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Vegeta Goes to School

Forcing for an Education

It was a light, great mourning, Bulma walked down from her bedroom an into the living room. Bulma looked over at her husband, Vegeta, who was sitting on the couch. He had to wake up early to get Trunks to school. Bulma told Vegeta that she was tried and need some more sleep, or she would break down the gravity room, but that is a different story.

"Hey, Vegeta."

Bulma kissed Vegeta from behind on the forehead smiled at him. Vegeta didn't do anything back.

"Did Trunks get to school alright."

Vegeta looked up.

"Um yeah."

Bulma walked over and sat down next to Vegeta.

"I have an idea. Why don't you go to school, all you do all day is train. It will be good for you. You can go to Orange Star High School with Gohan."

Vegeta crossed his arms.

"If you think I'm going to low myself to that level then you have another thing coming."

"But all you do all day is train. You don't know anything, and can't get a job so you can help pay the bills. Why is that Vegeta?"

Vegeta stood up, crossed his arms, and hissed at his wife.

"I know that woman, but I am kind-a, oh what's the word. An alien on this planet! I'm a saiyan, not an earthling. How am I suppose to know all your weak ways?"

Bulma got up and put her hands on her hips.

"Well, you are going to school, and you are going to learn our weak ways, or I will shut down the gravity room and you will sleep on the couch until you graduate."

Vegeta started to laugh.

"If you think that I will fall for that, then you must be dumbest person alive."

Bulma walked up to Vegeta, she was right under his nose.

"Oh yeah, well if you think I'm dumb. Then you will wake up early to get Trunks ready for school every day, baby sit Trunks and Goten, wait on my every need and have to cook for yourself."

Vegeta sat down shook his head, and lowed his eyes.

"You have won."

Bulma sat down and kissed her husband again.

"Thank you Veggie, and I will call the school right now."

Bulma walked to the kitchen, to call the school. Vegeta walked to the gravity room and begin to train. Since he had to go to school, he better get all the training he can get.


"Hey Gohan, this is Bulma, can you put your mother on the phone."

Gohan answered the telephone from the other end, he called his mother and give the phone to her.

"Hey Chi-chi, you will never guess what I got Vegeta to do."

"What is that?"

"Vegeta is going to Orange Star High School."

Chi-chi brushed out laughing. In the back round, Bulma could hear Gohan and Goten asking what's funny.

"Don't say anything to Gohan, Chi-chi. Let him find out tomorrow. And don't worry, he will not brother Gohan from his work."

"Did you…hehe…call and do every…hee…thing?"

"Yeah I called the school and he will start tomorrow."

"Thank you…hee…For the great laugh Bulma…hehe…I better let you go."

"Okay, goodbye."


Before Bulma hanged up the phone, Bulma heard Chi-chi laugh as Gohan asked what was so funny. And laughed as she hung up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

What will lay ahead for our Saiyan Prince? Will he be able to handle being in school with all the weaklings? Will he brother Gohan with is schoolwork? Well you are just going to have to wait until I write a new chapter. Stay tuned…

I know this chapter isn't that great, but I hope that you still like it. The next chapter is much better.