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Chapter I: the midnight gathering

            It was a very dark and quiet night. There wasn't an ounce of light or sound anywhere. Nothing could be seen or heard for miles around. Not even the sound of little crickets or the call of ravens could be heard, and definitely could not be seen. The reason it was so dark was because it was nighttime during a new moon. And the reason why it was so quiet was because of the type of place it was. For this was not an ordinary place. In fact this place was anything but ordinary. For it was in this place that four people were mysteriously murdered. Yes it was the old Riddle house.

            It was in this house many years ago when the wealthy and hated Riddle family was mysteriously killed. Everyone believed that the killer was Frank, their gardener. He was, however released due to lack of evidence. The real mystery of these murders was not who killed the Riddle family-they all knew it was Frank, but how he killed them. The Riddles were all found murdered, but there were no marks on their bodies explaining how they were killed. It was as if they had dropped dead. Frank stayed on as the gardener for many years, even though he was not wanted in the old town. That was until one night exactly a year ago. When an intruder broke into the dusty, antiquated establishment. Frank suspecting that it was the usual neighborhood kids went inside looking for them. It wasn't unusual for kids to run around the old Riddle house at that time. They did it mostly to spite Frank. They liked having him run around after them trying to chase them out of the Riddles' estate. However, this time it wasn't a group of kids. It was the very person who murdered the Riddles, who was the intruder. And when he found Frank, he immediately murdered him the same way that he murdered the Riddles.

            Imagine how surprised the people of the town were when they found Frank lying on the floor a few weeks later. He was lying unconsciously, but was completely healthy. There were no signs of a struggle, no marks of how he died, there wasn't even a scratch on him. The only thing that they saw on him was the look of shock on his face. Was he scared to death? No that was impossible. He was definitely murdered, but no one knew how. Many rumors started spreading. People were starting to say that the house was cursed. None would dare go even within a mile of that loathed house. They even considered tearing it down. That idea went down the drain however, because it was a privately owned estate. A wealthy man bought as a tax write-off. So instead they just stayed away from the house, and told all those who came nearby to stay away. That became the slogan of the whole town "stay away from that cursed house, and maybe you'll live to see another day".

            However, not everyone was able to stay away. For some people enjoyed mystery, and suspense. For on this night, you could hear faint footsteps getting closer to the estate. You could see light originating from a flashlight, and you could see a small cloud of debris in front of the flashlight made by the impact of feet into the ground. Obviously people were coming. Why? Why would people come to this place? A place where four unexplained murders occurred; one of them exactly one year ago. Was it curiosity? No, it was an obsession. These people had to know.

            "unghhhh," cried one of them as he fell to the ground. He got up quietly, and when he saw how his friends looked at him, he gave them a nervous looking smile, as a signal of his apology. He dusted himself off and joined the rest of his friends as they continued walking toward the house.

            They had definitely picked a good night to go to the house, as it was so dark and quiet, it was easy to enter inconspicuously. They knew that if they were caught they could be in big trouble. The police might think that they were the killers. This thought probably ran through their minds more than once, but they didn't care. They had to get some clues. They had to know more.

            They stopped right outside of the estate. They each got down on their knees and one of them took two objects out of his backpack, a piece of paper, and a flashlight. He pointed the flashlight on the paper (the other flashlight was used by one of the other people to scout around). This piece of paper that he held turned out to be a map of the entire Riddle estate; from the gate, to Frank's old cabin, right down to the house itself. It seemed to have a very good similarity with the estate. They obviously have been around here before [during the day]. Tonight they were going to go inside the house. For it was in the house, that all the murders actually took place. The map was rolled up and the flashlight was moved towards the faces of the two of the three people that were there. One of them turned out to be a boy of around sixteen. He was black, with brown eyes, had a fade type of haircut, and was wearing a gray coat. The other was a blond girl with green eyes, and a red sweater, who looked around fifteen.

            "So, are you guys ready," asked the third person, in a very nervous voice.

            "Yeah," said the black boy, as he waved his own flashlight towards the last member of the group. It shown on the face a pudgy boy with brown eyes, black hair, and a green sweater, who looked around fifteen years old. "I've been ready for this ever since I heard Frank was killed, man I can't wait to go inside and see what kind of place this is."

