Okay this is partly fantasy but I love this idea. No flames constructive criticism excepted. Oh one change some dinosaurs were discovered on the island all ready and DNA was collected from them and then the males were supposed have died.

"I warned you this would eventually happen after time!" I shouted at John Hammond. "If you hadn't come here in the first place and invaded my life and my world I would still be a pretty happy normal girl!" I was angry about this situation. Why did they come here and make my life abruptly end?

"Normal," Hammond interrupted me. "I don't think that living with dinosaurs is called normal, Diana."

"Well, if you think about it, it's actually normal for me!" I continued, "Killing all the males on this island was the stupidest idea you have ever had besides building this so called park for people all over the globe to come and see this!" I slammed my hands down on the desk between us. "This is my home, my life! I know these creatures more than you do even though you think you know them better than me but you don't! I can speak to them! Why are you doing this to me and to Jason?"

"Diana, I came here not knowing you were here and now that I do know about you I want to help you. You still have amnesia after years of not remembering anything of your past at all. I asked some people about it and they said if you've had it for this long that you'll never regain your memories. You told me that when I first came here. You also say can speak to the dinosaurs which you also you told me. I think that's wishful thinking to me truthful. I believe you know that I'm doing this for the good of all people. People will see these creatures as if they are the most beautiful creatures ever and the most marvelous genetic breakthrough of the century. Don't deny us their beauty and our accomplishment." He said calmly. "I'm not trying to hurt you, Jason, or Jack in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I was thinking about helping you come back to a real civilized lifestyle instead of the uncivilized three people life you've created."

"Back up a minute to Jack because you don't know him at all like I do! All he wants is for you to do this so he can ruin it and, completely destroy it!" I shouted "He can control the meat eaters, when I can't! They listen to him but not me or Jason! All three of us can talk to them but they choose if they will listen to us or not!"

"Calm down, Diana, please quit shouting." He said. "That is not at all true. If they don't listen to you then they don't listen to Jack or anyone for that matter."


I could hear it coming through the trees. I jumped from my perch in a tree as it moved toward me through the trees shaking them so it wasn't safe for me to stay in them so I had to remain on the ground for the time being.

"Not again." I whispered "Not another Velociraptor." I ran toward the raptor's enclosure the same way the truck was heading. I beat the truck and saw many of the workers standing there waiting as the truck approached. I spotted the one person I wanted to see, Robert Muldoon. I ran to him quickly.

"Diana, I didn't expect to see you out here so late tonight." He said without looking at me as the truck with the large metal crate appeared.

"Are you crazy?" I said "There are all ready too many raptors in there." I motioned to the enclosure.

He ignored me and walked toward the crate as it was lowered. "I want Tazers on full charge!"

"Like that will help." I mumbled as I followed him.

He started to give the orders like every night."Loading team move in," Suddenly a loud screech came from the raptor in the crate making half the men scatter like scared mice. "Steady move back in," Robert shouted "And push!" they pushed the crate into place. "Loading team move away, Gate Keeper!" A man I didn't know the name of climbed on top of the crate. "Raise the gate!"

I suddenly saw a fatal problem no one else would notice until it was too late. "WAIT!" Too late, the gate was raised and the raptor that was turned around facing the back of the crate rammed as hard as it could into the back. Two men tried to stop it from moving but it didn't help. The gate keeper had fallen in front on the crate. He tried to crawl away. As he appeared he cried out in pain and fear. He was bitten! Robert and I ran forward as many people pushed their Tazers through the bars and started to hit the raptor hard with them but they weren't helping.

Robert grabbed the man and pulled it didn't help. The man was in the raptor's jaws.

I looked toward the trees and screamed "Jack!"

No answer not that I was surprised he didn't come.

I ran to help Robert. "Diana, talk to it!" Robert said.

"It won't listen." I said "I can try but it probably won't help."

I moved in front of the cage and the raptor was tearing the man legs to shreds.

Then I spoke and the raptor looked at me, "Stop, you don't have to do this."

The raptor continued it furious attacks on the man ignoring me. "Please, just let him go."

The raptor looked at me and said. "No," It was a male!

"Please." I begged.

The raptor responded by pulling the man farther in.

"Shoot her!" Robert shouted.

"Please, don't kill him!" I shouted.

"Shoot her!" Robert and the man's voices combined overpowering my pleas.

The man died and I moved from in front of the crate. They wasted no time in pushing it back into place and the raptor entered the enclosure.

"Diana!" Jack jumped from a tree and ran to me. He wasn't out of breath so he had been there the whole time.

I slapped him hard.

"Okay I know you seem to always have a reason to slap me every time you do, so what did I do to deserve that?" he asked.

I turned away.

"Oh so now you still are giving me the silent treatment." He groaned

"What was your first clue?" another voice said, it was Jason. He was breathing hard so I had been running.

"What are you doing here?" Jack said through gritted teeth.

"I heard her calling you but let me guess you didn't answer tell she didn't need you anymore." Jason took my hand.

"I tried to stop him." I said and tears started to fall. "He wouldn't listen to me."

"What?" Jason and Jack said at the same time.

"The raptor, he killed a man. I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen to me." I said.

"Diana, how many times do I have to tell you? She, all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are female." Robert approached the three of us.

"It's a male Robert, I spoke to him, and I heard his voice. I know it's a male. I've been wrong about anything when it comes to these animals." I said.

"They are all females. You must have been mistaken this time." He walked away."You were in panicked state after all."

"It's a male." I said to Jason "I know it. I'm never wrong."

"I believe you, Diana." Jason took my arm as we walked away. "I know you've never mistaken a female's voice for a male's or vice versa even when you panic."

"You still believe it was a male. Well, Robert's right we only allow females in Jurassic Park. So it couldn't have been a male."

"This is not going to be a park more like Jurassic Disaster when something goes wrong and I won't help you until you ask for my help and admit you were wrong and I was right." I said and left his office.

"How'd it go?" Jason asked. He was waiting outside Hammond's office for me.

"Same as usual," I said. "He doesn't believe me and he thinks he's right and I'm wrong but he told me one thing useful. My amnesia is permit."

"That's okay," Jason smiled. "I love Diana and only Diana."

"Diana, where are you?" A voice called.

"Not again." I groaned knowing the woman was trying to get me to wear normal clothes instead of the vine dress I'd woven.

"Jason?" A man called from the same direction.

"Ditto," Jason had the same problem except he wore a pair of ragged shorts and no shirt.

"I hate those clothes I can't really move in them. Not like my dress. I also hate that fabric against my skin."

We ran outside to the jungle to send the night as we had done for as long as I could remember.

We slept in a tree like we had done long before people came to our island home.