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All You Need Is Faith


"Tim, what are you doing?"

He watched Tim look down at the blankets in his arms and back up at him, and he smiled at the baffled look on his face. Which Tim tried to scoff at but in the end just wrinkled his nose, looking more adorable.

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like you're either going to build a fort in our living room or setting up to sleep there. Either one, we have a perfectly sized bed in our room."

Tim nodded and continued on down the hall and down the stairs to the living room, Gibbs following behind him. And yeah, he checked out Tim's ass, it was there and his, so he could do what he wanted.

"Yes, the one that your dad will be sleeping in. I'm not going to let you put your dad on the couch."

Rolling his eyes, he watched his lover put aside the sheets, blankets, and extra pillow on the corner of the couch. It didn't escape his notice that there was only one and not two. He would get to that in a minute.

"Tim, he's not going to come."

"Of course he is. You told me he called and said he wanted to come over for Christmas and you accepted. He's coming."

Gibbs sighed. "He's not coming."

"He's coming."

Rolling his eyes at his stubborn ass lover, he walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist, holding him tight and tucking his face into his neck. Tim sighed and rested his hands on the top of his, his cheek rested on the top of his head.

He loved Timothy McGee.

They had been together for about six years, started seeing each other a year after Tim joined the team. There have been major ups and downs in their relationship; Jethro's amnesia after the explosion and his retreat to Mexico, his dog attack, a series of breakups which Jethro hooked up to Lt. Col. Hollis Mann during one of them and Tim went out on a date with a Red Skins' cheerleader during another.

But they always came back to each other, they couldn't keep away. They were better with each other. Gibbs knew that he was a better man with Tim; he was a better agent, a better lover, a better person in general with Tim next to him. He couldn't go back to who he used to be, he couldn't live without Tim. Just the thought of life without his younger lover—his lover that had such a huge kind and loving heart and gave him all his love, his bright green eyes that shined, pouty lips that gave him wet dreams, and smooth pale skin that could drive him to distraction—just thinking of not living next to the man…it stopped his heart.


He blinked at the soft word and realized his arms had tightened around the man as if to never let him go. Gibbs loosened his hold and raised his head as Tim turned in his arms, wrapping his arms around his neck.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." His eyes flickered to the one pillow on the couch. "You wanna tell me why there's only one pillow?"

Tim blushed. "Well, you, or we, haven't exactly told your dad about us. So, I thought I'd stay over at my place while he's here."

Tim may live with him and they considered it their home, but he still kept his apartment so that the government wasn't aware, not to mention Vance.


"No. It's okay, I understand. You're just making up with your dad, and it hasn't come up. Believe me, I understand."

Gibbs knew right there that Tim really did understand. Tim was reconnecting with his own father, and he still hadn't mentioned that he was seeing someone. Someone that was older, male and not to mention his boss. Anyone would be afraid to tell their parent that piece of news.

Tim leaned forward and pressed his lips to his, so sweet and innocent. But Gibbs soon groaned and tightened his arms as Tim rolled his hips into him. Yeah, not so innocent. Just as he was starting to lower his hands to grab Tim's ass and push him to the couch, get some more morning sex, Tim stopped him with his hands on his shoulders.


"Yes," he growled and even slipped his hands into Tim's pants.

Tim laughed and took Gibbs' hands out of his pants. "No. Now, I think I have everything ready for your dad's visit. The bedroom is ready; there are even a few extra things like a toothbrush and razor just in case he forgets. He should be here later tonight."

He refrained from stating his doubts of Jack actually showing up as he already said it. And Tim would just tell him to shut up anyway, so he was saving them some time.

"I'm gonna go for a short run before we go. Wanna join me?"

Gibbs shook his head and watched Tim put on a jacket to keep him warm in the snow. "I'll just go get both our vehicles ready."

"Alright. See you later."

