"See isn't this nice," Callan said as he walked side by side with Cesar. They were walking downtown both enjoying being away from providence together. It took a lot of convincing coming from Callan to get Cesar out of his lab. The only way that he was able to get Cesar to go with him. "Yeah I guess you're right," Cesar directing his smile toward Callan. He reached his hand out an laced it with his blond headed lover, and started to window shop. The truth was that Cesar was worried about running into Rex and him finding out about his relationship with Callan. He knew that his brother would have no problem with him being gay, but deep down it was still nagging at his sub conscience.

Later that week Cesar wondered around his lab setting up for a date night in with Callan. A movie projector set up with snack set up on one of the work benches. "Oh babe this looks great," Callan said as he wrapped his arms around Cesar from behind. "I never know where you are," Cesar laughed as he directed the two of them towards the couch. "Well all of the Providence training has to be good for something," he laughed. "Ha ha well how about we start the movie," Cesar said laying back onto the couch pulling Callan to lie down over him. Half way through the movie though Callan's hands began to wonder. As Callan's hand roamed under Cesar's light work short Cesar looked down, and their eyes met. Cesar could see the lust causing dilated pupils in his lover. Slowly Callan surged forward their lips gently meeting. Their skin so warm against the other's. Callan breathed deeply through his nose as he pushed deeper into the kiss. Cesar joined, threading his hands through the short soft blond hair.

"Oh," Rex murmured as Cesar looked up and spotted his brother there in front of the couch. Before Cesar could say anything, Callan fell back from the couch onto the floor as Cesar pushed him in shock. Cesar tried to get words out of his mouth, but Rex was already heading back out of the door very quickly. After what seemed like a few seconds Cesar began to freak out, "Oh God. What do I do? Now what? He found out?" Callan got Cesar to sit down, "Don't worry. He's your brother no matter what he still loves you. You're the only family he has left, and he needs you in his life." Cesar just ran his hands through his hair, "I guess you're right." Cesar agreed, but was still reluctant to talk with Rex later.

(Next Day)

Cesar worked welding machinery parts together as he heard the lab door open. Cesar stood up and raised his goggles to see Rex standing there. The awkward feeling in the atmosphere only seemed to last a few seconds till Rex spoke. "So …how long have you guys been going out?" Cesar offered Rex a seat, and Rex took it. "It'll be a month in two days," Cesar gave out a small smile. Rex nodded, "Does he make you happy." Cesar laughed, "Yes. You can ask me what you want. I can tell that you're hiding something."

Rex hesitated before he spoke, "Are you ging to have kids?" Cesar's face was completely blank. He was not expecting that question, maybe something along the lines of 'how long have you been gay' sure, but not this. Cesar coughed clearing his throat, "Why do you ask," came out at a higher pitch than he usually spoke in. "Well because we're Salazar me. For so long I didn't have a last name, many times I stayed up at night wondering about the family name that I might not be able to pass on. Even when Six and I began to date I wondered if we had kids would they take my name. You are older, and Six won't even let me consider children for at least 10 more years." Cesar was quiet before he spoke, "IF we do adopt it's not fair that I would demand Callan to let them have our last name. That' something we haven't even thought of yet considering it's only been three weeks." Rex laughed, "Right, right. Sorry." The awkward quiet was back after that.

"So you want to have kids already," Cesar chuckled. "Ah shut up. I don't get to consider that for a long time," Rex smiled. Cesar laughed and messed up Rex's hair, and he knows that they're going to be ok.

(Later in the Day)

"How did it go," Callan asked running his hands through Cesar's hair, who was currently laying on Callan's chest. "Good we're going to be fine he was worried about kids though," Cesar said tracing patterns into the clothed chest underneath him. Callan paled before he wrapped his arm tighter around Cesar, "They would be cute no matter what but we should leave that topic for another day don't you think?" "Definitely."

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