After All, You're Just the Mother of My Child

Summary: The not-so-unfertile Leah gets knocked up by Mr. Alpha … so then they try the parent thing… but don't get your hopes up Leah, he's still madly in love with Reneesme.

Chapter One: Something in the Air Made Me See You for the First Time

Jacob's POV:

Leah was pissed about the imprint, I could tell. She wouldn't say anything but the looks she gave me were more than enough. I felt like I had betrayed her since I'd found Reneesme, but to this day, we'd never talked about it.

We'd never talked about any of it or why I wasn't hanging out with her as much because we both already knew.

StaythereClearwater, I sent her a message since I promised that I would be a better … friend or whatever we were to each other. When I got there, it was bad.

Leah looked like she was drunk out of her mind, but I knew better. The blood in our system rejects the effects of alcohol, metabolizes it before it can spread its poison.

"Are you really doing this again?"

"Kiss my ass Jacob. I don't need your fake sympathy." She turned her head away from me, her overgrown locks flowing past her shoulders now. The hammock that she was lying on wobbled a little.

"You know what it's like. Even being away from her now is pain to me." I explained, sitting next to Leah now, which was pretty impossible considering that the two of us were crowded in a too small hammock.

"I smell her on you. Get away." Leah moved too abruptly causing us both to tumble to the ground, hard. Leah started giggling suddenly and I laughed to take the edge off. She was going to be fine, meaning that I was off the suicidal she-wolf watch.

"Let me help you." I attempted to scoop Leah up and help her to her feet, but somehow she fell again, taking me with her. The smell of her hit me immediately and it wasn't the smell of stale alcohol and cigarette buds.

She actually smelled like … a girl?

The hairs on my body reacted, all my attention on her.

"Good job Jake." She muttered, not realizing that something in the air had changed. I watched her carefully. When I didn't move, she sensed something was up. "What the hell is up?"

I was looking down at her, watching her halter hug her in the right places, seeing where all the commotion had caused it to rise up a little. Her russet-colored skin glistened as though there was sun when it was nearly midnight.

I exhaled deeply, determined to push the thought away, but when she tucked her hair behind her ear and started to get up, I lost it. I pulled her by the belt buckles back into me and found myself on top of her again, where I belonged.

Leah watched me wordlessly as I took my shirt off seamlessly. She was so quiet that it was scary. I reached underneath her top to feel her small, round breasts, something that I'd wondered about before. They felt good.

Leah sat up half-way, her lips close to my ear. "I can smell her on you." She declared, hoping to bring me back to reality.

I knew what I was doing when I ignored her, when I carried Leah out of the backyard and into the room and onto her bed that was so tiny we couldn't help but touch. She was breathing heavily as I made love to her, not saying one smart-ass comment.

Leah watched me wordlessly as I explored every single crevice of her body with my mouth, in ways that I'd only dreamed of. She gave into me moaning softly until I had enough of her.

Still silent, Leah watched me get dressed as I tried to clear my mind. I had to forget this ever happened otherwise Edward would know and then so would Reneesme. She didn't deserve to be hurt like this.

"This never happened." I finally speak.

"Agreed." Leah answers back, glowing now. I can see the moonlight shine on her as I catch a glimpse of her delicate body. I want to go back into the moment where I made her speechless and not even words could express her contentment.

"Feel better now?"

"Yeah." She grins to herself. "You must have done that before."

I nod, not wanting to think about it again. "See you tomorrow?" I offer, trying to get the smell of her out of my mind. I phase immediately and find a way to hide the evidence of my infidelity.

(A/N: I keep making all of my Leah-Jacob stories start with some one-night stand kind of thing … sorry about that. The two of them together makes me think of that and not so much of a lovey-dovey romantic love thing. I want to make this a 3-4 chapter story but only if you shower me with lots of love and reviews. XO –NL)

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