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Jenna Harper hates large crowds. Small crowds where people aren't smushed together? She can handle that. But when she surprised her best friend, Lacey Russo, with tickets and backstage passes (It's Lacey's eighteenth birthday) to the Big Time Rush concert at the Staples Center in LA, she had no idea that they would be waiting for almost twenty minutes, sandwiched between other BTR fans as they wait to be let into the building. It doesn't really help that Lacey's apparently starving and is starting to get cranky. About five minutes ago, she snapped at some guy that cut in front of them. Lacey has some minor anger issues that she really should try to work on, but she refuses therapy because "therapy is for crazies."

"It's about time they let us in!" Lacey says as the crowd finally starts entering the building. She grabs Jenna's arm and starts dragging her inside, eager to see her "future husband", Logan Mitchell. Jenna isn't sure, but she's almost certain that Logan Mitchell will never date someone like Lacey. Isn't he the genius of the group? Lacey is one of those people that argues with teachers, gets detention at least once a month, and starts yelling in Spanish if you piss her off. She and Logan are total opposites, so there's no way that Logan would date her, let alone marry the girl.

"Wow, this place is crowded." Jenna says, looking around the building. There's a bunch of set ups with BTR merchandise, as well as places to buy snacks. Now they just need to get into that stadium. Jenna personally isn't a huge fan. The BTR boys are talented, but she doesn't have their CD and she has never joined a Big Time Rush fan club.

"Let's find out seats." Lacey says, dragging her into the stadium. Jenna looks at the stage, which has a runway extending into the audience. Well, those lucky enough to get floor seats. Jenna tried to get floor seats, but they were all taken up. So she had to settle for regular seats. Well, at least they're here. Besides, they're going to meet the guys after the show. "This is the best birthday present ever!"

"Try not to get too crazy." Jenna smiles, throwing her arm around Lacey's shoulders.

"No promises." Lacey smirks as the lights dim and smoke appears on the stage. Soon, lights start flashing and the band starts playing the tune to "Famous", one of Big Time Rush's hits.

Jenna was impressed with the show. The boys have good stage presence and they're really cute. Jenna likes the tall brunette with the cute smile. Um, James! Yeah, his name was James. He's really cute in person and she likes his new haircut. He use to have it kind of long, but it's in a shorter style now. Throughout the show, she found herself feeling strangely attracted to him.

Now they're standing at the end of the line backstage, waiting to actually talk to the guys. Honestly, Jenna wouldn't mind talking to James. She's pretty sure that she has developed a tiny crush on him, even though she has only heard one BTR song before tonight. It was the song that was all "It's the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time." She can't even remember the title.

"Hey, I can see them!" Lacey says happily, peeking into the small room. Jenna looks as well, smiling when she sees James. He seems really sweet as he talks to fans, shaking their hands and talking to them. When she got stuck reading Pop Tiger with Lacey during 1st period the other day, she learned that James is the "pretty boy" of the group. She has also heard that he can be a little on the self absorbed side, but he doesn't act like it. Of course, she doesn't know him, so she can't possibly know what he's really like.

Minutes pass and soon it's their turn. Lacey acts calm and collected as she talks to each of the guys, while watching them sign her CD.

James Diamond watches as Lacey talks to the other band members, while he checks out her cute friend. The brown haired and green eyed girl is dressed in jeans, a pink T shirt, and a strapless sky blue top over it. She seems like one of those sweet and shy types, which isn't the kind of girl that James normally dates. Yet he's staring at this girl and he's thinking about how much he wants to talk to her. Strangely enough, he's not sure what to say. She would probably never be interested in a guy like him and he probably won't ever see her again, but he desperately wants to talk to her.

"Um, do you have anything..." He starts to say.

"Sorry, I don't have anything for you to sign. I'm here with my friend because it's her birthday and she's a huge fan." The girl says politely. James nearly melts when he sees her smile. She's so pretty and he wishes that he could get her phone number. But something tells him that she's not going to give her number to a guy that she doesn't even know.

"She's eighteen, right? She told me about her birthday." He says with a smile. "How old are you?"

"Seventeen." The girl tells him. "My birthday is in May."

"I'm just a month older than you." James grins. "Your name?"


Jenna. That name is going to be stuck in James's head for a long time. It's adorable and he wants to remember it forever. He's kind of sad that he's not going to see her again. Los Angeles is huge! If James could get her phone number or her Facebook, it wouldn't be a problem, but he doesn't want to scare her by randomly asking for her contact information.

