Gamer Boy- Characters

Lee Pearson- Fun loving, and totally video game obsessed 12 year old twin brother of Art. Is soo glad his best friend, Allie Dawson is coming on vacation with him and his family. But when some old alien guests decide to pay the Pearson kids a visit, things get a little less sunny and a lot more like war. He really likes Allie. Nicknames: LeeBaby, LeeBear, BooBear, Leester, Twin

Allie Dawson- Lee's best friend who hopes their relationship will blossom. Was the first one to know about the Zirkonians when he got back from vacation. Loves to play video games, text, play laser tag, and listen to music like Lee. Nicknames: ( the ones marked with the * icon are the nicknames Lee calls her) Alliecat, *Alybear, Als, kangaroo,bunny, * Snooki, * Snooks, Snowball
Looks: .com/pictures/2007/07/25/previews/Logan%

Cast ofAliens in the Attic-

Nicole Simmons- Allie's girl best friend who knows that Lee likes Allie. But made a deal with him not to tell her. She made the same deal with Allie, yet neither of them knows of the deal the other made with Nicole. Looks: .com/wp/Janel_Parrish_in_Bratz:_The_Movie_Wallpaper_17_

Britt Houston- Is the other best friend of Lee and Allie. She is very strategic but also has a fun side. She really likes Art.(Lee's twin bro not the talent) Looks: .com/MediaBin/Galleries/Imported/BioPix/Ro/Bio_

Ryan Lane- One of Lee's best friends. He is fun loving and very funny. He is the jokester of the group. Looks: .com/images/casts/United_States/20659/Slade_Pearce_20659_

Daniel Carter- The idea guy in Lee and Allie's 'posse'. He likes Nicole, but hides it by bickering with her constantly. Looks: .com/pictures/2010/05/28/previews/Jaden%

Liam Ashton- Bethany's new boyfriend.
* Note- Nana Rose Pearson is with Stu and his family in this fanfic