With one last kiss, Tim headed out for his run and Gibbs headed to the kitchen to get some coffee in his system now that he wasn't going to get sex. Turned out he didn't need so much coffee in the morning to wake up, as long as he could pounce on Tim before he could think about getting out of bed. He needed coffee throughout the day, no doubt about it, but in the morning, as long as he made love to Tim, he needed only a cup. Maybe none if he could distract Tim enough to go a second, or if he was really lucky, a third round.

After drinking some, he headed out to scrape the snow off the windshield of his truck and didn't even finish half when he heard his dad's voice.

"Merry Christmas, everybody! Loretta, thanks for the ride."

He turned to see his dad shutting the door to a van from the airport. Putting his scraper down, and a little shaken that his dad actually showed up, he walked over to him after the van drove away.

"Hey dad. Didn't expect you till tonight."

"Well, I like my pilots caffeinated and fresh. I caught an earlier flight."

Gibbs stared at his dad, still surprised he was there. "Yeah, but you should have called. I would have picked you up."

"No matter. I made it."

"Yeah. Yeah, you did." Looked like Tim was right. 'Oh shit.'

Jack looked around at the house with a smile. "Too many years since I was here last."

"Yeah. Whose fault is that, huh?"

His dad stared at him and he knew if Tim had been there he would have head-slapped him for his comment. Tim may be nervous and not enjoy getting them at work, but when it came to them being home, Tim wasn't afraid to give Gibbs a head-slap every now and again when he thought he said something stupid.

"We gonna do this again, son?"

Shaking his head, he gave his dad a hug before picking up the man's suitcase. "Come on in."

"Old place looks pretty good."

Gibbs smiled as he followed his dad in as he remembered Tim telling him that the house needed a coat of paint, and not to mention the inside needed freshening up…

"I'm not one to call a woman anything rude, but that bitch of a wife you had—"

"Which one?"

"The last one. And don't interrupt me. The wife you had was a bitch; I met her, and look what she did to your home."


"She practically erased the life you had before her, and not very well. I mean, she literally erased everything with white, even the floor with this white carpet. Winter is coming and it's horrible with all this white. Let's go, I think the paint store is still open."

Tim had grabbed his hand and dragged him out before he could blink, and by the end of the weekend, his home looked a cross between what it looked like when Shannon and Kelly were alive, and something new with his relationship with Tim. Especially with the big flat screen television mounted to the wall with surround sound, and an office set up in the only extra room they had that was a place for Tim since Gibbs had the basement. It was mostly his computer set up along with his typewriter so he had someplace to write.

They never touched the master suite or Kelly's room as he hadn't touched them since their deaths, and Tim understood that. But he helped redecorate the guest room which was now their room, in their home.

"Well, look at this." Jack looked around at the new setup and openly stared at the television. But Gibbs could tell he was disappointed that there wasn't a tree or any Christmas decorations up. "Hope you didn't get all decked out on my account."

"Plenty of hotels nearby, dad."

"I'll be fine. Just as long as I have a working clicker."

Gibbs smirked and pointed to the coffee table. "There's the clicker. Plenty of cable and movies."

Jack glanced at him and he didn't need to be the best agent to know that he would be questioned sooner or later about his home's new look. "I'll manage."

"Your bed is in my room."

"What happened to the guest room?"

"It's not a guest room anymore. The cupboard's not totally empty."

"Maybe I'll cook us something."

"As long as it's not your Stroganoff, knock yourself out."

"What's wrong with my Stroganoff?"

He gave a small smile before he admitted, "I'm still surprised you came, Dad."

Jack shrugged. "It's good to be with family at Christmas."

Gibbs opened his mouth to ask his dad if he would be alright by himself but just then the front door opened. "Jethro, I thought you said you were going to ge-oh!"

Tim stopped when he spotted Jack and Gibbs didn't even pause to look the young man up and down. He was in running pants with a shirt, he already opened his jacket, his winter cap covered his head and ears, and his cheeks were windblown pink. But as he stood there under both Gibbs' stares, his cheeks became redder with his blush.

"Uh, hello," he waved. "You-You're early."

Jack stared at Tim before looking at him. "Leroy, I think you forgot to tell me something."

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