"Jellal?" Erza exhaled as she stared at the boy across from her. Her eyes were still wide and her mouth agape. She began to walk towards him until she was only a few feet away.

"Erza I—" Jellal began to say but was interrupted as the red haired girl slapped him hard across the face. The loud echo of hand on cheek could be heard as Erza glared at him.

Jellal was a little shocked but soon he sighed, knowing that he probably deserved it. He turned to face her, her eyes full of tears as she fought to hold them back. A little drop streamed down her flushed cheek. Her fist shaking violently, but not from the cold

"You don't get to talk," she whimpered. "You don't get to say some stupid apology to me. You have no idea what you've put me through do you?"

"Then I don't know what to say?" Jellal sighed. He was really starting to hate Leo now; putting him in this awkward position with Erza. He wasn't ready. Then again he didn't know if he would ever be ready to see her again

"I want to you to tell me why you left," Erza wept. "I want to know why you abandoned me. Please just tell me."

"I couldn't face you after that night," Jellal told her.

"Why?" Erza demanded. "How could you not face me? Don't you know that I care for you? That I lov—" she didn't finish her sentence.

"I don't know why I left," Jellal told her. "I felt like I need to get away."

"You mean run away," she scowled. Jellal let out a deep breath. Perhaps she was right. Perhaps all he's been doing is running away.

Jellal peered into her watery eyes. "I couldn't bear to see you after that night. I just couldn't," Jellal breathed deeply. He wasn't even too sure why he left anymore himself. Was it to protect her? Was it because he was scared? Was it because he was still scared? He left with Mest. Maybe it was because he didn't want him to go alone. Perhaps he felt compelled to go with him.

"Then you were just a coward," Erza said scolding him.

"Erza," Jellal said as he reached out for her arm. Erza pulled away, her eyes scowling at him. But he wouldn't be denied, as he continued to reach out until he got a hold of her arm.

"Let go of me," Erza cried as she attempted to pull away from him.

"Never again," Jellal said as he pulled her in and kissed her. Her eyes shot up as she continued to resist.

She broke away glaring at Jellal panting. She continued to hold her glare as Jellal stared at her. He sulked, regretting what he had done. He thought that she had to hate him even more now. "You idiot," Erza growled. But then she grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and pulled him in for a deep kiss of her own. Now it was Jellal's turn to be surprised. She pressed hard, pulling him deeper and deeper into the kiss.

Once they broke away Jellal stared deep into her eyes. She finally had a smile on her. Jellal couldn't help but let out a wide smirk of his own. "You know that you're still a huge idiot," Erza told him.

"I know," Jellal said grinning at her.

The day had finally arrived. The day that would end all of this. Natsu had looked forward to this day for a couple of weeks and now that it was here he couldn't help but feel a little excited. Granted he was a little nervous as well, but what did he expect? He was ready for this fight. He had been preparing for it everyday and he sure as hell wasn't going to allow what happened last time happen again. He needed to end this. He wanted to end this.

It was Saturday and though there was no practice he made his way up to the practice room. There he began to punch the bag to warm up and stretch his muscles. Spring was coming and so was Valentine's Day, his first one with any girl and most importantly his first one with Lucy. He wanted to make sure that when they were together she would be safe.

After a while Gajeel made his way inside. Gajeel knew exactly what Natsu was doing there, and he wasn't one to let a fight go on without him getting involved. He was just as eager as Natsu to get back at the same people that had caused all this trouble. Plus he knew that Natsu may need backup in case any of the other local boys decided to step in.

"You ready?" Natsu asked as he finished with last punch.

"Yeah," Gajeel said nodding his head.

Natsu and Gajeel walked out and made their way up the path. It was about 11:30 a.m. and they were meeting at the pier at noon. It was still pretty cold out, snow still blanketed the ground with nearly a half a meter of snow. A cold chill filled the air. Natsu and Gajeel didn't wear their school coats, instead Natsu wore a thick red wool sweater as Gajeel wore a black trench coat with a sliver sweater underneath.

