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Vegeta Goes to School

Hiding in the Boys Bathroom

Vegeta could feel sweat drop from his forehead. This was it, Vegeta was going to have his man hood ripped off this very moment in time. Babysitting Trunks 24-7, no food, no gravity room, and worst, no more training with his wife.



Gohan looked over at Vegeta and stood up, Vegeta sighed, standing up also and walking out side.


Vegeta and Gohan made it outside, and feel over from what they saw. Trunks and Goten, who quickly put something behind them.


Gohan said, walking closer to the little 7 year old.

"Why did you just sound like mom?"


Trunks closed his eyes and looked away, what his father was about to do to him.He didn't even want to think about.

"Why did you just sound like my onna?"

"We have these Mr. Vegeta."

Goten showed his brother and Vegeta what he had behind his back. It was a little microphone with some blue buttons on it.

"See, if you push this button."

Goten pushed the first button on the microphone.

"You sound like mommy."

And that is just what it did, Goten sounded like Chi-chi. Which had Gohan and Vegeta fall right over. Videl peeked her head outside, to see what was going on.

"Goten you baka."

Trunks slapped Goten across the head, tears started forming as he put his hand over his head.

"What did you do that for."

"There going to kill us now dummy."

Goten and Trunks looked up to see a really mad Gohan and Vegeta. The two young saiyans looked at each other. Before the boys could run, Gohan and Vegeta grabbed them.

"We are going to do a little training brat."

Vegeta hissed as he started dragging his son out side.

"Same here."

Gohan followed Vegeta, Trunks and Goten looked at each other, it seemed helpless when...


Goten's voice rung threw out the halls ways. Gohan let go of his little brother.

"Mom is here?"

"Yeah, and she is really made at you brother."


Vegeta hissed, letting go of his son.

"My guess is that my onna is here as well."

Trunks shook his head, and then ran back to his friend. Gohan and Vegeta looked over at each other before hearing.


Gohan wanted to cry, his mother was coming. Gohan looked over at Vegeta, before running into the boys bathroom.

*WBAHAHA, she'll never get me in the BOYS bathroom. *

*I don't think so. After hearing that voice, you don't have a pray. *

*Thanks Videl. *

*No problem, and once you are done, we have to talk. *

Vegeta shook his head, a saiyan, running away from his mother. Talk about dishonor.


Vegeta turned is head from where the voice was coming at. He didn't know what to do, Bulma was coming, and coming fast. He could hear footsteps coming closer and closer. Vegeta glanced over at the bathroom, and ran into it.

Trunks and Goten started laughing, they were laughing so hard that they couldn't even stand up. Bulma and Chi-chi walked up to their sons, wondering what they were laughing about. Videl was in the back round, laughing as well. Piccolo then walked out, he could sense Gohan and Vegeta in the bathroom.

"You have it from here, I'm leaving."

Piccolo started walking out the door, and with that, everyone ran out of room 666, and into freedom.

"Thanks Piccolo."

Bulma said, smiling up at him. All Piccolo did was roll his eyes, and flew away.

"Goten. Trunks. Where is Gohan and Vegeta?"

Trunks and Goten couldn't stop laughing. The look on their faces when they heard their mother's voices were great. They pointed to the boys bathroom.

*Vegeta, where are you? *

Vegeta eyes shot up and looked out the door. It was Bulma, talking to him in their link, but Vegeta wasn't going to answer, no way in hell.

*Gohan, fly away. *

Gohan wanted to cry even more, he could hear his mother out side. To make it even worst, Videl was making fun of him as well.

Vegeta ran over to the toilet and threw up, Bulma was just making him sick. It was a bad idea to ate that pie, now he was going to be sick for an very, very long time.

*Oh Vegeta, be a big boy and come out of the bathroom. *

*No way onna. *

Vegeta covered his mouth, he said something. Great, now she had him.

"Gohan, don't think I wouldn't come in there."

Gohan bit his lip, mommy coming in, and she is going to be pissed.

*Gohan, she is coming in. *

Videl was right, Chi-chi busted down the door. Good thing Gohan hid in one of the stalls.

Bulma walked in as well, and they both started looking for theirs boys.

Bulma smiled, she found Gohan hiding in the far corner of the stall. Gohan bit his lip, as Bulma grabbed his arm.

"You bet Cell and other being in this world and you afraid of your own mother."

"You can't be in here, this is the boys bathroom."

Bulma started to laugh.


Gohan sighed, standing up, and being dragged out of the stall.

"Chi-chi, I found your son."

Just as Chi-chi opened the door, she saw Vegeta throwing up in the bathroom.

"Um.you take care of this," Chi-chi closed the door," And I'll take care of him."

