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Well anyways, welcome to this fanfic of mine. Now this is one of those "What if Louise summoned else to be her familiar instead of Saito" fics which I know is cliché in Familiar Of Zero crossover fanfics but I couldn't help myself to make one. I really hope I can pull this fic off.

Also this is my first anime crossover fic, since my other fics have been based on video game series, *Cough Any Nintendo series Cough.*

Inspired by Astarael Darkrah Black's fanfic: Russian Zero.

NO, I DID NOT COPY. The idea is similar to her fic but there are indeed differences such as Ivan in this story is summoned by Louise during World War II.

To Astarael Darkrah Black: If you are reading this, I hope you don't mind me using your fic as a inspiration. . So I give some credit to you. I was thinking of making a crossover fic with Hetalia anyway, but I did not know which anime to use, and your fic just sparked my interest of using Familiar Of Zero to crossover with Hetalia.

Human names of the country personifications in Hetalia are used in this fic instead of calling them by their country name.

I hope you enjoy this fanfic and stick with me to the very end of it. I also hope to get some reviews, no flaming, I accept criticism though, and some ideas would be nice too.


Familiar Of Zero/Zero no Tsukaima © Noboru Yamaguchi/Eiji Usatsuka

Hetalia: Axis Powers © Hidekaz Himaruya

Summary: Perhaps summoning a cold, terrifying, sadistic personified nation of Soviet Russia during the World War II era was a bad move by the pink haired mage. As he could stir up trouble for her and the rest of Halkeginia.

The Russian Familiar Of Zero

Chapter 1: Zero's Russian Familiar

December 1941

The snow fell on the ground as the tall dark, russian figure with light colored blonde hair and purple eyes walked to the entrance of the destination of the meeting of his fellow allies. His scarf blew as the wind did, his imperial soviet uniform keeping him warm from the cold. Of course this alliance meeting will determine what new strategies they could come to defeat the Axis Powers as well as any progress has been made.

For him, there has been some progress such as fighting the Germans who are trying to invade Moscow.

He entered inside the building where his boots stepped on the cold hard floor, but not as cold as himself.

He was considered to be to be the scariest of them all. A cold hearted naive young man. If anyone approached him, they would automatically feel fear, and if he spoken to them with his soft yet sinister voice, they would flee in terror. Of course he grew to use to the solitude in his life, but was affected by the bloodshed wars he was in, which shaped to be the man he is now.

However he wondered what would it be like to have at least someone be his friend. Maybe just one friend would make a difference. One that did not fear him and become one with him easily. Even the alliance he had with the allied forces wasn't really 'friendship' in his eyes. Maybe one day the time will come, that someone would just accept him already, even if it meant showing everlasting loyalty to them. But at his current state and how his country has been sucked into the great second war, it seemed like it would not happen anytime soon.

Boy was he in for surprise.

As the young man approached the door to the meeting room, he heard the voices of arguing. Oh how he knew who they automatically were coming from. He opened the door to see short haired british blonde grabbing by the collar of and yelling at the longhaired Frenchman.

"You stupid Frenchie!" he exclaimed in anger.

"Oh hon hon hon hon! Little Artie here is getting feisty here eh?" The Frenchman said.

The Englishman fumed even more. "Shut up you old wanker!"

Across from them a Chinese man sighed and said: "Can't you guys ever get along?"

"Hahaha! Them? Never in a million years Yao!" laughed a dirty blonde American.

"Well, do something Alfred! Break the fight up!"

"Kay, Kay."

"Alright you two, knock it off," Alfred said, pulling the Englishman from the Frenchman.

"Let go of me Alfred!" exclaimed the Briton.

"Sorry no can do Arthur," Alfred replied.

"You and Francis need to stop these fights," Yao stated. He fumed. "I'm sick of you two fighting at every single meeting! You two need to learn to compromise!"

Arthur pushed away Alfred's grip and stated: "I know how to compromise thank you very much. It's just that stupid frenchie ruins it all!"

"Ugh! Me?" Francis exclaimed. "What about you!" He turned to a mirror on the wall and looked as his messy hair. "And look what you did to my beautiful hair! Ruined!"

Yao sighed once more. "Can we please just get started on this meeting already?"

"Yeah," agreed Alfred. "We shouldn't waste anymore time." He then looked at the Russian at the door. "Yo Ivan! Come on in! You're just in time!"

Ivan shrugged in went in and took a seat, Arthur sat next to him pouting, and Francis did the same thing, only sitting next to Yao. Both were frowning at each other and were still bitter about the quarrel. Alfred sat in the front with his head held high and joyfully stated: "All right guys! Let us begin! How has everything been going in stopping the Axis Powers? Do you guys have any ideas to contribute to end this war soon?"

