo's arms off of him. "Fucker had it coming anyways." Damian began to walk away from Leo back towards the restaurant. "You see," Damian called out to the local kids. "This is what happens when you fuck with me!"

Zancrow scowled as he motioned for the other boys to help him with Nullpuding. As they did so the owner of the restaurant came out his eyes wide with bewilderment as he stared at everyone. His mouth was agape as his eyes darted from one boy to the next.

"Excuse chef," Damian said as wiped some more blood off of his chin. "I think I'll take that burger to go."