I had this idea the other day to do a little one shot for X. Drake, so hope you like the shortness.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece.

The Girl That Shoots Things

It's hard to believe. So very hard to believe that just a few measly months ago I was a lowly marine working on a simple marine warship with a former Rear Admiral, and now I'm a 'high ranking' member of a supernova's crew. I still find it hard to believe, even if it already happened.

It was strange how it happened, too.

I wasn't one of the best marines out there, mind you, hence the fact of term 'lowly'. I couldn't handle a sword or a dagger, hell, I couldn't even win in a fist fight against a two-year-old. But my shooting was pretty damn good, don't mean to brag, but my gunmanship was probably the best, and he saw that it was. Whenever we were in battle, with the marines or as a pirate, he just needed to say one word:


That was it.

It was like a code word for 'shoot that one'. He didn't even need to tell me which one, I just knew which one he meant. Now, it wasn't some weird devil fruit that let me tap in on who it was or some weird connection I had with him, but rather, it was just I knew it from the looks of people. I had an eye for bad people vs. good people.

That's probably one of the reasons why he wanted me to come along with him; because I could shoot a bullet threw his head in a split second if he went walking by as a newly made pirate and because I could pin point someone negative wanting to get his head for becoming a pirate, helping him avoid unwanted confrontations. Though I would never have the heart to shoot him; even if he was a pirate. He was my hero, no matter what he wanted to do or be, probably that's the reason why I agreed to go with him.

It was difficult at first after we left the marines so suddenly, besides the fact that our heads were now official on the chopping block, but his more then mine. What was the hardest of all though, was trying to find a crew that wouldn't end up stabbing us in the back since Captain had a pretty big bounty for his neck since he left the marines, but somehow we managed to grab up a few loyal people that grew into a crew of strong men.

Most people that joined were wary though, not only because Captain was a former Marine Rear Admiral, but also because I was a woman and they thought I was the first-mate. The ideas of how I was too 'weak' to be the first-mate turned gears in their heads, but also out loud…to my face…and Captain's. They didn't even pondered the fact that I could out shoot them any day at any time, even in the blackness of night with no moon to guide me; they just looked at the fact that I was smaller then them, thinner, had boobs, and because I shaved with a sense of hygiene in mind.

But I wasn't the first-mate. The first mate was a loyal man that was one of the first men that joined and was strong to handle it was. Captain told me it was because he needed someone, he was careful with the word he used, that could take charge. And he was right there.

I was just a lowly marine, I took orders not gave them; and the first-mate was an order giver. Though, I felt that wasn't the only reason. I think it was also because he didn't want to see a picture of a little brunette wildly shooting the guts out of someone put up on a bounty poster. First-mates sometimes have a habit of rising up with their captains. Like Killer of the Kidd Pirates or Zoro from the Strawhats.

He cared about me; that much was obvious. I was the one that he knew the longest and he still talked to me about plans, or just to causally talk about something weird, awkward topic; like the weather.

The crew would tease me about that.

Said we were in 'love' and what not, but that was impossible. Captain didn't love me; he didn't even show that type of affection towards me. I mean he didn't even hug me, the most that he ever did was a quick pat on the back or shoulder, which he did to anyone that did or showed something good in his presence, but there was that one time.

Besides that one time when the crew was getting drunk in some seedy bar of the coast line and I was boasting to him that there was nothing that could shut me up, why, I don't know, maybe I had a jabbing contest with someone and won, who knows, I was drunk. But anyway, I was telling him no one could shut me up.

And he kissed me.

That shut me up and made me sober all in one.

But that wasn't an act of love, but an 'I-can-prove-you-wrong' action.

My Captain, X. Drake, could not love me.

I'm just Leanne: the girl who shoots things.

So the little one shot for Drake.

I had thoughts of making it into a full story, but that would be in a very long time depending on what people say.

So hope you liked it.