. . .

Deep into another universe there was a planet that held the great continent of Halkeginia. It held many great nations, one being the nation of Tristain. While despite being a weak small country it was home to one of the most prestigious schools of the continent, called the Tristain Academy Of Magic. Students of the academy, (most from wealthy noble families) were highly trained to become great mages, were very good in magic and where doing well in the academy.

Well except for one.

Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere was nervous. One of her most important days of her life has arrived. The day she would summon her familiar spirit, (normally some sort of animal or creature) which would be a ritual, to make the familiar be her eternal assistant, protector, and partner. She hoped that would go well. Heck she was relying on luck for this.

She was awful at magic. Every spell should try to do would always end up in explosion, causing her fellow classmates to look down up on her. She has earned the title as "Louise The Zero," by them and was always made fun of. She hated it.

However, today was the day she was going to prove everyone wrong, that she can perform magic and does not deserve that horrid nickname.

If she were to screw this ritual up, not only would she be the laughing stock of the school, but of the whole country. Bringing shame to her family which is The Vallieres, one of the most wealthiest, strongest families of Tristain. She can imagine their reactions.

She was waiting for the ritual to begin along with other students outside the academy along with a teacher.

"Alright everyone," said a bald headed teacher with glasses named Professor Colbert. "Today is a very important day. Not only is this your first exam of your second year, but they day you summon your familiar spirit. Whatever you summon will be will the familiar you will bonded to be your eternal partner and become part of your family. Any questions?"

"Well now, I can't wait to see what Louise The Zero will summon," whispered a red haired tall busty chested girl to pink haired Louise.

"Shut your trap Kirche," Louise muttered.

"Probably nothing," whispered a blonde haired boy name Guiche to his companion Montmorency. They both giggled.

The rituals began and most students summoned interesting animal like creatures.

Students such as Guiche summons a giant mole, Kirche, a salamander, and Montmorency a frog. Some students were pleased with the results like Kirche, others like Guiche were a bit startled by their familiar.

"Hmm it seems that everyone has gone," Colbert spoke. "Anyone else need to go?"

"Why yes of course," Kirche said pointing at Louise.

Louise who was startled by Kirche's pointing stepped forward.

"Ah Louise!" Colbert exclaimed. "Come and perform your ritual! The time has come for you to summon your familiar spirit!"

"Good luck Louise!" sneered Kirche. "Lets see you beat my bad boy familiar! That is if that's even possible!"

Louise fumed a bit. "Shut up! I'll show you!"

"Hah!" cried a student. "Looks like it's Louise The Zero's turn! Lets see what she summons!"

"She's probably going to summon nothing my dear!" responded Guiche. The students all laughed.

Louise grew even more angry. "Shut up! All of you!"

"That's enough!" demanded Colbert. "I want all of you to be quiet! Let Louise concentrate!"

Silence arrived.

"Now, you may begin Louise," Colbert finally spoke. "Whenever you are ready."

Louise pulled out her wand. She began to chant:

"I beg of you! Oh my slave who lives somewhere in the universe!"

. . .

"That's all for today!" Alfred cheered as he and the rest of the allies left the building. "Hopefully next meeting more progress will be made!"

"And hopefully there will be no arguments be made during the next meeting!" exclaimed Yao. His eyes narrowed at Francis & Arthur, who were sticking their tongues out and went down their separate paths to their military bases.

Ivan stopped his trail and watched the rest of the allies disappear into the distance of the forest. "Well, I guess it's time for me to leave now," he finally said. He continued his trail and stepped on the snow. Once he would reach his military base, he would tell his fellow comrades about the meeting, and revert back to stopping the Germans, and it seemed that nothing would stop him from doing so.

"Oh sacred, beautiful and strong familiar spirit I desire and here plead from my heart!"

Suddenly a white ellipse appeared in front of him. This startled Ivan and took a step back. What in the world is this? he thought.

"Answer to my guidance!"

The white ellipse then sucked Ivan in, and his body plunged itself into the darkness. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!

BOOM! An explosion hit the area where Louise did her ritual. Many students backed away coughing and covering themselves from the explosion. "Are you alright Professor Colbert?" asked a student while helping the professor get up. "I am fine," he said.

The smoke cleared and the students turned to see Louise with the Russian on the ground.

"Did. . .she just summon a commoner?" questioned Montmorency.

"You are right my dear Montmorency!" cried Guiche.

"A human?" laughed Kirche. "You have got to be kidding me! Oh wow, this is just pure gold! Oh Louise The Zero, you have done it again!" The students laughed and Louise fumed once more.