"Cute name." James says, holding out his hand. Jenna slowly grabs a hold of it and they shake hands. "It's nice meeting you, Jenna."

He kisses her hand, then lets it go. He looks up and is almost certain that he sees her blushing. Maybe she's as attracted to him as he is to her. She doesn't seem like the other girls that he has dated. Most of them were very hot, pretty sweet, and outgoing. Jenna has the hot and sweet qualities, but she seems shy and reserved. But that makes her special. He likes that she's different.

"That's a cool watch." Jenna says.

"Thanks." James says, looking at the gold watch on his left wrist. "My mom sent it to me for my seventeenth birthday."

"You don't live with your mom?" Jenna asks in confusion.

"No." James smiles. "I actually live with these guys and Kendall's mom and little sister at the Palm Woods hotel. It's kind of a long story, so I won't go into detail or anything. Basically, I auditioned for Gustavo Rocque, he was a jerk, Kendall stood up for me, we got arrested, Gustavo wanted Kendall, Kendall agreed to go if we all went, and we became Big Time Rush."

"Arrested?" Jenna asks weirdly.

"We got into a fight with some security guards." James laughs. "We didn't do anything bad."

"Right." Jenna giggles.

Wow, she has a cute laugh. In a minute, she'll be gone and James will never get to see that pretty face again. So he does something pretty desperate. He takes out his phone and pretends to be messing with it, but secretly takes a picture of Jenna. He smiles as he looks at it, happy that he'll have something to remind him of her, even though he's only going to see her once.

"Jenna, let's go." Lacey says, waving at her friend.

"It was nice talking to you." Jenna says, waving good bye before following Lacey.

James waves back and sighs heavily. He met an incredibly cute girl and he only got to talk to her for five minutes. That is so depressing. There is only one other girl that made him feel like this. Her name was Annie and he met her at the beach in Malibu. Unfortunately, she moved somewhere else, so they had to break up. He and Jenna aren't dating, but he wishes that he could get to know her better.

"James, we're leaving." Kendall says. James gets out of his seat and follows his friends.

About twenty minutes later, the guys are sitting in a booth at McDonald's, but all James can think about is Jenna. So sweet, so innocent, so adorable. How can he concentrate on anything when he's got a girl on his mind? That never works out very well. If he could talk to her one last time, that would be great. Really, just one more time would be enough to satisfy him.

"James, why are you so distracted?" Logan asks him.

"I'm not." James says, grabbing a chicken nugget. "I'm not distracted by anything. If I was distracted by anything, I would know."

"He's thinking about the girl from the meet and greet." Carlos teases.

"No, I'm not!" James argues. He hears a door opening and closing, so he looks toward the entrance. His eyes widen when he sees her. Jenna and her friend, Lacey, are entering the fast food restaurant. Inside, James is jumping for joy. He knows that the guys are watching him as he watches the girls order, but he doesn't care at all. James loves girls and this is one girl that he really likes. As Jenna walks over to the counter where the drinks and condiments are located, James gets an idea.

"I'll be right back." He smiles, standing up.

"Good luck!" Kendall calls out. James rolls his eyes, then walks over to Jenna.

"Hey, it's you!" He says, feigning surprise. Jenna turns around and smiles at him.

"Hey!" She says happily. "What are you doing here? Ugh, I shouldn't have asked that. I know why you're here, but I wasn't expecting to see you. After all, you're a rockstar, so I thought you would be hiding from the paparazzi. Or are you not famous enough to have your own paparazzi?"

"Haven't gotten that famous yet." James says, leaning against the counter.

"Lucky you." Jenna says as she reaches for the ketchup. But James stops her, grabbing a few packets of ketchup and handing them to her. "Thanks. Anyway, you're lucky because some celebrities can't go out in public without being followed."

She giggles after speaking. She can't believe she's in McDonald's, talking to James Diamond from Big Time Rush. She kind of gets the feeling that he's flirting with her, but she's not too sure. She doesn't want to make any assumptions. He's probably just being polite. She has only had one boyfriend before, but he moved away for college and they had to break up. Other than that, she doesn't have a lot of dating experience. She isn't exactly an expert in knowing when a guy is flirting and when they're just being nice.

