Pain, there was so much pain, I didn't dare move. Those dam earthlings and Kakkorot really messed me up, me the prince of all Sayins. I opened my eyes well the one that wasn't swollen shut.

My pod door opened slowly and I was met face to face with about fifteen of Frizas solders armed and ready to take me to the healing pod and sure enough not seconds later about three of those men started to pull me out of the pod I hissed when my broken arm made contact with the metal of the pod.

"Watch what you do you fools!" I bit out.

"Sorry prince Vegeta!" The tall one said in a bit of a scared tone.

I nodded; I was starting to get the light headed from the blood loss.

After I got out of the healing pod in about three days I was headed to Namic to wish for my immortality but I wasn't going alone I wouldn't be able to kill Friza by myself and I think I know the best person to take, the last female Sayin and the strongest of us all.

I smirked, 'Kagome'


Dark black hair


Dark blue eyes

has healing abilitys and hates to fight unlike normal Sayins and is extreamly strong

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