            "Well," said the blond girl, "you're about to get your chance. Because, as the 'mystery solvers club,' it is our job to solve the mystery of these incidents."

            "I still say we shouldn't be here," shrieked the pudgy boy. "It's dangerous. Besides, if the police couldn't find out what happened, what makes you think that we can do anything."

            "Oh, will you grow a backbone already", said the blond girl in an annoyed voice. "Where's your sense of adventure, your 'get up and go?'"

            "It got up and went," answered the pudgy boy, looking even more scared.

            "Well, we went through a lot of trouble to get here, no sense backing out now," the black boy said matter-of-factly. "Let's just get this over with," starting to sound less brave as he looked at the house.

            "Don't tell me you're starting to chicken out as well," snapped the blond girl, looking shocked.

            "I'm not, it's just that well, you know."

            "Yeah, I know. I know that you're turning into a coward like this bag of lard here," the girl growled already getting really irritated stated. "We have been planning this for a long time. Tonight is the perfect night to sneak inside, and you two are going in, even if I have to drag you in kicking and screaming. Understand."

            Both nodded, seemingly more afraid of the girl, than of what's inside the house.

            The pudgy boy packed the map away, as the three of them got up, and started walking towards the house. They climbed over the rusty old gate and started sprinting up towards the house. Just as they were gaining speed, something stopped them and pulled them into a nearby bush.

            "What do you think you're doing fat bastard?!" whispered the girl with extreme anger in her eyes. "You almost scared me to death!"

            "Yeah, what's up with you man?" whispered the black boy, looking more scared than angry.

            "I thought a heard foot steps," shrieked the pudgy boy in a very panicky voice.

            "Where?" Asked the girl starting to get more worried.

            "I don't know, I can't hear them anymore," answered the boy, getting more and more scared with every passing second. "Let's just turn around, this is not a good idea," he begged. Looking more at the girl than the other boy.

            "No," stated the girl. "We're not going anywhere. The only reason I started this club is to mphhhhhh." she tried to continue speaking as the black boy covered her mouth with one of his hands, and pointed with the other. The girl immediately removed his hand and started glaring angrily at him. She was about to say something to him, but stopped when she saw the look on his face. He seemed to be even whiter than her. She looked in the direction that he was pointing, and found out why. For heading towards them were two cloaked and hooded figures. One of them was tall, and straight looking, while the other was short and slouched. Neither of their faces could be seen, but something about their presence struck fear into all of them. The pudgy boy immediately started to panic. Just as he was getting louder, the girl smacked him across the face. "Quiet, you want them to find us!" she snapped at him angrily.

            "Uh-oh, they're getting closer. They're coming straight at us, do you think they know we're here?" asked the black boy, looking absolutely terrified.

            "No," answered the girl trying to regain her calm. "How could they?"

            But for some reason the shadowy beings were getting closer, and closer with every second. They were walking straight towards the trio as if they knew exactly where they were.

            "Now I lay me down to sleep," the black boy started muttering a prayer, as the girl hushed him. Knowing that unless they're extremely quiet, they might be in very big trouble.

            The hooded figures were only twenty yards away getting closer the bush. Fifteen yards, 'please turn around,' thought the girl, ten yards, 'please, I swear no more investigating if these two will just go away,' five yards, 'please god, I never ask for anything else,' four yards 'please god PLEASE!' Three yards 'that's it it's all over,' and then suddenly the hooded figures stopped. 'Thank you god, thank you!' thought the relieved girl. But her relief suddenly turned into absolute terror as she looked at the hooded figures.

            The short, slouched one took his hood off to reveal a bald man. His other features couldn't be seen in the night. But that definitely wasn't what scared her. What scared her was the other figure. Although his face was completely hidden by the darkness and the hood, the scariest feature of his face was not. In fact, it was seen as clear as in daylight, as if it was glowing in the dark. And worst of all there were two of them. They were his eyes. But, they weren't normal eyes. They looked like the eyes of a demon. They were two tiny red slits filled with anger, hate, and murder in them. The second the trio looked into those horrible eyes, they all grew pale, and the hairs on their neck stood up.

