So I'm not one to believe the words of a fortune teller, but when they told me I would go back to writing fanfiction... Well I guess it's not a sham after all. (Actually, it still is. I just made up the fortune teller bit so this would sound cooler)

Anyway, I've started putting some ideas for the next few chapters on paper, and I've actually got some couple thousand words for the next one written. I can't guarantee that it will come soon, because I'm currently putting the majority of my effort into my new story: Dusk (which I will now shamelessly plug here as an awesome Nocturne/Lux fic in the LoL fandom that you should all go read) but I'm just letting you all know that two years later, this is all back in progress. I know a ton of you guys were enjoying this, and it didn't feel good knowing I was leaving you all in the air like that. Real life issues and a two year depression are behind me now though, and I'm looking to make some awesome things happen.

Anyway, for those of you who still remember this, thank you for your eternal patience, and I just want you to know that your patience will not have been in vain (I hope).