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Chapter 13: Into the Jungle.

The thick canopy trees blocked the heavy rays if the sun as large tree trunks towered over the small group of pirates that traveled deep within the jungles of Critter Isle. Leafy shrubs spilled over the thin, narrow path that they had walked along, the bright colored Amazon flowers giving the shadowed area a sense of light. Drake used his saber to cut a clear way for his crew following close behind, some closer than others. Leanne still clung to him like a life line, and no matter how hard Carter had tried to pry her away with all his strength, she would not budge. The first mate even had tried using a crowbar to peel the sharpshooter away, which Drake wasn't too keen about since he didn't like the feeling of a piece of metal forcibly wedged between his arm and Leanne's chest.

So, after the fist mate had gotten a quick beating from the annoyed navigator, Drake had came to the ultimate conclusion that was Leanne going with them. It was the only option if he were to lead the way. She was too stiff with fear to even think about moving, and Drake sure as hell wasn't going to sit around the bay. He wanted to know that the men in suits wanted, though if his hunch was right, he already knew what he would come across: a sin.

But, he kept that to himself. He didn't want to worry his crew, especially Jacob who had a weak heart.

Though, Leanne would be a burden, obviously, but Drake didn't show any signs that she was to him. Truthfully, the others within the group didn't either. Aengus, the combat specialist of the crew, was more interested in the treasure of island since he wanted to purchase a new pair of brass knuckles. With spikes this time, the muscular Irish man had said over and over, making that very clear to Kenny, Doctor Cardinal's assistant. Though, Kenny merely spoke of herbs that could be collected in the vast jungle area. Then there was Carter and Jacob, but it was obvious how they felt about the situation.

Carter was not burdened by Leanne's fear whatsoever; either was Jacob in fact. However, Jacob did think that Carter was a burden. A large one, especially when he got Kenny and Aengus to…sing with him.

"Oh~" Carter airily sang. "In the jungle~"

"The mighty jungle~" Aengus sang with deep accent like the burly man he was and he flexed his thick muscles in pride.

"The lion sleeps tonight~" Kenny wailed like a dying frog, yet that didn't stop the three from their trio from singing the chorus.

"A wimoweh, a wimoweh," they all sang off tune as they shuffled to the right two steps before shuffling back to the left. "A wimoweh, a wimoweh,"

If Jacob had a brick he would kill himself with it.

Sadly, he did not have one, so he had to try and get the highest form of authority to help him. "Captain," he ground through his teeth, turning to face Drake, yet he saw his captain had his hands full with Leanne.

Drake had made some progress with Leanne when the population of abnormally large bugs dwindled. The sharpshooter had actually let got of his arms and took baby steps on her own. Though, it was short lived when a large beetle zipped over her feet.

Leanne leaped in pure terror, scrambling to a large stone and stood perched high above the ground where more giant insects scurried across the ground. Now, Drake was faced with the task of coaxing the sharpshooter down; good luck with that.

Jacob sighed heavily before turning back to his obnoxious crewmates and took a deep breath in before yelling: "Would you all shut up!"

The three men cringed at the bellow from the navigator, inching away from the fuming man so they could collect their composure and space.

"Oi, oi," Carter dully groaned with a deep frown as he stuck a pinkie into his ear and twisted it. "You burst my eardrum, jerk."

Jacob flared his nostrils in annoyance. "Just stop the singing," he ordered harshly with hands on his hips.

Carter glared pointedly at the agitated first mate. "And why do I have take orders from you?" He snippily asked, attitude sharp on his tongue.

"Because you're annoying!" Jacob snapped bitterly.

"C—calm down, guys," Kenny tried to cool the boiling heat for the argument about to arise. "We were only trying to lighten the mood, Jacob," the medical assistant tried to explain to the navigator. "It was to make Leanne feel better."

Jacob scoffed and then jabbed a finger towards the sharpshooter so everyone saw that she was curled up in a tight ball on top of a large boulder with Drake trying hard to get her down. "Does she look better to you?"

"Err," Kenny scratched the side of his cheek. "Not really…" he sheepishly replied.

"Looks like I'm right again," Jacob huffed with a shake of his head.

"Tch," Carter scoffed, rolling his eyes. "The only thing that looks right is that you're a sourpuss-party-pooper-that-hates-anything-that-inv olves-the-word-fun!"

A vein of irritated pulses rapidly upon Jacob's forehead and he glared viciously towards the first mate. "Name calling; really? What are you, five? Grow. Up. Carter." the navigator snapped.

Carter scowled at the sharp attitude of the navigator and growled. "Shut up! Y—You shouldn't have even come; you're more bitchy than a girl on her period!" and he jabbed a finger towards Leanne.

The sharpshooter paid no heed to the words indirectly pointed towards her, but Drake noticed the rise in argument and looked over his shoulder, blinking his eyes. He just shook his head and went back to work trying to get Leanne down from where she was.

Jacob, though, took great offense to the words. "I am not!" He scoffed. "And I came because you would have no idea how to get out of this jungle if it weren't for me!"

"You're a sea navigator, not a jungle-expert-extraordinaire!"

"This has to with sense of direction, Carter, which is something you lack entirely!"

Carter gasped loudly in complete shock before his brows furrowed together in rage. "Oh, how dare you—take that back, bastard!"



"Knock 'et off, both of ya lads!" Aengus used his mighty strength to whack both of the navigator and first mate in the back of the heads.

Carter and Jacob jetted forwards form the impact, which made them bump foreheads roughly and caused whiplash to the point where they bounced backwards. The two men groaned in pain as they clutched sore foreheads before they snapped their attention towards the burly combat specialist and together, they hollered. "What the hell!"

Aengus merely grunted and pulled out his worn brass knuckles and slipped them over his fingers. "We have bigger problems," and he simply point up.

Confused, the two looked to where Aengus was pointing, and then, their jaws went slack.

There stood a praying mantas twenty feet tall and loaming over them with shape blades for claws. It tilted its abnormal head to the side, its large black eyes staring at them intensely as its antennas twitched lightly while large fangs opened and closed like a signal each breath was going in and out. The scene was silent and shocking, but then the scene went to pure chaos when Leanne screamed bloody murder.

And the praying mantas roared with blade and fangs glistening deadly in dim light.

Kenny's jaw dropped and he frankly point out. "The lion is no longer sleeping."