            The two figures stood there for a while not saying anything. They stood as still as if they were statues. The short figure stood slouched with his arms at his sides looking at the ground as if there was something interesting there. The trio assumed it was because he didn't want to look the other figure in the eyes. The taller one stood with his arms crossed looking in one direction as if he was expecting something to come out from there.

            "Uh, m-master," the smaller one began to stutter, then stopped as if waiting for permission to continue.

            "What is it wormtail," answered the taller figure in a high a frightening voice. This voice brought back all the fear that was fading from the trio. "Well, what do you want!" said the taller figure getting impatient.

            "D-do you believe that he will be successful with the mission that you gave him?" asked the smaller figure.

            "Of course I do. We have had nothing but bad luck for the past few weeks; we're bound to run into some good luck eventually. And I'm sure that now is the time wormtail." Answered the taller figure as he moved his right foot a little to the left as if getting it out of an uncomfortable position, and once again turning towards the same spot he has been looking at for the past couple of minutes. "Ah, speak of the devil, here he comes now." And sure enough another hooded figure as tall as the one with the red eyes had appeared. He hooded figure got down on his knees, took the robe of the figure with red eyes, kissed it, moved away and got back up.

            "You are late, Lucius!" said the red-eyed figure with an angry voice.

            "Please forgive me master," Lucius said as he bowed courteously.

            "Do you have it?"

            "Of, course, I would never let you down master. I would give up my life before failing you," said Lucius as he handed something to the red-eyed figure. "Here is what you requested master," he added.

            "Good work Lucius," said the red-eyed figure as he started observing what he was given. It was very hard for the trio to see what he was looking at, being that it was dark and the figures robe was blocking their view. "Yes, this is it," snarled the red-eyed figure. "This is perfect. Only two more to go, and then all I'll need is the sword, and my plan will be complete."

            "Uh, master, can I ask you something," Lucius started. Then after seeing his master's approval he continued. "Well, it's just that well we haven't killed any muggles yet, and I was wondering...?"

            "Hahahahahah!" the red-eyed figure gave a short laugh.

            Muggles, what's a muggle? The trio wondered. Was it some kind of code word for enemy?

            "This is why I am the master, and you are the servant," the high voice once again began to speak as Lucius' head went down in what seemed like shame. "You only look for small pawns to take, and forget what your true intention is. Unlike you, I look towards bigger things, I look towards the defeat of the king: Albus Dumbledore!"

            Albus Dumbledore, who was Albus Dumbledore? Wondered the trio, was he someone they were after, or was it a code name for some kind of organization, or a country they were trying to destroy or take over. Whatever it was the trio knew it was dangerous, and that as soon as they got the chance they should leave this place.

            "Before I got that little dose of information, things have not been looking so good for us," continued the high voice. "The giants refused to join us. I suspect that Dumbledore had sent that oaf Hagrid to convince the giants to join up with him. Without the giants my army is greatly weakened. I'm not sure if the Dementors will join up with me. The only thing they care about is using their powers on living beings. And as long as Fudge can provide them with someone whose happiness they can suck out, they're happy. And there is no way I can prove to them that I can give them a better deal, not without a powerful army. And like I said, the giants' refusal to join me greatly reduces my forces. We have no choice, we have to be patient and wait," sighed the red-eyed figure leaving the trio even more confused with the new words he brought in, Hagrid, Dementors, Giants, and what was he saying about an army? "However, you can rest easy," assured the red-eyed figure. "As soon as I get the sword of Helios, and combine it with the five orbs of Helios, I will have all the power I need. I won't even need the Giants, or the Dementors anymore."

            "But, master," began Lucius again. "What is the sword of Helios, I've never heard of it, and where is it? Do you know?"

            "Of course, I know, Lord Voldemort knows all. I would've gone after the sword a long time ago except, well that's a long story. The point is, my spies have definitely seen it, and identified it. They gave me a close description of it. I am convinced that it is the sword of Helios. And besides, we don't have too many options. That fool Fudge stubbornly denies that I have come back to life. That is the only advantage we have now. Therefore, it is important that I not give myself away just yet. Hm, hm, hahahahahaha. The ministry of magic has become too complacent during these times of peace. And now the fools will know what happens when you let your guard down," said Voldemort with the most evil voice the trio has heard so far.

