Classroom Surprise

Draco Malfoy smirked when Slughorn announced the potions partners for the day. He watched as the Gryffindor princess flounced over to the seat next to him. She sat down with a huff, her red and gold plaid skirt riding up on her silky thighs. Everyone had noticed how much Hermione Granger had grown up at the Yule Ball in forth year and now by sixth year she was hands down the sexiest girl in school. Long chestnut curls, tiny waist, long legs, and a knock out smile she was beautiful and every guy knew it. She was known as a prude though, but Draco knew that he could get her to open up…literally. She sat down next to him, the sweet smell of vanilla filling his senses.

"Looking good Granger," he whispered in her ear his warm breath causing goose bumps to rise up along the back of her neck.

"Sod off Malfoy," she snapped trying not to show her body's reaction to his velvet voice.

"You know you want me Granger," he smirked watching the blush fan across her cheeks.

"I do not!" she said indignantly, crossing her arms under her chest making her breasts look even bigger than their natural D-cup.

"You think I'm sexy, I head you and the girl Weasley talking about it near the kitchens the other night," Draco drawled haughtily, staring down at her cleavage hungrily.

"That is irrelevant," Hermione huffed just as Slughorn shushed them to begin explaining the instructions. Hermione stared straight ahead, refusing to look at the handsome wizard next to her. Suddenly, she felt the warmth of his large hand resting on her knee. She glared at him before shaking her leg but his hand refused to move. She opened her mouth to yell at him but Slughorn gave her a stern look that quickly had her swallowing her words. Soon Malfoy's hand was trailing slowly up her leg, his fingers digging into her skin in the most sinful way. She licked her lips and unconsciously let her legs fall open a little. He began to play with the hem of her skirt and she was losing her breath.

"Please…" she breathed lifting her hips a little.

"Please what?" he asked moving his mouth so that it skimmed along her ear, to their classmates it only looked as if he was telling her a secret.

"Touch me," she cried softly, letting her legs fall open even more.

"You have to be quiet," he said before pulling back and looking down at what they were supposed to be reading. Hermione gripped the side of the table as his hand slid up her skirt massaging the soft skin of her upper thigh. Her eyes drooped as his fingertips skimmed along the edge of her panties, he quickly slid them to the side feeling her shaved soaking lips.

He muttered a low, "fuck," at the state of her dripping womanhood. Draco slid one long digit deep into her silky pussy; he felt her hips buck lightly when he pushed two fingers deep into her. She bit her lip to keep from moaning when he began to pump his two fingers into her slowly but deeply all the while pressing on her clit with the pad of his thumb. Hermione was practically panting when he pressed a third finger into her while massaging her g-spot and pressing down hard on her pointed clit. She came suddenly, her lip bleeding with the force of her biting and her juices flooding onto his fingers and hand. Draco brought his hand to his mouth and licked the sticky sweetness from his fingers. Class was dismissed right as he licked the last drop clean.

"Meet me behind the red tapestry on the hall beside the kitchens," he whispered quickly before grabbing his bag and joining the throng of people leaving the classroom. Hermione gathered her things and took a deep breath before telling Harry and Ron she was going to the classroom and heading off to find Malfoy. She rounded the corner next to the kitchens when she was pulled behind a tapestry and pushed against the wall.

"You have me so hard Granger, the way you were practically dripping for me." He muttered licking a long line up the curve of her neck before attaching her lips with teeth and tongue. He pressed his hardness into her as their bodies were flush against each other. Hermione slid her hands up the back of his jumper feeling the strong flexing muscles of his back, as he hitched her legs up and pushed her into the wall his throbbing cock pressing against the wet fabric of her soaked panties. Draco pulled away from her mouth, his hands holding her only by his hands under her thighs and the support of the wall. He began to kiss and suck her pulse point, leaving her gasping and panting against him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, grinding herself into his cloth covered hardness. He undid the buttons on her white oxford, leaving it gaping open; he pulled the cups of her red demi bra down her large d-cup breasts spilling over.

"Oh Draco…" she breathed as he leaned down to suck a nipple into his warm mouth, twisting and pulling lightly on the other. Hermione's nails dug into the fabric covering his shoulders as she writhed against his talented tongue. Draco moved his mouth back up to kiss her mouth harshly as he maneuvered out of his pants and boxers, his large throbbing cock springing free. He picked her back up, his fingers digging into the skin under her thighs, his forearms bulging sexily with the weight of holding her up. Hermione moved her panties to the side revealing her smooth shaven dripping folds. Licking his lips Draco slowly slid his cock into her before pulling back out and sinking into her again.

"Oh my god you feel so good!" Hermione moaned pressing herself against him more as he began to pound his cock into her over and over. She threw her head back in ecstasy as he pounded into her over and over hitting every spot inside of her.

"Mmm baby you're so tight," He muttered pressing his mouth against the skin between her shoulder and neck, sucking and biting lightly as he slammed into her silky pussy. When he hit her g-spot over and over she began to cum, her body shaking as she moaned long and deep. Draco pulled himself out and let her down to stand on shaky legs. He turned her around and pushed her down by the waist. She braced her hands on the stone wall as he flipped her up her school skirt and pulled her panties down to rest at her ankles.

"Mmm I love this ass," he said grabbing handfuls of it and massaging it before leaning down and biting each cheek softly and sucking on the soft skin.

