He was dreaming again, and in his dream he was standing on that cold deck where he watched his mother die so many years ago. He still heard her screams, loud and piercing as he reached out to her.

"Mamma! Mamma no!"

But it was too late, too late and it would be too late forever. Every time the dream ended the same, Jack having to relive his mother's death, watching her burn to death before the mast of the ship sent her falling through the murky depths of the ocean below. These nightmares weren't completely merciless however, once he woke up he didn't have to think about what happened in his past... Until he saw his bandaged face and limbs in a nearby mirror that is.

"Ma... Mama... Mama why Mama? Why, why why, why!"

His pathetic sobs turned into feral snarls and from his bedside he took a curved dagger and viciously stabbed it into the wall.

"My Mamma! Maaaaaaaamaaaaaaa! Heh... heh heh heh heh heh! Ya ha ha ha ha!"

Jack took the dagger from the wall and lovingly traced the edge with his finger.

"Ohh... Oh Mamma... Mamma, Mamma, Mamma..."

His words were soon a soft whisper and his finger still traced the edge of the dagger, almost as if caressing a child.

"Mamma... I'll find you... find you... find with pretty stones... Mamma..."

Jack put the dagger away and disappeared into the night. He wondered the streets of Londo, taking back alleys and dark streets until he came upon a young couple out for a late night stroll. The woman practically bleed elegance, while the man seemed less refined, yet still noble. They were strolling arm in arm, blissfully unaware Jack was lurking in the shadows with his eye on them.

"Oh Jean, vy must you be teasing me so?"

The man twirled his female companion around and kissed her.

"Oh dahling, admeet eet, you love vhen I tease..." He said lustily.

The woman had a large pendent around her neck that glittered prettily in the street light. Jack smiled and began to chuckle quietly at first, then his chuckles became loud, piercing shrieks that froze the couple.

"Who... Who iz zhere?" The man asked nervously.

Jack lept from the shadows and in one swift motion brought his dagger across the mans neck. The woman screamed and tore off down the street, trying to escape from Jack. Jack followed her easily however, and soon had her cornered in an alley way.

"No! No go avay you... You... Monster!" She screamed at Jack.

Jack cocked his head and slowly walked up to the woman, dragging his foot in a slow, mummy like shuffle.

"So pretty... Pretty gems... Mamma will be so proud... Mamma come back for shinny shinies..."

As Jack drew closer to the woman, her screams became louder and more frantic until they stopped. Only silence filled the night and one could see a dark figure slinking through the darkness, a bright, glittering pendent in its' hand.

"Oh lovely... So lovely... Yes my lovely will bring Mamma home... Lovely Mamma..."