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The blonde boy quickly swiveled around and gave Ichigo a quizzical look. Licking his lips nervously, Ichigo indicated to the map he was holding and the boy suddenly smiled.

'Ah! Tourist?' the boy queried in a thick German accent as he walked up to the nervous orange head.

'Ja, aber ich kann ein bisschen deutsch,' Ichigo replied. He had been planning to come here so might as well improve his German. He wanted to surprise Grimmjow after all.

The boy grinned and grabbed the map to help him find what he was looking for. Ichigo cleared his throat.

'Urahara Café?' Ichigo asked hopefully. He wasn't sure how many would know about the little place his boyfriend worked at.

The boy's face lit up and he sighed in delight.

'Ah! Mein Lieblingsplatz!' he said gleefully. He folded the map, handing it to Ichigo and, gesturing with his hand, told the boy to follow him. 'Komm! Komm! I'll take you!'

The two ambled down the cobbled street of the little neighborhood in Brussels, Germany. The blonde whistled a tune as he skipped down, waving to people as he did. They asked him something in German and waggled their eyebrows at Ichigo. The boy would laugh and answer back, causing them to laugh too.

In the meantime, Ichigo basked in the beauty that was Germany; the heavenly scents wafting from tiny cafes lined up on the sides, the feel of the pebble paved street thronging with merry people; the sounds of many voices chattering in German from every direction along with frequent laughs of gusto. He literally felt like he had stepped into another world. Japan had comparatively quieter neighborhoods but this was simply teeming with life and enthusiasm. No wonder Grimmjow wanted to come back.

The thoughts of his boyfriend put a smile on Ichigo's face. It had been four years since Grimmjow had left. Four long and agonizing years of not seeing those laughing blue eyes, that sweet smile and those luscious cerulean locks. Sure they wrote to each other and called practically everyday day (Ichigo's phone bill was proof of that) but the real thing was much different and much, much more precious.

At times, Ichigo had wished Grimmjow had never left. It was torture to go back to his life knowing that something was missing. But Grimmjow needed to leave. He needed to go back to his family who was missing him terribly. It didn't mean he loved Ichigo any less. Family was important and Ichigo wasn't going to make him choose.

Going to Germany or having Grimmjow come visiting was out of the question. Both their families weren't that well off and were recovering from a breakdown. Their parents had gone through a divorce and while Ichigo had the better deal of having Isshin come in to fill in that empty space in his family, Grimmjow didn't.

His father had been committed to the psychiatric ward where he was treated with therapy and drugs. Aizen had a mental problem that led him to hurt his loved ones in more ways than one. Unfortunately, Grimmjow had been the victim of the worst of his condition. It was why he had ended up in Japan in the first place.

It pained Ichigo to think that Grimmjow had to suffer so much. Grimmjow had loved his father dearly. To find out that all this time his father had been hurting him was a lot to take. Which was another reason he had to go back. Although Ichigo wished he had been enough to cure Grimmjow, he knew the boy needed the comfort of his family to help him get through the pain.

Ichigo had noticed, while talking to Grimmjow on the phone, that the boy was getting better. He sounded more cheerful and didn't seem to be affected by that incident anymore. He'd even calmly told Ichigo that Aizen had been released from his ward and had come to Germany but he never came by. This was a year ago and Ichigo had freaked out when Grimmjow had told him that but Grimmjow had reassured him that nothing had happened. If anything did, he was ready. He was no longer affected by his father and could defend himself if necessary.

Knowing that his lover was no longer haunted by his past, he felt it was time he saw him. So, scraping up as much money as he could thanks to his family and afterschool jobs, he managed to collect enough to go to Germany and finally see Grimmjow.

Ichigo felt his heart leap. He was really looking forward to that. Each step he took made him feel like he was walking on air. And why not? He was going to go see his angel.

He suddenly realized that someone was snapping his fingers in front of his face. He looked and saw it was the blonde boy.

'You okay?' he asked in concern. Ichigo grinned.

'Ja, ja, thinking,' Ichigo replied and rubbed his head sheepishly. The boy grinned back, his smile literally looking like a piano keyboard.

'Ich bin Shinji,' the blonde remarked and pointed to himself. They rounded a corner and began to walk downhill.


'Ah! Where from?'


Shinji laughed.

'Wo ist dein Kleid?' he giggled. Ichigo raised an eyebrow in confusion. Then he realized that Shinji was asking about a kimono.

'Nein, nein, girls! Girls wear,' Ichigo answered and couldn't help laughing at what the boy had thought. Though guys did wear kimonos but not publically. At least, not since the 1860s. Imagine a guy walking out on the streets in Japan wearing that! People wouldn't stop making fun of him!

Shinji sniggered again as they continued to walk.

'Why you in Germany?' he asked after a moment of silence. Ichigo blushed, wondering if he should even tell the boy. Though there was no harm. He wondered if Shinji was the kind who'd be weirded out by gay people. He didn't look it.

