I watched for the chopper with Joshua at my side sitting on some braches in a tree near the ocean cliffs whih we did often when we were stuck like this.

"I hate that, oh what do they call that fence again? I can never remember what it's called." I asked Joshua who smiled.

"The perimeter fence," He said reminding me again what they called it but he knew no matter how many times he told me I'd never remember.

"Yeah the perimeter fence, it blocks us from most of the island and we can't get around it. How are we supposed to do what we love when that thing is in our way?" I said looking at Joshua who shared my feelings.

He shrugged, "I don't know what they expect us to do, but there's the helicopter so we can get back in." He pointed to the chopper appearing on the horizon heading straight for the island like we had been waiting for.

"Finally Hammond is coming back to his precious park on our island home." I said and we jump landing on our feet running along the familiar trail to the waterfall over the cliffs where the helipad had been built. We used it often when we got cut off from the main portion of the isalnd.

We waited as the helicopter was landed as soon as it was settled we jumped over the cliff and dived into the deep water surfacing almost immediately. Hammond climbed out of the helicopter as we started to swim to the shore and we were expert swimmers since we swam a lot on hot days to keep cool. I watch as other people climbed out f the chopper. There were more people with Hammond but why were there a woman and three men with him?

"Hammond!" I shouted deciding to ignore the newcomers for the time being, "I hate that fence … oh, Joshua, what it was called again?"

Joshua laughed, "I knew you'd forget, the perimeter fence Diana. I've told you at least that ten times all ready."

"Yeah that the perimeter fence when it cuts off from most of the island!" I climbed out of the water as two cars pulled up.

"You two should stay inside if you want to but you don't." Hammond said shaking his head then spoke to the others that had arrived with him. "Please ignore those two I'll explain them later after you have seen the park."

"For your information we lived on this island before Hammond came here." I said angrily. "It's our home and we aren't leaving it."

The people climbed into the cars we climbed on to the back where the tire was. Joshua was on one and me on the other holding onto one bar with one hand not worried we'd fall off. We knew what we were doing because we'd done it before.

The cars started moving. I was listening to the conversations, going on inside the cars. As we pulled through the perimeter fence I was glad to be back but hated as they closed the gates behind us so we couldn't get out again either.

"So the four fifty miles of perimeter fence are in place?" I heard a guy in a white suit asked Hammond in the other car but my increased hearing I had developed on the island was working in my favor.

"And the concrete moat barriers, and the motion activated tracking system, Donald dear boy, relax," John said annoyed with the lawyer already and I had to admit I didn't like him that much either. Joshua looked at me and we silent communicated that we both didn't care for him

"Let's get something straight John. This is not a weekend excursion. This is a through investigation about the stability of the park. Your investors whom I represent are deeply concerned. In forty eight hours if their not convinced I'm not convinced. We'll shut you down John." The lawyer was putting that bluntly and firmly.

John smiled with complete confidence that infuriated me. He didn't know what he was getting into on our island, "In forty eight hours I'll be accepting your apology."

"If you're the one apologizing," Joshua stood on the tire with his incredible balance devolved from years of moving through the trees learning from the best on the island which was me. "If he lives to listen to it or you live to give it which I believe is unlikely if Jack has his way. Don't say Diana and I didn't try to warn you."

"Ignore him." John said shaking his head. "He and Diana are a special case of living among animals for the last few years. They don't know how to be around normal civilized people."I rolled my eyes when he finished that statement.

The only girl in the group suddenly reached out and picked a leave of a plant that I knew very well and was surprised what she thought it was and I had to admit she was correct.

Suddenly John stood seeing something moving around a curve, "Slow down, now stop, stop, and stop." I knew what was happening. I waited for the reaction of the people in my car. The man in the cowboy hat stood and took off his sunglasses his eyes wide not believing what he was seeing. He was stunned to see what he thought he'd never see.

Ellie, as I figured out the girl's name was, was still going on about the plant that was supposed to be extinct like the animals. Allen, which I found out was the guy in the cowboy hats name was, reached over to lift her eyes to see what he was seeing, Her mouth dropped open, as she too stood, and took off her sunglasses.

I rolled my eyes and looked at Joshua who was trying not to laugh at Malcolm who was saying "You didn't."

Ellie and Allen got out of the car walking toward the brachiosaurs they were watching. "It's…it's a dinosaur." Allen stuttered pointing.

Ellie could only nod in response.

Hammond walked over chuckling. I stayed put, waving when the brachiosaurs spotted us watching her but when on eating.

"We were wrong this is actually a warm blooded creature." Allen said shielding his eyes to see its head more clearly from his vantage point which was pretty good considering the sun was high it was hard to look up at this time of day.

"This thing doesn't live in a swamp." Ellie said sounding like she wanted to cry she was so stunned she didn't believe it.

"It neck is likely twenty-five to twenty-seven feet long." Allen said estimating but was off by a few feet but close.

"Brachiosaurus thirty," Hammond corrected what Joshua and I knew in a heartbeat. We could have told them the moment they arrived on the island.

I finally got up and walked over to join them, "Her name is Brittney. I can tell who it is unlike most…" I looked at Hammond pointedly, "people on this island." I emphasized the people because only three people on the island knew these animals

"How fast are they?" Allen asked what to know more about her.

"Well, we clocked the T-Rex at thirty two miles per hour." Hammond said smiling at their reactions loving the whole scenario.

Ellie turned stunned again "T-Rex, did you say you have a T-Rex?" Ellie was sounding breathless again and was stuttering too.

Hammond was nodding.

Allen grabbed his arm "Say again."

Hammond smiled and chuckled, "We have a T-Rex."

Allen started to collapse in stunned amazement.

Ellie laughing came over, "Put your head between your knees."

Allen sat down on the ground stunned not believe this was really what was happening.

"Dr. Grant, my dear Dr, Sadler, welcome to Jurassic Park." He said and they looked out over a field by a lake and saw more of the brachiosaurus herd and other kinds stopping by the water to drink.

Ellie sat next to Allen and Hammond did as well "They're moving in herds. They do move in herds." He looked at Hammond "How'd you do this?"

"I'll show you." He said.

"Just remember when things go wrong. Jason and I won't help you until you ask us for it." I said turning back to the car.

I heard the lawyer say, "We are going to make a fortune with this place," and Malcolm started laughing.

We rode the rest of the way in silence slowing every time they saw a different dinosaur.