Chi-chi walked away, dragging Gohan with her out the bathroom.

"My, my Vegeta, what did you get yourself into?"

Vegeta looked up at his wife, who had a smile on her face.

"Let me go home."

"But Vegeta?"

Bulma looked at her watch.

"You still have an half of an hour here."

"I don't care."

Vegeta hissed, stand up.

"I'm sick."

Bulma looked over at Vegeta, him saying he was sick. Looking down at the floor you could tell.

"And tired of being here."

Bulma shook her head, and let Vegeta rest on her shoulder. It seemed like he had a hard day. If he was sick, he should of gone home. He was pale as ever and a little out of breath.

"Are you sick?"

Vegeta stood up straight, looking down at his wife.

"No.I'm not sick."

Vegeta ran back into the stall, throwing up some more. Bulma rolled her eyes, and leaded against the wall.

"If your sick, I would let you come home."

Vegeta walked out of the stall, and looked at his wife, before falling into her arms.

"I'm sick."

Bulma smiled, and her and Vegeta walked out of the bathroom.

Chi-chi was outside, yelling at her son for his misbehaving. Trunks and Goten stood over by Videl, with eyes wide open. Videl didn't know what to think. Gohan in the other hand was scared stiff.

"Chi-chi, we are going home. Call me later okay."

Chi-chi stopped her yelling and looked over at her friend.

"Okay, Gohan here is going to stay the rest of the time, thinking about what he's done."

"And going to tell me what the hell is up with him."

Chi-chi and Gohan looked over at Videl, who walked up to Gohan.

"And if you don't Gohan I swear."

"Aren't you Videl?"

Videl shook her head.

"Gohan's girlfriend!"

Gohan and Videl turned red, looking away from Chi-chi.

"Oh I have heard so much about you."

"Well, everyone has."

"Hey Videl."

Videl looked up at Gohan.

"Why haven't you been called out?"

Videl didn't even realized that the police haven't called her.

"Gohan, I knew that she would call you out, so to save you from your school work, I told the police that if they called you out. I would have their necks."

Everyone fell over as Videl ran into the girls bathroom.

"Well, we will see you later."

"Bye Vegeta."

Vegeta looked up at his fellow half saiyan. Him and Gohan have been threw so much, known so much more from each other that day. Vegeta walked up to Gohan and looked up.

"You better then what I thought brat."

Gohan smiled, shaking Vegeta's hand.

"Feel better."

Vegeta hissed walking away just as Videl ran out of the bathroom.



Vegeta didn't even turn back, at this point he didn't care. Just as long as he never went to school again.

"What do you mean bet Videl?"

Videl looked up at Gohan, smiling before running in the girls bathroom.

*You can't get me! *

~One month later~

"Finally, fresh air."

Gohan lied out on the grass, miles, and miles away from his own home. Ever since going to school with Vegeta, Gohan couldn't do anything but work. He didn't get that much food, and no phone. It seemed a mystery to Gohan, that Videl and Vegeta had a bet, and the winner got to do whatever they wanted with Gohan for one week. Chi-chi didn't seem to mind, so Gohan trained her.

Chi-chi was able to get Gohan back into high school. Which Gohan didn't even know how she did, it didn't matter. He only had one more month until the end of his high school 'drama', and no matter what, he was going to get away and be his own man.

"Seems that the devil woman has let you go."

Gohan looked up to see Vegeta landing next to him.

"Hey Vegeta."

"I just got free from my onna as well. How are you?"

Gohan smiled, it seemed that Vegeta was nicer to him.

"I'm just glad to be away. After our little high school fun, Videl or my mother haven't kept me out of their sight."

"What about your onna, you still like her?"

Vegeta sat down next to Gohan, looking over at the teenager.

"After I told her that I was a saiyan, she freaked out. But we are still together."

Vegeta shook his head, looking up into the sky.

"I'm just glad I never have to do that again."

Gohan laughed.

"I still have a month, ever since that day, everyone looks at me different."

"Over Cell."


Gohan kicked the dirt, and sighed deeply. Gohan still felt hurt if anyone said the name Cell. Just then, Vegeta put his hand on Gohan's shoulder.

"You're an okay saiyan kid. I think Kakarot is proud of you. So don't loss your pride over one battle."

Gohan shook his head.

"Thank you Vegeta."

Vegeta hissed, he hated being so soft. All this crap at high school really changed him.

"Trunks and Goten are going to be in school together. Wonder what's that going to be about."

Vegeta stood up, looking down at Gohan.

"Who cares. I haven't trained in a while, it's driving me insane. So train with me or die."

Gohan smiled, turning into super saiyan.


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