They made their way back up to the main gate where they saw Gray standing, leaning up against the wall waiting for them. "Hey," he said calmly as he pushed off the wall. "So we ready to do this?"

Gray had agreed to go with them, but he wasn't looking forward to fighting. He didn't want to fight with anyone, but he was there for moral support.

The three of them continued to walk towards the pier. Natsu had arranged this fight with Damian. He demanded that Damian show up alone or with only one or two friends. He knew that he couldn't trust Damian, and he figured that this was a set up. That's why he asked Gray and Gajeel to back him up.

When they approached the pier the saw a group of boys standing at the far end of the pier. There were about five of them, a good number for Natsu and Gajeel alone. Damian stood among them at the front. Natsu saw Sean there with his brother, something that didn't surprise him. The boy even wore his Academy uniform, something that Natsu hated. But the thing that caught his attention the most was that Zancrow's crew was there, but the blonde wasn't.

Natsu walked up to them, Gajeel and Gray next to him. Damian watched them approach, a cigarette in his mouth. But Natsu's eyes fell on Sean who stood there glaring at him. Natsu wondered why he was here, but he was sure that it had to do with him. Natsu couldn't help but smile as he thought about how great it would feel to punch the little shit again.

Damian stood there with the others behind him. Once he saw Natsu and his friends he began to walk towards them.

"So you showed up," Damian said as he smirked. Sean walked up next to his brother, with a smirk as well. Natsu hated seeing such a smug expression on the boy and he wanted nothing more than to knock him out.

"Did you bring it?" Natsu asked firmly.

"I don't know why you're so interested in it," Damian said as he reached into his coat and pulled out a gold chain locket, "but I did bring it. It's funny since I don't know why you want it so much. What does this have to do with you?"

"A friend of mine wants it back," Natsu growled. "So how bout you hand it over. Or I can take it from you. Your choice."

Damian let out a loud chuckle before placing the locket back in his coat pocket. After he had tucked it away he proceeded to take off the coat itself and threw it over to Rustyrose. Though it was still winter Damian only wore white tank top, revealing his rather large muscles. Natsu wasn't surprised. This boy had been training his entire life. But Natsu wasn't going to back down now, and he most certainly wasn't going to be intimidated by Damian's movements.

"So should we get on with this already?" Damian said as he adjusted his neck. "I have some more work I have to finish."

"Yeah and we have things that we need to finish," Natsu scowled. But unlike Damian he didn't take off his coat, something that puzzled the other boy. "But I'm not the one who's going to fight you." Natsu told him.

"Oh really?" Damian said a little confused. "Than who is?" Sean was just as confounded as his brother.

"He is," Natsu said turning around and motioning his head back.

Damian and the other gazed back to see someone approaching them. The boy was wearing a bright red sweatshirt with the hood up hiding his face. Damian became a little more skeptical as the local boys exchanged gazes of worry. Damian stood firm not allowing any fear take hold of him. It didn't matter to him, he was more than willing to fight anyone the Academy kids brought forward.

"And who is this?" Damian asked as the red hooded boy walked up next to the other boys.

"You know very well," Leo said as he removed the hood and stripped his sweatshirt off. Underneath the sweatshirt he only wore a white muscle shirt. Damian was a bit surprised to see his old friend standing right in front of him.

"So it's you," the boy said smugly. "You're going to fight me?" He chuckled but he could see that Leo was still serious.

"I'm going to do something I should have done years ago," Leo told him. "You've gotten away with so much and now it's over. I'm sick of you. I'm sick of you hurting my friends. I'm sick of you getting away with all the pain and suffering you've caused."

"And what might I ask as spurred this heroic feelings all of a sudden?" Damian asked.

"A conversation with some friends," Leo said. "Perhaps they showed me the light. The only reason I didn't take you out was because Gildarts told me not to. He didn't want to see me get hurt anymore. He was hoping that after what you did that night would end, but it didn't. Now you only cause more pain and more suffering."

