Gomen-nasi, to you all. I'm sorry for having this out so late. But I had so much going on lately, and I had to wait for someone to check over this.. Life ahs been hectic. But I have the sequel to my last story, Seven Years. So if you have not read that, please do so now. If you have. then get ready to hate me. Because not only is this chapter short, but it will make you cry and possibly confuse me. But I'll have chapter 2 tomorrow, which should be a lot longer. Enjoy!

Sadin's Revival
The sequel to Seven Years by Wallcrawler86

Chapter 1- Rain

It had been a month since Sakura and Syaoran had traveled to the future to stop the evil demon. They had returned safe and sound to see their world was back to normal. Life proceeded as normal. Everything seemed to be back on track. until something almost unreal happened.

The rain slowly soaked the cold ground of the cemetery and everyone around. It began to get heavier and heavier. But no one really paid any attention. Everyone was wetter from his or her tears than the rain.

Everyone sat in their seats with eyes full of tears. They all paid close attention to the ministers words. all except one auburn-haired boy in his finest black suit. He sat staring at the ground. He sniffled and rubbed the tears out of his eyes. "No. It can't be true. You can't do this to me. it's not fair!" He looked to his right to see Tomoyo with her camcorder. But she wasn't her usual cheerful self. She looked almost cold and emotionless. Syaoran had never seen her this way. He couldn't take it.

To his left was Touya. By now, he would have expected some insult at him, or him to at least refuse to sit next to him. But today. Syaoran saw another side of Touya. He just stared in shock at the minister ahead and cried. Syaoran couldn't look at him.

Kero poked his head out of Tomoyo's hair and watched, remaining motionless.

Everyone else could be seen, sitting in the rain, only crying and holding hands to comfort each other. Yukito held Touya's hand, but he seems just as distressed if not worse than his friend.

Meilin leaned against a wall next to Syaoran's sisters and his mother Yelan, who had all come all the way from China just for this ceremony. None of his sisters were their usual perky selves.

"This can't be real. it's not possible." Syaoran slammed his hand into the moist ground. "It's unreal. It's surreal. and yet. it's really happening." Syaoran began to burst into tears, but he tried to hold it in. For the rest of the ceremony, he just sat in complete silence, staring at the ground in confusion and shock.

Fujitaka was bawling in front of Syaoran, sitting next to a young dark- haired girl who cried as well. A young Eriol starred in astonishment.

The rain began to pour down in buckets just as the minister finished speaking. Everyone was getting soaked to the bone and began to run for indoors, but it was hard to see in the downpour. Syaoran's hair was pushed into his eyes. He was the only one who didn't run. He watched everyone, Touya, Meiling, Fujitaka, Eriol, Mrs. Kaho, his sisters, and Tomoyo run for the church.

Syaoran sat in silence for a moment before finally standing up. The rain was pounding down on him and thunder cracked in the sky. He slowly walked up to the coffin on the ground and stood in silence. He gazed at the dark black casket with golden sides for a few moments and took out a single white rose. He placed it on the coffin and began to cry even worse.

Syaoran felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Tomoyo. She was crying just as badly as him. She tugged on his arm to bring him inside, but didn't say anything. He obeyed and walked with her.

But before they got very far, Syaoran turned around for one last look.

".Good-bye forever. Sakura."

To be continued.