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Dean and his Car

By: jazmine8448 and denali16

Castiel would never fully understand the relationship that Dean has with his way of transportation. Anytime Castiel offered to bring them somewhere using his "angel mojo" Dean refuses in favor of taking his car.

As of right now he, Sam, and Bobby were working inside, trying to figure out what was happening to the small town of Waterside, Indiana. They had the idea that maybe a demon problem was starting to occur there, but they couldn't be 100% sure. And while they were doing that Dean was outside working on his "baby" and Castiel wasn't exactly sure how the vehicle resembled a crying little human, but that's what Dean referred to it as.

Eventually Dean came inside to grab a beer before heading back out. And because Cas is such a curious angel he closed his eyes and a second later he opened them and was next to Dean and his car.

Dean was under his beloved Impala and didn't really pay attention so he didn't hear the soft fluttering sound that was the only indication that Cas had shown up.

"What is so fascinating about this?" Cas asked the hunter, causing him to sit up quickly in surprise and bang his head.

Clutching the sore spot he carefully made his way out from underneath the car and glared at his angel friend.

"What?" Dean asked, rubbing gently and hissing when he put a little too much pressure on his head.

"Why do you love this mode of transport so much?" Cas repeated and tilted his head to the side, something he does often when he's confused.

Dean grabbed his beer and took a swig.

"It's no so much the 'mode of transport' and more of the car itself. This used to be my dad's car, he had it even before I was born and I have a lot of memories with her." He smiled before looking at the car affectionately. "Isn't that right, baby."

Cas understood a little but there was something else that he still did not get.

"Dean, you do know that this isn't an actual living being, right." Dean whirled on Castiel, a dangerous glint in his eye. Cas backed away a bit. Dean turned back to the Impala and started to stroke the hood.

"It's okay, he didn't mean it." Cas was a little freaked out and decided to go back inside, more confused at that little display than ever.

Sure he now understood why Dean would rather take the slower way with his car than just be zapped to where ever they needed to be. The car was like his safe haven, and inside it was encased with many good memories. However, why did the hunter need to act as if it was alive, when clearly it wasn't.

Oh well, he thought, another mystery for another day.

This was only a little one-shot, nothing more.

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