Damian let out a loud laugh. "Oh sounds like I hurt your feelings." Damian walked up to him, his expression serious. "This wouldn't have happened had you people not betrayed me. Where were you when Mest was ratting me out. You were there, you were my friend, you should have stood by me, but you didn't. You act like I'm the bad guy yet none of you stood behind me."

"You are the bad guy Damian," Leo snapped. "What you did is unforgivable. You were out of control and we should have known. What happened to you? You used to be such a good person—"

"Don't lecture me Leo," Damian said jamming a finger in the boy's face. "I did what I had to do. When you have enemies you have to make a stand and send a message. That's what I did. And you know what? For the time I was there at the Academy how often were there fights between Academy kids and local kids? I brought power back to the Academy."

"You brought fear and pain to everyone Damian," Leo scolded him. "People couldn't even leave the campus grounds. You aren't some hero. You are a miserable piece of shit that put people in the hospital because you wanted to feel powerful. Now I'm going to fucking end you."

"Then let's do this," Damian said as he swung a punch straight at Leo's cheek. But the boy was able to duck and avoid it just in time. As he dropped down he brought in an uppercut and struck Damian in the side of the ribs. Then as he brought up a another swing striking the other boy in the side of the cheek knocking him to the side.

Sean intervened taking a swing at Leo when he wasn't looking. Natsu saw the motion and tackled Sean by the legs and pinned the other boy to the ground before he could hit Leo. Once Natsu had him down he raised his fist and struck him in the eye. The boy put his hand in his face, but Natsu grabbed his hand and pinned them to the ground. Rustyrose then ran over and kicked Natsu in the nose. Sean took the chance to get back up on his feet.

Gajeel then ran over and punched Rustyrose on the nose. Rustyrose's head went flying back as Gajeel proceeded to grab him by the shoulders and knee him in the gut. The boy lurched over clasping as his stomach as he tried to inhale a deep breath. Then Gajeel brought up his fist again and struck the boy in the temple knocking him over and out cold.

Kain ran over and pounced on Gajeel pinning him down under his weight. Zoledo ran for Gray but tripped over the boardwalk and fell face first in front of him. Gray raised an eyebrow, confused by what just happened. Zoledo struggled to get back up and his face was red with embarrassment. Gray sighed as he swung his foot around and kicked the boy so hard that his body rolled a few meters. The boy was out cold.

Damian took a swing at Leo but the boy ducked shooting for the legs, grabbing both and lifting Damian into the air before he quickly slammed him down onto the snow covered, ice hard wood. Damian let out a yelp, but soon wrapped his legs around Leo's neck in an attempt to suffocate him. He struggled he could feel his airway constricting and the blood rushing to his face. He managed to stand up, slowly Damian still locked punching him a top the head and then slammed him down again. Damian let go as soon as his body hit the ground letting out a loud gasp. He rolled on his back, it was numb now from the cold frost, but he crawled away while Leo caught his breath.

Sean swung his leg for a kick, but Natsu caught it and clenched it closely under his armpit. Sean tried to break free but Natsu had too tight of a grip. He raised his elbow and slammed it on the thigh. Sean cried in pain as he felt his leg give out from underneath him. He grasped at it as he rolled around in pain. He tried to stand up but then Natsu swung his leg, like he had done before and stuck the boy in the temple knocking him out as blood splattered from a gash that had form from his head. The boy fell to the ground unconscious. Natsu panted satisfied with his work. He knew it wouldn't take long for him to beat Sean. The boy was a push over. He wasn't a fighter, just a weak dog that liked to bark a lot.

Natsu saw that Gajeel was in trouble, he was suffocating under the large Kain boy. He immediately ran over and jumped on top of the hefty boy. "Get off!" Kain roared as he tried to throw Natsu from him. Natsu wrapped his arms around his neck, getting him in a chokehold like he had done before.