            The trio have never been this scared in their lives, and it was this fear that caused the pudgy boy to slip from his knees and fall onto his back.

            Immediately Voldemort looked to his left, while the other two just looked at him. "W-w-what is it master," asked wormtail in a frightened voice.

            Voldemort didn't answer him; he just started hissing for a while, and then stopped. Immediately from under his robe, something started to crawl out. It was a snake. And not just any snake, it was the most evil, most disgusting looking snake that the trio had ever seen. It slowly started rising and hissing at the same time. Then it turned towards Voldemort, and started hissing at him. Voldemort nodded, and the snake crawled away towards the old Riddle house. The trio felt relieved. That Voldemort guy didn't hear anything, he just felt the snake bite him that's all. That was the uncomfortable feeling that he showed after the pudgy boy fell down. It must have been, the only other explanation, was that this Voldemort guy can talk to snakes, and that was impossible. The trio immediately agreed to that, and started to feel a little relieved. Then just as they calmed down they heard a hissing. Where was that hissing coming from, it had to be coming from Voldemort, it couldn't have been coming from anywhere else, could it? Just then the girl turned around and saw where the hissing was coming from. For what she saw was the exact same snake that headed towards the Riddle house at eye level with her, staring directly into her eyes. Obviously it came around the house in order to surprise them. But how, snakes weren't that smart, were they?

            "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed the girl as she ran out of the bushes straight towards the three robed figures. As she ran towards them she tripped on a rock and fell on her face. The two wondered what she was doing, why she yelled and ran? Then they found out as they turned around, now the snake was staring at them. They each yelled and ran towards the girl, followed by the snake. They stopped as soon as they reached the girl. They each kneeled by her to see if she was okay. After they saw that she was, they stared up at the three robed figures standing in front of them. As they did they remembered the reason why they were hiding in the first place. Looking at those eyes up close once again made the hairs on their neck stand. It was as if you were looking at the devil himself, only worse.

            "Well what do we have here?" Voldemort began to sneer. "A couple of trespassers. You do know how dangerous it is around these here parts, during this time of night, don't you?"

            "P-p-please, M-Mr. Voldemort sir," the girl began to plea, it seems as if the other two were too afraid to speak. "P-p-please d-don't hurt us."

            "Oh, I won't hurt you, I promise," said Voldemort as he put his hand on his chest, and started smiling. "For all I know this won't hurt at all, of course I really can't be sure since I never experienced it. Heheheheh."

            Lucius and wormtail looked at each other, both knowing exactly what he was talking about.

            "P-p-please sir, we'll do anything," the girl continued begging.

            Slowly Voldemort reaches inside his robe trying to pull something out. The trio immediately started panicking, knowing that he was about to pull out a gun, or a knife. But oddly enough he didn't. He pulled out a stick. This confused them a lot, what was he going to do with a stick, was he going to play fetch with his snake. After he pulled it out he started moving away from them towards the snake. He was going to throw it to the snake. "It seems that all this time we were being watched," he said softly.

            "We're really sorry sir," the pudgy boy yelled quickly.

            "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha aaahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!" Voldemort laughed maniacally, which made the trio even more afraid, if that was possible. "They all thought I was out of the game, but now I'm holding all the cards!" Voldemort said, as if talking to the thin air in front of him. Then he did something that he hadn't done all night, he removed his hood, and faced the trio once again. His face was the most horrifying face they ever saw. It was white as snow, his head and forehead had wrinkle like bumps on it, his nose was nothing more than two small slits like a snakes, and his red eyes had a look of immense fury in them, and at that moment, the trio knew that they had stumbled into something more dangerous than they ever expected. He fixed his furious gaze upon the trio looking more and more furious with every passing second. Then he picked up the stick and started pointing it at the trio. They were trembling worse than they have been all night.

            "I'll...I'll........ I'll have the last laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

            And immediately a bright green light headed right towards them. They started screaming because it was all they could do.