Louise then looked down to her 'familiar.' This. . .is my sacred, strong, beautiful familiar! she thought.

B-but. . .this is a commoner!

Ivan opened his eyes and sat up. Where am I? He looked up to see Louise. A girl?

"Um. . .who are - "

"Shut up!" exclaimed Louise to Ivan.

Ivan glared at her.

"This has to be some sort of mistake!" Louise exclaimed. "Professor Colbert, please let me try again!"

That girl. . .she sounds like she's speaking French. Ivan thought. Am I in France? He looked at his surroundings. Doesn't seem like it.

Professor Colbert shook his head. "Nonsense, the ritual is done once, and only once. Whether you like it or not this commoner is now your familiar spirit. Now finish the ritual."


"If not, you will be expelled Louise. Now go on."

"But I have never seen a commoner as a familiar!"

"Regardless of him being one, you are stuck with him and that is final Louise. Now finish."

Louise sighed. She approached Ivan. "You better be grateful for this commoner, understand?"

Ivan raised a brow. "Commoner? I am no commoner girl! I am the nation of Russia!"

"Nation? Russia?" asked Guiche. "What a weird commoner."

"You understand me?" Louise asked.

"More like you speak Russian?" Ivan asked.

"What the heck is Russian?"

Ivan was speechless. How could this girl not know what Russian is? He felt insulted. Just as he was about to speak, Louise kneeled down to his level. "Stay still, okay?" she requested.

"My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere," she chanted pointing her wand to Ivan's forehead and then pulled back. She placed her head closer to Ivan's. "Pentagon that governs Five Elemental Powers give your blessings upon this person and bind it as my familiar spirit!"

"What!" Ivan stated. "What are you-!"

Louise grabbed his scarf and placed her lips on his.

The students gasped in awe.

Ivan wrapped his arms around her for he didn't want her to fall. Louise broke the kiss. "Hey! Release me commoner!" she demanded. Ivan obeyed.

"Why did you just kiss me?" he questioned.

"I had to you stupid dog! Do you think I would of if I didn't have to!"

Ivan frowned. "I am no dog you brat."

Louise fumed. "Why you-!"

Suddenly Ivan began to glow. "Huh?"

He felt like his hand was baking under an oven. "And what is this girl?" He asked Louise showing his glowing hand. Louise rolled her eyes. "Those are runes being engraved onto your hand, stupid dog. They are there to mark you as my familiar!"

Ivan made a fake smile. "I feel hot and familiar?"

The glowing stopped and the ritual was finally complete. "Great job Louise!" said Colbert joyfully. "It seems that the ceremony is now complete! This commoner is now bonded to you as your eternal familiar by contract."

"Contract?" asked Ivan. "Girl what is this contract he speaks of?"

Colbert approached Ivan and looked at his left hand and pulled out his glove. "Hunh, interesting," he said inspecting the runes engraved on his hand. He returned Ivan back his glove and clapped his hands.

"Well it seems that everyone has completed their rituals! Let us return back to our dorms!" The students obeyed and began to fly while others walked back to their dormitories.

"Well that was interesting," Montmorency said as she began to walk with Guiche.

"Wow! That commoner Louise summoned is such a cutie!" Kirche said with hearts in her eyes. Her salamander glared at her.

"Don't tell me you like the guy!" Guiche questioned.

"I'll go talk to him!" Kirche said as she skipped to Ivan. "Lalalalala!"

Guiche and Montmorency rolled their eyes and sighed.

"Girl, I believe you owe me an explanation for all this," Ivan said to Louise. "I know, I know. I'll tell you at my dorm," Louise said. "Now since you are my familiar, I order you to take me to my dorm!"

"Alright," Ivan said. "Where is your dorm?"

Louise pointed to the tower near by the school.

"Ah, I should've known girl."

"Heyyyyy there~." said Kirche seductively as she placed her hand on Ivan's shoulder. "Why not come with me to my dorm and I'll show you what this is all about~"

"Kirche, you stupid whore!" Louise growled. Kirche gasped. "You brat! How dare you!"

"How dare you try to take my familiar away from me for your own pleasures!"

"Why not Louise! He needs to be introduced to this by yours truly."

"Not by your stupid desires!"

Ivan sweat dropped yet at the same time he felt like crushing them both.

"Ladies. . .uh please," Ivan said.

"Take me to my dorm familiar! NOW!" Louise demanded angrily.

"Oh no, no, no! Come with me darling!" protested Kirche.

"Just leave them alone, Kirche!" Guiche called out. "He is not your familiar! He belongs to the Louise The Zero!"

Kirche fumed. "Stay out of this!"

Ivan picked up Louise bridal style and began to run. "Wha!" Louise cried blushing.