While Kain struggled with Natsu Gajeel took the opportunity to pry himself free. Once he was up he saw that Kain was still busy with Natsu. He stood up and cracked his knuckles. Kain's eyes went wide as he saw Gajeel's fist raised in the air. He raised one hand in the air as though to work as a shield, but it failed as Gajeel brought his fist down hard on the boy's nose shattering it and knocking him out. Even Natsu could feel the force of the blow from behind the blubbery mess.

Damian and Leo kept their fight up, but Leo could tell he had the upper hand. This wasn't the Damian of old. He was slower, sloppy and unconditioned. Leo raised his kneed up and front kicked Damian. The boy was too slow to counter it as the blow hit him in the chest. He lunched over and Leo grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him to the ground.

Leo got on top of him, repeating his barrage of punches on Damian's back. "What happened to you Damian?" Leo asked through pants. "You've become so weak. You're not nearly the fighter you used to be. You've become soft," he said as he grabbed Damian by the back of the head and slammed him face first.

A pool of crimson blood like red ink formed underneath the boys face and stained the snow. He twitched but swung around brining his knee to his chest and launching it straight into Leo's face, crushing his nose as even more blood flew out and dripped onto the ground. He stood up and grabbed Leo by the scroff of his hair and punched him in the cheek. He raised it for another blow Leo spun around on his back, sweeping Damian's legs causing the boy to tumble over.

Leo stood up and waited for Damian to get up as well. Leo's face was covered with bruises, his right eye was swollen and black. Damian was worse. His nose would not stop bleeding. Both his eyes were red from the blows they received. Blood coursed down his lips and specks of snow hung in the blood. Both panted, but Damian struggled to stay up.

"You really are weak aren't you Damian?" Leo chuckled. "These past two years you haven't been working out have you? You've only gotten weaker. It really shows. Pathetic."

"Fuck you," Damian roared as he sprinted towards him. He stumbled towards him. He swung for a punch but it was so weak Leo managed to grab it without difficulty. He then grabbed the elbow and twisting it, forcing Damian down to one knee as he seethed in pain. It was over Leo had him beat.

Natsu walked over to the spot where Damian's coat was lying in the snow. He reached down and pulled the locket from the pocket and placed it in his own. Gajeel and Gray meanwhile watched as Leo had Damian in the arm bar that he knew the boy might not be able to break out of.

What Natsu hadn't noticed was that there was a crowd of people beginning to form around them. Made up of adults and even students from the Academy and the local high school. He peered around but no one made the motion to get involved. He wasn't that beat up and he was thankful for it. He thanked the training and the time he put in to it. Without it he may not have been able to fight as well as he did. Neither would Gajeel or Gray, but he was still troubled by Zancrow's disappearance.

"Now let me make this clear to you," Leo said as he twisted the boy's arm causing him to wince in pain. "You're not going to bother anyone anymore. You and your family are going to leave everyone alone from now on. You aren't going to bother me, my friends or the Academy kids anymore you got that?"

Damian growled as he punched Leo in the groin. The orange haired boy fell over and Damian was ready for another punch. But before he could Natsu charged at him slamming him hard into the wooden railing. The boy let out a cry of pain as Natsu broke away form him. He then swung in for an uppercut striking the boy hard in the jaw causing him to topple over and plummet into the icy ocean below.

Natsu breathed heavily as he walked over and received a pat on the back from Leo. Both boys grinning widely. Natsu pulled out the gold locket and handed it to the older boy.

"Thanks Natsu," Leo said through his pants. He took the locket and placed it in his pocket. He gazed over and saw the crowd that was looking at him. Leo just shook his head and the four of them made their way back to the Academy. The crowd moved aside to let them pass.

As they walked towards the Academy two police officers stepped in front of them. Natsu recognized them immediately as Officer Wakaba and Macao. Wakaba smoked a pipe in his mouth.

"Hey officers," Leo said chuckling. He knew they were in trouble.

"Well that was a very interesting display you boys put on there," Macao said as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"I know we're in trouble aren't we?" Leo sighed.

"What makes you say that?" Wakaba asked raising an eyebrow. "You boys helped us catch a crucial suspect in a murder case."