"Oh my gosh, it's the guys!" Lacey says excitedly, handing Jenna her meal before carrying the rest to the Big Time Rush table.

"Why don't we find another table?" James asks Jenna.

They walk to the other side of the room and find a table close to the entrance, sitting across from each other. Both teenagers sit silently for a moment, not knowing what to say. They barely know each other, but they enjoyed talking at the meet and greet. To James, it's kind of refreshing to talk to someone that isn't famous. He's living his dream, but it's always nice to talk to someone that isn't in show business. Jenna, on the other hand, is somewhat excited to be having a personal conversation with a real celebrity.

"So you're seriously not a BTR fan?" James asks her.

"Um, you guys are really good, but I don't listen to your music very much." Jenna answers honestly. "I'm more into artists like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. I have heard one BTR song before. I think it was the first single that you guys ever released. It's actually quite catchy."

"Well, at least you've listened to one of our songs." James chuckles. "Tell me about your family."

"My mom is a school counselor, my dad is a doctor, and my sister works at a day care." Jenna tells him. "I always find it funny that she's twenty four and she still lives at home. I like to make fun of her, even though she threatens to do bad stuff to me."

"You are a mean little sister, aren't you?" James jokes.

"Yeah, I can be a jerk when I want to be." Jenna agrees. She thinks back to some of the ways she has picked on Christina (AKA Chris) over the years, like pushing her into the pool when she wasn't wearing a bathing suit. Then there was one time that Jenna started shooting at her with a water gun. She can't help picking on her sister because Chris is really funny when she's mad.

A sweet girl with a wild side. James likes it.

"What about your family?"

James's smile fades slightly. Yeah, he doesn't know what to say about his parents. His mom is controlling and his dad is a backstabber. His parents divorced when he was eleven and his dad had the nerve to remarry not even a year later. James can't stand him. For years, he has been trying to get in touch with James, but on the rare occasion that James does answer the phone, it always ends with James screaming at him and hanging up the phone. He has no place in James's life anymore, but how can James explain that to Jenna? She sounds like she has a great family.

"My mom owns a cosmetics company, I don't know or care what my dad does, and I have no siblings."

"Cosmetics company?"

"Brooke Diamond Cosmetics."

"Shut up!" Jenna exclaims. "Your mom is Brooke Diamond? I love that company! Especially the new moisturizer that was just released."

"Well, maybe I can convince her to send you a years supply of the stuff, since you love it so much." James smiles flirtatiously. When she's not looking, he smacks his palm against his face. He sounds too forward, doesn't he?

"Um, I'll just stick to buying it in stores." Jenna says awkwardly.

"Sounds good to me." James laughs nervously.


"I've gotta take this." Jenna says before getting up and answering her phone. "Hey, mom! Yeah, the concert was fun."

Jenna walks to a quiet corner of the restaurant, while James glances at his friends on the other side of the room. Kendall and Carlos are looking at him, but Logan is too busy being freaked out by Lacey. He doesn't see how Jenna can be friends with that girl. They seem like total opposites. Even their fashion sense is different! While Jenna is dressed in a cute but casual outfit, Lacey is dressed in jeans, a black tank top, and a black leather jacket. She looks like she could be kind of aggressive, but James isn't about to make any assumptions. For all he knows, she might be perfectly nice. She seemed okay when he talked to her at the meet and greet.

He frowns as Carlos starts texting someone. He sighs heavily as his phone vibrates and he looks at the screen.

Are you gonna kiss her? :P

James starts texting him back, glaring at the boy as he does.

No! We're simply acquaintances that are having a conversation. Now leave me alone!

He puts his phone away as Jenna returns to the table. He clears his throat and acts as casual as possible.

"My mom wanted to make sure that I'm okay." She tells him. "She's kind of protective, just like my dad."

"Jenna! Are you done yet?" Lacey yells.

"Yeah!" Jenna responds.

"We should be getting back to your place!" Lacey says. "My mom is taking me to Avalon Hollywood later, so you need to get home."

"I should be going." Jenna tells James, putting her trash in the McDonald's bag.

"Bye." James says, putting on a smile.

"Bye." Jenna waves before following Lacey out the door.