"Oh Draco please," She begged wiggling her ass for him.

"Please what? My little slut," he said smacking her ass with his throbbing cock.

"Fuck me, please fuck me hard!" She moaned and before she could finish he slammed his cock balls deep into her dripping pussy. He gripped her hips tightly as he began to pound into her again and again, sinking into her welcoming wetness until she was a moaning writhing mess. Her tits were bouncing with every thrust he made and her body was shaking with pleasure.

"You feel so fucking good!" he moaned smacking her ass before leaning over her back, one hand braced on the wall next to her, the other grabbing one of her breasts and massaging it roughly. Hermione was on her toes as his dick slipped into her over and over.

"Are you going to cum again Hermione?" Draco breathed into her ear his breath hot as he gave her neck a suck, leaving a throbbing red mark.

"Yes, I'm so close!" she cried, turning her head to kiss him deeply. He began to slam into her as hard and fast as he could, making moan and scream in pleasure.

"Yes…yes! I'm cumming!" she screamed as her sweet pussy clenched around his cock in a vice grip. Draco bit down on her juncture of her neck and shoulder leaving a round teeth mark. After she had finished he slipped his still hard dick out of her, it was still dripping with her cum. She immediately dropped down to her knees in front of it. With a coy look up at him she began to lick her own juices off of his huge cock, he threaded his hands into her wild curls and pushed the head past her ruby red lips sinking the whole thing into her mouth slowly. She relaxed her throat and let him slowly push it into her over and over, soon he was fucking her mouth his hands gripping her hair.

"oh your mouth feels so damn good sweetheart," He moaned loudly as his tip hit the back of her throat and she swallowed around him. He groaned long and slow as he held her with his cock fully down her throat, her nose against his pelvic bone. When she reached up and gently stroked his balls he came with a low, "fuck!" as he spilled his load down her throat. She swallowed every drop he gave and when he pulled his flaccid dick out she smiled up at him and licked her lips. He pulled her to her feet and gave her deep kiss.

"Meet me tonight at ten down by the Slytherin common room, I'll get you in." He said as he pulled up his trousers and left her cold but satisfied in the alcove.

The rest of the day she was both shocked about their encounter and nervous for later that night. At quarter till ten she faked exhaustion to her friends, she placed an invisibility charm on herself before making her way down to the dungeons. She saw him leaning against the wall causally; she quietly made her way to him and took his hand.

"Oh good, you're already invisible," He said smiling in her general direction before opening the common room. He placed her hand to grip the back of his jumper and he quickly led them through the common room before hurrying them into his private room. He shut the door and silenced the room before taking off her charm.

"I'm glad you came," He muttered against her mouth before kissing her slowly.

"I have a surprise for you," she said smiling at him as she stepped back. She slowly raised her jumper revealing dark purple lace bra barely covering her huge breasts. She then seductively slid her skirt off of her hips, revealing the matching boy short panties she was also wearing five inch black pumps.

"You look so fucking sexy," he murmured staring at her perfect body.

"Thanks baby," she said pushing him softly down onto the bed before straddling his hips. She quickly rid him off his jumper, running her hands along his smooth pale skin and placing kisses along his shoulders and collar bones. His finger traced the line of her spine, making her shudder with pleasure. His dick sprang to life under his trousers as she grinded on him slowly, kissing his mouth she moved her hands to pull off his pants and boxers. He quickly popped off her bra and slid her panties down her long smooth legs. They moved back further onto the bed, kissing and running their hands along each other's bodies. Hermione took a hold of Draco's now hard cock before guiding it into her pussy. She sank down onto him with a sigh, feeling every ridge and dip fill her up so perfectly.

"Mmm you're so big!" she moaned as she slowly began to grind and bounce on his cock. Draco bit his lip as he watched her large tits bounce as she rode him hard. He grabbed the fleshy cheeks of her ass and guided her so that when he was all the way in her she grinded her clit on his pelvic bone.

"Oh fuck yes!" she screamed as he continued to do this on every thrust. He also slipped a finger to where they were connected grabbing up some of her juice and bringing it back to spread it around her puckered hole. She was shuddering as he slowly pressed a digit into her tight little asshole, at the same time he began to thrust into her from below the only sounds in the room were her loud moans, his groans, and their skin slapping violently together. She came when he slipped a second finger into her back end and his cock hit her g-spot as she grinded against her clit. She screamed his name loudly as her pussy violently gripped his cock. Without missing a beat Draco flipped them over and threw her legs over his shoulders and began to pound into her.

"Whose little cock slut are you?" he asked giving her sensitive pussy deep long strokes, her heels digging into she skin of his back as she writhed beneath him.

"I'm yours! I'm your dirty whore!" she moaned grabbing her breast with one hand pulling on her nipple as she rubbed her clit in tight circles with the other hand.

"That's right, cum again for me whore," Draco ordered slamming into her hard and fast, his hips almost a blur.

"Yes!" Hermione screamed as she came once more in the span of only a few minutes. Draco came with the feeling of her pussy fluttering around his cock tightly; he spilled his load deep into her. They collapsed on the bed together still connected. Draco pulled her close and ran his fingers through her hair slowly.

"We should do this more often," Hermione said after a few minutes.

"Sooner rather than later," Draco said with a smirk rolling her over and kissing her deeply. Neither of them got much sleep that night.