"What?" Natsu asked bewildered.

Officer Wakaba made his way down to the beach where Damian struggled to get back to land. He was on his knees arms wrapped around his body shaking violently. He was freezing.

"You see we just got word that Damian over there shot and killed his friend Zancrow," Macao said. "We finally got the chance to arrest him, but he has been alluding us. If you boys hadn't brought him out and caused this ruckus it would have made things a lot more difficult."

"Well we're happy to have helped," Natsu laughed jokingly.

"Now how bout you boys get a long and let us take it from here," Macao said winking.

"We told you we would get you one of these days Damian," Wakaba said laughing as he grabbed the boy and dragged him up to where the parked police car was. The boy was so weak he couldn't resist. His eyes peered through the crowd as he was lugged up.

"Don't think this is over Leo," Damian quipped. "This is far from being over I promise you."

"Is that so?" Macao said reaching into his police jacket and pulling out some photographs. Damian saw them as his eyes went wide. It was him holding the gun up to Zancrow just before he pulled the trigger and then another one of after he had killed him.

"Where did you get that?" Damian demanded as he was shoved into the back of the police car.

"Anonymous tip," Macao said placing the photos back into his coat.

Damian scowled when he heard the sound of someone whispering hey. He turned to see Nullpudding standing in the crowd of students and bystanders with a camera hanging around his neck. Damian became infuriated as he wanted to sprint and throttle the boy.

"How did you get those pictures?" he wondered to himself. He didn't know that Nullpudding knew that Damian would potentially go after his old friends if he thought they would ever betray him. Unbeknownst to them he had been watching them ever since the day he sold Damian those photos of Zancrow with the police. And it all paid off. He knew Damian was going to cheat him out of money, but now he got precisely what he wanted. Revenge.

"Well it looks like it really is over doesn't it Damian?" Natsu said tauntingly. Leo laughed as the boy just scowled.

"What about the others?" Gajeel asked.

"Them?" Macao said as he looked over towards the pier. A few people walked over to see if they were all right. "Nothing probably. That is unless they want time for not explaining the murder when it happened. Our photographer managed to get pictures of them on the site, so if they want to stay out of juvy, then they most certainly will testify against Damian."

"Good," Leo sighed.

"Leo?" they heard the sound of a boy. It was Jellal. He walked towards them swiftly. He was concerned by the cops and the state the boys. He was almost in shock. "What happened?"

"We were negotiating," Leo told him, a wide grin appeared.

"What?" Jellal asked as he peered at all of them. Gray was the only one without any bruises.

"For this," Leo said as he pulled out the gold locket. "I know that you've been wanting this for awhile now and I'm sorry it took so long." Leo handed it to him. Jellal was stunned to see it again.

"Leo," he exhaled. "You didn't have to do it."

"I didn't just do it for you," Leo told him. "I did it because I had to. Granted I'm probably going to get expelled now because of it but I think it was worth it. Damian is going away, for good this time."

Leo hadn't seen it, but Macao had taken his leave and joined his partner in the police car. Damian sulked in the back knowing that he wasn't going to be able to escape this time. He shut his eyes. He wasn't going to cry, he just felt like a failure.

"Thank you," Jellal said as he hugged his old friend. "Thank you so much."

"Now why don't you go and do what you've been waiting to do for two years now?" Leo laughed. "She's waited long enough."

"I know," Jellal said. A bright smile, one that Leo hadn't seen in years. One that Jellal himself had not felt in so long. "Thanks," he said as he placed it back in his pocket.

The boys made their way back to the Academy, the street still a buzz about what happened. Confusion as to what was going on and why the police had decided not to ask any questions is what drew most of the conversations. But Natsu and them didn't care. It was over, and now Natsu could just focus on living his life. He didn't feel like it was back to normal. He felt like it was better than it had ever been. They walked in silence no one uttered a word, and he knew that when he got back to the campus Lucy would be there waiting for him.

