AN: I'm not currently the "continuous story" kind of girl. I've been working mostly on one-shots (that turn into two- or three-shots without my actual intension for them to be so) or disjointed telling of a not quite cohesive story. Since I am striving towards writing an actual, original work of some length, I felt it was time to actually write a multi-chapter fic. With that in mind, please let me know how you feel about the story and character development over the coming chapters. Thanks and enjoy.

I've had this idea rattling around inside my head for a while now. I am for some reason obsessed with time travel as an element in fanfiction, and even though it's been done to death, I couldn't help myself. As for my choice in focusing on Bra, I feel that the girl doesn't get enough attention. She's barely in DBZ and GT, whereas Trunks is featured quite prominently in both. Other characters will make occasional appearances, but the focus will be on Bra and her family.

Full summary: A strange object appears in Earth's orbit. When Trunks and Bra go to investigate, Bra finds herself lost in an eerily familiar but completely different world - Capsule Corp, five years before she's born. Can Bra make her it back and save her family without disrupting the timeline?

Lost But Found

Prologue: Just Another Day

The alarm didn't go off today. That was a bad omen. An impossibly bizarre omen considering the amount of power surging through the Compound at any given moment and the sheer number of redundancies integrated into every electronic system, all monitored by a central station but looped through back-ups to insure stability… Well, it was enough to give even a girl genius like Bra a headache and no desire to investigate why she woke up at 9:07 instead of the respectable 6:25 she'd planned on. Which left her, of course, with less than an hour to shower, get dressed, do her make-up and hair, and get to work. Breakfast looked like a cookie and a swig of coffee in the car. Classy.

Scratch that. It was a really fucking terrible omen.

She should've just called in sick.

Bra wasn't blessed with the well-timed internal clock that her marked her father's sleeping habits. You could set a watch to that man's schedule. But no. Bra was blessed with her mother's inability to keep track of more than five minutes without a day planner.

She cursed her mother all the way to the bathroom, pajamas flying in her mad fury to make up for lost time, and nearly shrieked as the cold water hit her. No time to wait for it to warm up, but at least she was definitely awake now.

9:33 comes and goes as she steps out of the shower, forcing her ki to blow her hair into a dry (but clean!) mess. And of course, no time to style it. She'd be lucky if she got to do her mascara. Lovely. Because looking like you just rolled out of bed is a sure fire way to impress your staff.

It wasn't until she rushed past her secretary's desk towards the Board Room that she finally hit a stroke of luck. Two donuts left. "Mmm," she mumbled, mouth full of doughy goodness as she nearly inhaled the pastries. "Thank Dende for the little things."

The smile didn't quite make it the first five steps into the Shareholder's Meeting. Talk about a buzz kill.

Luckily, when you're important enough, people will wait.

Not that this saved her from an annoyed look from the Board or an eye roll from her brother. But at least no one was dumb enough to say something. Poorly concealed scorch marks on the walls and rumors buzzing about the wild tempers of the Briefs took care of that.

The last of the Board Members had just barely left the room when the nagging started. "Do I need to pick you up for work now?"

Okay. Of course Trunks would say something. Never mind the thousands of times she'd had to wait for him. The one time she's late (not counting the previous week when she missed a dinner with some investors because of a date – but the guy was cute enough that she felt it warranted as an excuse), and he's dripping with condensation and sarcasm.

"Shut up," she sneered. Spot on impression of her dad, by the way. Not that it worked on Trunks like it did on those less accustomed to Vegeta, but still. Very impressive. "My alarm didn't go off."

Trunks snorted as he flipped through some papers. "Bullshit," came his clipped reply as he stuffed the forms into a folder and handed it to his nervous looking assistant. For some reason he always picked the mousy ones who were two seconds away from either bursting into tears or having a heart attack.

"It's true," she muttered. "You don't have to be a dick about it."

"Bra, as your older brother, it's my job to be an absolute dick about everything."

"Like I hadn't noticed." Unfortunately, this could go on forever. Verbal sparring matches were second nature to anyone who spent a week in the Capsule Corps Home Compound. Or had to deal with their parents. So she conceded and decided to change the subject. "What's on the agenda for today?"

"Aside from the preliminary meeting with Mom and the engineers, which you missed, before the actual meeting we just had," he smiled when she stuck her tongue out at him, "we have to visit the Bio-Division to check on their progress with the new Genome Project. We have to submit the blue prints for the new jets to the patent office then pick a team to handle development. One of us has to deal with the press about the accident at the Tokyo plant last week. I already took the liberty of telling Mom you'd deal with it. We've got a late lunch with GLC Executives to discuss the buy-out. After that, we're going to need to-"

"Mr. Briefs…?"

Twin pairs of blue eyes snapped to the tiny girl at the door. That poor assistant looked terrified to be interrupting (no doubt she'd done it to Vegeta and been told where to shove it and exactly how to do so), but she slowly edged her way in. She nearly tripped over her own feet as she held out a red folder labeled "CLASSIFIED." When neither of the executives bit her head off, she took a deep breath and seemed to gain some confidence. "These are just in from the Astronomy Department."

Her voice wasn't very commanding, but Bura thought she might have potential. If she ever got over being terrified of her own shadow.

"Thank you, Gloria," Trunks said with his most charming smile that undermined the dismissive tone and body language.

As the woman nearly fled in terror, Bra gave her brother an appreciative look. He definitely came from royalty. Hell, he'd probably make a half-decent Saiyan Prince if their father would ever relinquish the title.

"Astronomy Department's Mom's. Why would they forward you anything?"

Her brother pulled out his glasses and perused the star charts. He handed a couple to his sister as his attention turned to a print-out of coordinates. "Any unusual activity in the region is automatically sent to me," he muttered. "Last two people to attack Earth came from space."

She flipped through a series of images that didn't mean much to her. Something that was either a lens flare or a shooting star was in all the pictures, but other than that she wasn't sure why Trunks cared. Space had never held much interest for Bra. Everything and everyone she cared about were on Earth. Even her father's past and her brother's brief escapade with Goku and Pan hadn't done much to shift her focus from the lovely mudball of a planet she called home. It wasn't until she looked at the timestamps and the changing vectors that she frowned in realization.

"This is heading to Earth."

"Looks that way." His eyes were rapidly moving across the pages. "Probably going to land within the next few hours. Couple miles south of here, maybe on an island if we're lucky."

"Do you think it's... ?"

"I don't currently think anything. Could be a comet. Could be a probe. Could be a ship. Could be a person. Hell, it could be the telescope's alignment is fucked up and is just recording a satellite falling out of orbit." He threw the papers on the conference table and stuck his hands in his pocket. The crease in his brow almost reminded her of their father, but the glasses made the comparison almost comical.

"So… We check it out?"

Trunks was so deep in thought he didn't seem to hear her. She was about to ask again, when he lifted his gaze to met hers. "Guess so."

She smirked. "I'll tell Gloria to cancel everything."