'Boyfriend,' he mumbled. Shinji caught it and his grin widened.

'Ah! Liebling!' he sighed. 'My boyfriend would never! Ein zu großer Arschloch!'

Ichigo almost stopped in his tracks at that statement. He stared in surprise at Shinji who just laughed in his face and pointed ahead.

'We're here!' he stated in triumph. Ichigo glanced in the direction he was pointing and saw a cozy little cottage with a thatched roof (he wondered if it was fake) and white walls. There was a little sign nailed next to the door with the words 'Urahara Café' painted on it. The door itself was thrown wide open to allow the sounds of loud laughter and fiddle music to waft out.

Grabbing Ichigo's hand, Shinji dragged him to the cottage. Ichigo's heart was racing. He was finally going to see Grimmjow. What was he going to do? What was he going to say? Grimmjow didn't know he was here. He didn't even contact him in anyway when he arrived. Should he hug him? Should he kiss him? Or should he be formal and just shake hands? This was all so confusing! People usually grew wiser when they became adults but Ichigo just felt dumber!

The cottage was just as cozy on the inside as it was outside. Wooden chairs and tables littered the place and not one seat was unoccupied. The place was lit by soft yellow lights. The cottage was unbelievably crowded. It sure was pretty popular.

Men and women in white shirts, black trousers and white aprons waded about with trays of food and beer, handing it to the boisterous people who tapped their feet to the fiddle music being played by a group of musicians in a corner and some even sang a tune that went horribly with the music. For some reason, all this noise calmed Ichigo down. If he tried to say anything or even tried to do anything to Grimmjow, nobody would react because there was so much going on already.

Thinking this lifted his spirits and Ichigo scanned the room, wondering where Grimmjow could be. Suddenly, someone bumped his shoulder, almost sending him onto someone's table.

'Sorry!' the man who bumped him uttered and pulled Ichigo back while dusting his brown bomber jacket.

'Keine Sorge!' Shinji exclaimed and pulled Ichigo towards him, allowing Ichigo a good look at the man.

He was tall with a smooth but pale complexion. His hair was most unusual and looked to be silver but slightly on the lilac side. One couldn't really tell how old he was but Ichigo guessed he was in his mid- thirties. He was quite good looking too. Though what was unusually perturbing about him was that his eyes were shut. Ichigo wondered how he was even able to see anything.

'Er sucht seinen Liebsten,' Shinji said slyly and winked. The man grinned though his was a close-lipped one compared to Shinji's wide smile. Ichigo shivered. He didn't want to be rude but that smile was creepy.

'Viel Glück!' he chuckled and began to make his way through the crowded place.

'Nice guy!' Shinji cried out and began to drag Ichigo through the crowd. 'Come on! Let's find your boyfriend!'

That's when Ichigo spotted a streak of blue. His head whipped around and he saw, as his heart took an excited leap, the familiar face of his lover.

Grimmjow was dressed as a waiter and was serving a table with plump men. One of them laughed and thumped Grimmjow on the back. The boy smiled and uttered something that Ichigo couldn't hear over the crowd but it made the men laugh even harder. One of them gave Grimmjow a note and Grimmjow bowed in thanks, smiling graciously. How Ichigo loved that smile.

'There!' Ichigo said happily. Shinji saw and his smile faltered a little but Ichigo didn't notice. He was too elated to finally see Grimmjow.

The boy hadn't changed a bit. Except he was taller and bit more built. His hair was as long as ever, till his shoulders, and Ichigo even caught a glint of an earring in one ear. He wasn't sure why but the very idea of Grimmjow having a piercing turned him on. Now he couldn't wait to embrace his lover.

'Grimmjow!' he shouted loudly and waved his hands frantically above his head. 'Grimmjow! Here!'

He yelled as loud as he could, hoping it would reach the blue-haired boy. It apparently did because Grimmjow stopped and began to look about, trying to find the source of that voice. That's when his eyes landed on Ichigo and widened. His jaw dropped.

'Ichigo?' he mouthed. Ichigo couldn't tell if he was happy or shocked. Well, after he hugged Grimmjow then maybe he'd be able to tell.

As Ichigo began to move forward, pushing his way through crowded cafe, he looked up and froze. Out of nowhere came that silver-haired man and placed his arm around Grimmjow's waist. Now Ichigo's jaw dropped in shock.

Just who the hell was that man?


-Ja, aber ich kann ein bisschen deutsch: Yes, but I know a little German

-Ah! Mein Lieblingsplatz!: Ah! My favorite place!

-Komm: Come

-Ja: Yes

- Ich bin Shinji: I'm Shinji

- Wo ist dein Kleid?: Where's your dress?

-Nein: No

-Ah! Liebling: Ah! Love

- Ein zu großer Arschloch: Too much of an asshole

- Keine Sorge!: No worries!

-Er sucht seinen Liebsten: He is looking for his lover

- Viel Glück!: Good luck!