When they got back to the main gates they just walked on through. They could see the stares of other students who were shocked to see them walking back so casually despite the amount of blood and bruises they had. They didn't care. They made their way back to the dorms to wash up and change, that's all they needed to do.

Meanwhile Jellal stood outside the main gate waiting. He smiled brightly as he saw Erza approaching him. "Jellal," she cried as she ran over and embraced him in a deep hug. "You didn't run away this time."

"Never again," Jellal whispered into her ear softly. He held her close and tight. Never wanting that moment to end. It was surreal and peaceful. Something he had dreamt of for a long time, too long. "Though honestly it might take some time for me I just want you to have something. Something I've wanted you to have for a long time.

"What?" Erza asked skeptically. She raised an eyebrow as he eyes leered in closely at Jellal.

"Here," he said handing her the locket. She smirked peering down at it and back at him. She opened it to see a picture of them when they were kids. She couldn't help but giggle. "Erza," he said taking her hands in his. "I think we should start dating."

"That's how you ask?" she blurted out in laughter. She couldn't control herself, and Jellal just gazed at her in confusion. He had never seen Erza act like this. Heck he didn't expect her to act like this. Not right now, not in this moment. "That was horrible!. "If you're going to ask, do it right."

"How am I supposed to do that?" Jellal said shocked.

"Like this," she said grabbing him by the back of the neck and pulling him in for a deep passionate kiss. She pulled him in deeper as "I love you," she gasped between breaths.

"I love you too," he said holding her tightly. "And I'm never leaving you again."

Leo made his way back to the main office building. He could feel and see most of the stares that came his way. His face was battered and still freshly wounded. He didn't go to clean himself up like Natsu and Gajeel did. His wounds were still bleeding and he did nothing to conceal his enormous black eye and crushed nose. He didn't care. He still wore his tattered blood soaked tank top and carried his sweatshirt under his arm. He didn't want to put it on in case he got blood on it, but seeing as how he was bleeding so much anyways it didn't seem like it was going to be much of an option.

He began to hear whispers and some people even began to talk about the fight. Word spreads fast, but it was Saturday what else were the students supposed to do? He didn't care. To them they were words of admiration. They were words of encouragement and congratulations. He felt good about himself.

He made his way to the cafeteria. It was well past one by now, and he knew that the person he was seeking was there. He continued to make his way over. He liked the attention, especially from the girls. After all chicks dig scars and right now he was a giant pussy magnet. Or so he thought.

He made his way into the cafeteria to a large table near the back. There sitting was Gildarts, Grandine and Makarov along with half the other faculty eating some lunch. Grandine was the first to spot the orange haired boy.

"Oh my god," she gasped her eyes going wide. Everyone turned to see what she was looking at, as all their expressions became the same once they saw Leo walking towards them.

"Leo?" Gildarts said standing up. He faced the boy placing his hands on his shoulders, his face full of worry and concern. "What happened to you?"

"Don't worry about it," Leo said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his prefect badge.

"What do you mean don't worry? Look at you!" Gildarts said in astonishment He peered at the boy examining his wounds He turned back to the other faculty and they were still in shock over Leo's appearance.

"Let's just say that a problem that we've been having for a very long time is over," Leo told him. "We don't have to worry anymore."

"Leo what are you talking about?" Gildarts asked skeptically.

"Like I said don't worry," Leo told him and tossed the badge on the table. Gildarts and the others watched as it bounced near their plates before finally sliding to a halt.

With that Leo took his leave. He said no more. He had finished what he had come to do. Now he would make his way back to the dorm to get cleaned up. Plus the admiration of the entire school didn't hurt either. He could hear the teacher muttering amongst themselves, but Leo didn't care. It was finally over and now the one thing he needed to do was fine a date for Valentine's Day.

Natsu finished cleaning himself and made his way out to the back of the Academy near the gym. He was supposed to meet Lucy there. When he arrived he saw her sitting on the wall alone watching a couple of blue birds fly around in the trees. He couldn't help but feel a sense of joy as he walked up to her. She was radiant as the winter sun glistened off her hair. Her chocolate eyes gleamed like polished gems. He had always known she was beautiful but at that moment she was like his own personal angel.

