TwoFacedPhantom: Just so you know, it is an alternative to how Grell and William meet. And yes, this is a yaoi { boy x boy }. Story breakers will always represent a skip in time.
Summary: "What's your name? Mine's Grell. Grell Sutcliff," They purred into his ear. He knew he was not obligated to answer that, but that's when he felt their tongue against his ear.
Rated: M { Language, violence, and sexual content. }

Late Night Dancing
His Shinigami, A Dancer

"A Shinigami is always professional." - William T. Spears

The music in the club was deafening loud. The smell of sweat and smoke filled the air, but none of the people seemed bothered by it as they continued to dance and grind against one another. The scent was rather sickening to William Spears, who had come here without complete thought as to what he would be getting himself into. The Shinigami watched as people danced so close to one another, basically having sex with one another. A few had even formed groups where more than one person was grinding against a single body. Everyone danced with everyone. Men grinded against ladies and men grinded against men; it didn't matter who or what you were here. The black haired Shinigami mumbled something incoherent against the music, removing his glasses so that he could clean them. As he did this, he was still watching ahead of him, seeing a blur of moving bodies. The lights of the club moved in blotches. That's when he saw a red, blurry figured move into his line of sight.

Pushing his glasses back into place, his eyes widened a bit. Someone was looking right at him, urging him to come dance. At least, he was sure they were looking at him; after all, he was the only one at the bar not dancing. William glanced around anyway before his eyes came back to the red haired man. Yes, it was a man signaling him to come dance, but the man possessed feminine features. His red hair was short, but a shaggy mess. His eyes reflected the colors of the lights above the dance floor, leaving it a mystery as to what his true eye color was. He was dressed in work clothes, having made rid of the black jacket that was supposed to go with his white, dress shirt and black dress pants. Even his tie had been cast away. Nevertheless, the man ahead of William was, dare he say, attractive. But William didn't dance.

He swallowed and turned away, taking another drink of his water. It was typical of him not to treat himself to an alcoholic beverage. He sighed, scolding himself for not enjoying his day off. After all, he had stayed home and cleaned nearly the whole day. And now that night had come, he had decided to get out. What had led him here, he had no idea of...but he was sure he would regret it and once he felt the firm hand on his shoulder, he was sure he really would.

"Look, I don't-" He had begun until he turned his head to see the red haired man. William swallowed, suddenly at a loss for words. He could see now, that his true eye color was yellow-green, similar to his own eye color. The irony.

The beauty in front of him suddenly smiled, revealing a set of shark-like teeth. The pointed teeth surprised William, but he said nothing, having seen worse. At least he now knew this person wasn't completely human, like him. "Dance with me..." They purred. They took a firm hold of his lower arm and pulled him from the chair; initially leading him to the dance floor. William was too surprsied and too lost in his thoughts while he was pulled onto the dance floor, finding it to be too late to run when the crowd formed a cacoon around him.

"I-I don't know how to dance," He said seriously as someone bumped his shoulder while dancing. He glared at them, but the other man placed a hand to his cheek and turned him back to face them. His eyes widened at the contact, thankful the club lights hid the red on his cheeks.

"Yes, you do. Move as I do." The other said with a seductive grin, their hips beginning to sway. William would have mirrored his moves, but he found it to be so...sexual.

"Erm..." William mumbled, watching him dance. At first, it was just curiousity, but now it was fascination. The other man really knew how to dance; the way his hips rocked and feet stepped. William didn't realize he was staring until the man started to smile.

"You're not dancing." They stated.

"Trust me, you're dancing for the both of us. Everyone is looking at you, you know that right?" He asked with a small smile tugging at his lips.

"I know. They always look at me; men and women." He purred again, glancing to his right to see a man watching him.

The red haired beauty moved towards him, beginning to grind his body against their leg as they danced. The other tipped his head back, his lips parting at the contact. William's eye twitched, unsure what to do. He was literally just standing around the moving and grinding bodies, watching as the man who brought him over grinded against another body. His dance partner finally looked over at him, seeing the uncertainty in his eyes. He grinned, flashing his pointed teeth once more before pulling away from the other and moving back towards William.

"Bend your leg. Here." The man said as he brushed his slender fingers against William's leg.

William swallowed, feeling his cheeks warm again. He hesitantly did as he was instructed, his eyes never leaving their seductive gaze. That was until the red haired man began to grind against his leg. His eyes fluttered a mere second before he closed them, his lips parting just as he had seen earlier. The feeling really wasn't bad, but William definitely classified this as sexual. Or at least intimate. He suddenly started moving, rocking his legs like the other had showed him until he was causing a friction against the other's nether region.

"That's good...that's very good," They purred to him, moving closer.

William's eyes opened once more as he watched the other grind against him until they were literally making themself grow hard at the contact. He could feel the erection pressing against his leg as they continued to dance this way until William finally pulled away. "S-Stop, I can't do this..." He mumbled as he stumbled backwards. He didn't care to listen to the man before he was pushing through the crowd, trying to get free of this place. The music was pounding in his ears, sweat forming at his hairline. The mixed scents and the sexual dance...all of it was too much. Plus, he was embarrassed to admit the man he was dancing with was turning him on.

Outside the club, in the back alley, he took deep breaths as he took in the fresh air. "Jesus Christ..." He whispered, leaning against the cool, brick wall.

He suddenly flinched as the back door swung back open, startled to see the red haired man. He turned and moved to be in front of William, glaring into his eyes. "We weren't finished." He nearly growled.

William suddenly narrowed his eyes. This was getting out of hand, but it was all his fault for allowing him to lead him to the dance floor in the first place. "I danced with you and now I'm done. Leave me be." He demanded.

A hand came flying to the side of his face as the male trapped him against the wall, a sly smile spreading on their lips again. "What's your name?" He asked as he placed his other hand to William's chest.

William's eyes widened, suddenly caught like he was prey for this man. "I'm not obligated-"

"Mine's Grell. Grell Sutcliff." They breathed in his ear, having leaned forward. That's when William could feel his tongue moving over his earlobe.

Crap...William thought.

to be continued