Oh well, there are other girls like Jenna. Sure, James liked talking to her and she was really funny and cute, but he'll find someone else. He's kind of disappointed, but he'll get over it, won't he? Man, he hates situations like this. It sucks when you really like something, but only get to experience it once. He can usually get just about any girl that he wants, so it'll be easy to forget about Jenna. Well, he doesn't actually want to forget about her. He did take a picture of her, so he'll have some memory of her.

When Jenna returns home, she is welcomed by the sound of a vaccum running. She walks down the short foyer until she turns right into the living room, where she finds Chris vaccuming the floor. Chris may live at home, but she's very independent. She has a job, she helps around the house, and she even drives Jenna to school sometimes. Most of the time, Jenna and Chris get along, but there are times when one of them does something to really annoy the other. They're pretty close, though. In fact, if Jenna ever has a problem, she prefers talking to Chris over talking to her mom or dad.

"Where's mom and dad?" She asks, sitting her purse on the couch.

"Dad is still at work and mom went to the store." Chris says as she turns the vaccum. "How was the concert? Lacey didn't harrass the boys, did she? Remember that boy you use to date? When Lacey first met him, weren't her exact words "You're hot! When Jenna dumps you, do you wanna go out with me?" Remember that?"

"Don't remind me." Jenna laughs, sitting down. "The guys are really sweet. After the show, we ran into them at McDonald's and while Jenna was talking to the other guys, I talked to James Diamond."

"He seems full of himself." Chris says, shaking her head. "He's definitely not your type. You need someone intelligent like yourself. What about that guy from your English class? I think his name is Brian."

"Brian is cute, but he's too nerdy." Jenna says calmly. "James is actually really sweet. He doesn't seem full of himself at all. He's a good listener and I happened to enjoy talking to him."

"You know Dad will throw a fit when he finds out that you flirted with a rockstar." Chris smiles. "He could barely stand when you were dating Aaron, so you know he would hate James."

Jenna rolls her eyes when Chris isn't looking. Why is it that everyone seems to think they know her type? Aaron was a little crazy, but he was very smart and Jenna actually liked him. As for James, that boy is very likeable. Of course, she can't tell Chris that. Anyway, this was just a one time thing. It's very unlikely that she'll ever see James Diamond again, even though she wishes she could.

"Do you have any homework?"

"I did it during my study period." Jenna says, turning the TV on.

"Okay, then." Chris says, turning the vaccum back on.

"How was the concert?" Ms. Knight asks the boys when they return home.

"While we were at McDonald's, James was flirting with some girl he met at the meet and greet." Kendall teases, throwing his arm around James's shoulders. James glares at his friend, not finding the comment amusing. He was not flirting with Jenna. Since when did talking to a girl mean that he's flirting with her? If he had been flirting, it would have been really obvious. Kendall is just trying to embarrass him.

"Ooh, who was she?" Ms. Knight asks him.

"Her name is Jenna and I was not flirting with her." James says, taking his jacket off. "If you guys are gonna pick on someone, pick on Logan. Jenna's friend was totally hitting on him."

"Don't talk about it." Logan says, shivering for added affect. "That girl scared me."

"You boys need to get ready for bed." Ms. Knight laughs, amused by Logan's shyness and James's denial. "It's getting late."

Ten minutes later

"If you saw Jenna again, would you ask her out?" Kendall asks from his own bed.

"Shut up, Kendall." James says tightly, burying his face in his pillow. He doesn't want to talk about that. He's tired and he wants to go to sleep, but he can't do that if Kendall keeps talking about his brief encounter with Jenna. He's going to lose his mind if people keep bringing her up. Knowing the idiots that he calls his friends, they'll tell the whole Palm Woods and everyone will be asking him about it. But they should know better than that. If they did that, he would have to kick their sorry behinds.

"Hey, I was joking." Kendall chuckles, turning the lamp off.

"You're a jerk." James mumbles, grabbing his phone off the bedside table. He opens his photos and looks at the one he took of Jenna. Is it possible to really like someone when you've only met them once? Jenna was so genuine. She wasn't fake like a lot of girls that he has met since coming to LA. Some of his girlfriends have been kind of fake, except for Annie. She was pretty cool but the others, althought they were nice, were kind of two faced. They acted sweet in public, but their claws came out once they weren't in public anymore.

If he knew Jenna's last name, he would search for her on Facebook. Gosh, why didn't he ask her? It would be nice to talk to her on Facebook, so they could keep in touch. There's no chance of that happening now.

And that's why James feels like an idiot.

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