"Lucy," Natsu whispered her name as he walked toward her. She looked over at him with a wide smile as she heard her name. But that smile would soon fade as she saw Natsu's swollen eye and bruises.

"Oh my god Natsu what happened?" Lucy gasped as she ran over to the pink haired boy. She reached her hand up to touch his cheek. He just smiled at her as he took her hand in his and kissed it. "You look terrible."

"Don't worry," he said as he embraced her in a hug. "It's finally over," he said softly. He couldn't help but smile, but Lucy didn't looked convinced. She was still worried about him. He was covered with wounds from the fight, and she had no idea what he had been doing. He hoped that he got off all the blood, at least he was certain he did.

"What do you mean it's over?" she asked holding him tightly. She didn't want to break away from him. She hated seeing him in such a state. It made her scared. She didn't know what happened, but she never wanted to see him hurt or in pain. Natsu didn't seem to mind it all too much, but she couldn't help but grow concerned.

"Everything," he said. "Now it's just us and our friends. There's nothing to be worried about anymore. Nothing that will try to hurt us or keep us apart."

"Natsu what are you—" she was cut off as Natsu pulled her in for a deep passionate kiss, one that caught the blonde off guard.

"I told you," he said smiling brightly, "don't worry." With that he kissed her again. A fuel of passion burned in side of him as he held her there in the snow under the trees. Nothing could make him happier than he was in that moment. He had won, and he had won the greatest prize any man could ask for.


It had been ten years since Natsu had returned to his home in Magnolia. He walked back up on to that hill that he would spend so much time as a kid with his friends and people he cared about. He walked up through the sand where that same old palm tree still stood perched over looking the beach and the ocean. The sun was setting and the sky light up with a shade of bright orange, like a blooming flower in the beginning of spring.

Ten years had been good to him. He appeared relatively the same as far as appearances went, but he had changed. He had aged, that was certain, but he had grown taller as well. A stout and proud man he was. His hair was still the same as he wore it since he was a teenager, a little long and spikey, but neater kept. Though it was the summer he still wore his onyx colored business suit, yet he relieved himself of the coat. It was far too hot for him to be wearing it anyways. But he loved the summers here nonetheless.

He peered out at the sunset reminiscing to when he was a child. He cold see some other children playing in the sand and water. They reminded him of himself when was just a boy. They reminded him of all his friends. He couldn't help but smirk. He rested his hand against the tree watching all the while until he soon felt the gentle touch of a soft familiar hand on his shoulder.

He took it in his and kissed it gently as a tall blonde woman walked up beside him. She wore a long creame colored blouse and jeans. Her hair was long and blonde like sweet honey that blew in the gentle sea breeze. In her arms she held a small bundle of white sheets and nestled it gently against her bosom.

Natsu leaned over to pull the sheets aside to reveal a beautiful baby boy sleeping gently in his mother's arms. Natsu kissed the child on the top of the head. He stirred but did not awake from his slumber. Natsu smiled as he placed the sheet back up on top of the baby's head and rose up to kiss his wife.

"How's he doing?" he asked as he rubbed Lucy's arms and held her close.

"He's been asleep for most of the day," she whispered. "We should probably get going anyways. Everyone is waiting for us." Natsu didn't care. They could wait just a little bit longer. He was enjoying this moment with her, and their child. His family. He couldn't have been happier.
"Okay," Natsu whispered back as he kissed her one last time. He knew she was right, and one way or the other she was going to drag him away.

They walked down the hill, Natsu just behind his wife. The two of them made their way to the bottom of the hill, Lucy being ever so careful with her son in her arms, Natsu following closely keeping his hands on her hips to help her. When they arrived at the bottom Lucy continued to walk away, but not Natsu. He smiled as he watched his family leave, but he wanted to take one last moment to look back at the hill, the once proud palm tree now withering away from age. As he gazed up at it he realized that maybe that hill wasn't as big anymore.


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