"You wanted me to take you to your dorm, so I shall."

"Huh!" cried Kirche.

"Sorry dear Kirche! But I have a fuming girl to attend to!" Ivan called out. Louise frowned. "H-hey! I am no fuming girl!"

"He said my name," Kirche said blushing. She placed a hand on her face and giggled. "Oh!"

Her salamander sweat dropped.

"I sense a new Mister Popular," Montmorency said.

Guiche gasped. "Oh hell no!"

. . .

Ivan finally arrived at Louise's dorm room. He released her gently and Louise unlocked her door. "I'm surprised you didn't get tired while running all the way here carrying me," she said entering the room Ivan smirked and followed her. "Oh lets just say I have amazing strength and stamina."

He sat down and he saw a hay stack near by. "Um, why do you- ."

"I thought my familiar would be some sort of animal or something," Louise said taking off her cloak. "Also, hey! Why are you in my chair!"

Ivan looked at his seat. "Is that a problem girl?"

"Get out of my chair!" Louise snapped. She rushed to him and tried to tug him out.

Ivan smiled. "Hmm, alright, alright," He said. "It's just a chair anyways. Why get worked up over that?"

"Because you are my familiar! You are not allowed near my property without my permission! You are a dog!"

Ivan frowned. "I am no dog girl! Also why do you keep calling me your familiar?"

Louise paused. "Oh right," she sat down on her bed. "You see," she began to explain. "This here is a The Magic Academy of Tristain. Where people here are trained to be mages. And one of tasks a mage must do is summon a familiar spirit that will be bonded to them by contract that the familiar spirit will be the mage's protector, assistant, and eternal partner. I summoned you and now you are bonded to me as forever my eternal protector, assistant and partner. I am forever your master, and you must obey me to whatever I say whether you like it or not. Now, any questions? Also what is your name? I don't always want to call you 'familiar.'"

There was silence. Ivan now shocked but smirked broke the silence. "Ah, that explains a lot," he said. "So I am basically your servant?"

"That's right now tell me your name."

Ivan growled at her statement. The familiar of a spoiled hot headed brat? This has to be some sort of crazy dream, he thought. I bet right now I am sleeping in my bunker back at the military base, waiting for dawn to come so I can perform the 'Scorched Earth' method.

He smirked sinisterly. "Ah, alright then. Sounds fun. My name is Ivan Braginski. I am the personified nation of Russia. The spirit. Nice to meet you and you are girl?"

"Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere."

Ivan's eyes widened. "Long name. Sounds French. You wouldn't be related to Francis Bonnefoy no?" He joked.

Louise raised a brow. "Who in the name of Birmir is Francis?"

"Never mind," Ivan said.

"So. . .um do you have any special powers er Ivan?" Louise asked.

Ivan placed his hand under his chin. "Hmm. . .I have strength, and General Winter with me. He's a tough guy but a powerful ally when it comes to war. And er. . .do curses count?"

"Nnn. . .fair enough," Louise said. "You are not totally weak."

"You thought I would be weak?" Ivan asked.

"Yeah when I first saw you I did."

This made Ivan angry, a dark purple aura surrounded him. I'm going to make you eat those words girl. . .he hissed in his thoughts.

He placed a fake smile and hissed, "Do you want to test me?"

"Yep sure," Louise said calmly. "And here is your test."

Ivan's aura grew even more darker. "Tell me. . ." he hissed.

Then he was thrown a pile of clothes, which was something Ivan did NOT expect.

"Your test is to wash my clothes," Louise sneered.

Ivan's aura disappeared. "What?"

"You wanted a test so I gave you one. Plus since you are now my familiar you will do whatever I want you to do, now go wash my clothes."

She flopped herself onto her bed and Ivan growled.

"You want me to go wash your clothes?"

"Yeah now go do it."

This sure made Ivan grow even more angry, his aura returned and was now darker than ever. Oh how he wanted to strangle the girl but he had to hold it in. He picked up Louise's clothing and put them in a basket.

"You will wash outside and I want them all done by tonight, no slacking. And when you are done you will sleep outside in the hall," Louise explained. "The soap and water you can get from a maid named Siesta, you ask someone where she is while you are on the way."

Ivan's eyes grew very dark. "As. . .you wish. . .master," he hissed. Louise noticed his dark aura which made her jump a bit.

Ivan took the laundry and stepped out of the room. Stupid girl, she will pay.

He looked scary for a second there. . . Louise thought. Oh my. . .he doesn't seem to be very nice. I think I need to be careful when dealing with him.

And thus began the adventure of the hot headed bratty mage and her cold, terrifying Russian familiar.

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