Prompt Word: blush (or tease)

Summary: The Doctor asks Donna a question.

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me really.

A/N: Written for the Big Bang challenge at bbcland.

Bearded Questions


Hmm. He turned his head this way and that as the Doctor gazed at himself in the mirror.

"What's the matter, Spaceman? Forgotten what you look like already? Or are you horrified by the mess you call your hairstyle?" Donna asked, grinning impishly at him in his reflection.

He stroked a hand delicately over his chin. "I was thinking… do you think I should grow a beard?" he asked her hesitantly.

She obviously had trouble holding in her mirth. "Why would you want to grow a beard? Are you trying to look older, or have you developed something on your face you want to hide? Only, I can't see anything there, if it's worrying you." She smiled her pleasantest smile at him.

"But do you think I look distinguished enough? I mean, would it help if I looked a bit more like King George VI or someone?" the Doctor asked as he returned to examining his reflection.

"Pft! Why would you want to look like a trimmed shoe polisher? Good grief, Doctor! This isn't like you; normally you'd use your Time Lordiness to impress people. Has someone said something to upset you?" She had worked her way to his side by now and was peering at him with some concern. "You look fine; honest you do!"

"Fine? Define the word 'fine' in your dictionary," he quizzed her anxiously.

She opened her mouth with a guppy fish motion as she fought to find the words she needed in her brain. "'Fine' means quite pleasant and not out of the ordinary in this case," she said slowly. When he gestured for her to carry on, she suggested, "It could mean that you are easy on the eye, or quite a tasty geezer."

He scowled at that. "Aren't 'geezers' generally old men?"

"And your point is…?" she said in a teasing tone. "You're hardly a spring chicken, are you Timeboy! After all, you did confess to being over 900 years old recently. Do you want to take that back?"

"No… no," he said distractedly.

"You are forgetting that 'geezer' is merely another name for a bloke, so there's no harm in calling you a geezer," she added kindly. "So all in all it's a compliment."

He winked at her in the mirror. "So that also means you think I'm tasty and easy on the eye," he told her with a smirk.

"Did I say that? Oh gawd, I did, didn't I? I've no idea what came over me. I do apologise." She almost twinkled at him as she resisted laughing. "I meant tasty in a Twiglet sort of way, obviously; and not in a Pringle sort of way…"

"Obviously," he agreed, chuckling at her. He'd never thought he'd manage to get Donna Noble to say anything so nice about him.

She nodded at him in agreement. "Now we've got that sorted out, I suppose I need to ask you a specific question."

"Oh yeah? What's that then?" he asked in interest.

"Do you think I'm tasty?" she asked mischievously.

Her answer was the Doctor blushing a deep red, and a strange whiney sound.