Ok so I Just found this movie and fell completely and utterly in love with it! Both of Garrett's voices were so fantastic! So I have only seen the movie completely one time but I have gone back and re watched my favorite parts so I am sorry if any of the is inaccurate let me know and I will fix it. Thanks Bookworm1256

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OK you really want to READ THIS: this is in third person but slanted in Garrett's pov so don't yell at me when you disagree with his thoughts this is what I think he would be thinking. Thank you hope you enjoy and have a nice day/eveing.

"No you deliver it; I don't belong in that world," Garrett mumbled as he started to walk away. He was farther down the path when he could have sworn that he had heard Kayley speaking very softly "But you belong in mine."

Oh what does it matter, Garrett thought to himself when he could no longer hear Kayley or Cornwall and Devon. I know the reasons that I didn't go back to Camelot, they all think that I am in desperate need of their charity and with thinking that they either pity me or they shun me. Just because I look helpless to them doesn't mean that I am. Garrett didn't need their charity he had survived around ten years by himself in the Forbidden Forest for goodness sake. Just him and Ayden that was how it had always been and now that is what it would go back to even though it would never be the same as before. Not when Garrett knew that he would forever wonder what had happened to Kayley when she arrived in Camelot. He kicked a pebble that was in his path and listened as is hopped and skipped down the path. Ayden swooped around him as he continued along on his way. "You don't understand, in Camelot she would only see me though their eyes. Not a knight. Not a man. Not anything." Garrett just kept walking trying to put enough distance between him and Kayley so that she would not come after him and try to convince him to come with her. He knew that even if he went with her to Camelot that she would be pounced upon by a gaggle of suitors who would be able to provide more for her than he ever could. And why would she not be pounced upon by all the eligible men in Camelot? Kayley was all that all and more than those men wanted. She had gone across the land and rescued the sword Excalibur, was the daughter of one the Knights of the Round Table, her family had land and she was beautiful. But Garrett knew that was all they would see. They wound not see her ability to care for anyone who should cross her path, her wit, her sense of humor. No they wouldn't see that side of her. Garrett could not bear to watch her be collected by some male that only cared for titles and looks. For what could he do to stop that from happening? Confess he that he loves he and strip her of a life of comfort and jewels. When all that he could offer her was a tiny, measly hut in the Forbidden Forest. No Garrett wouldn't do that to Kayley. That wouldn't not only be unfair to the both of them but Garrett could see that Kayley would though everything away for him if he asked it of her and he could not, no, would not take that away. Even if the tiny little voice in his head told him that Kayley would be happier if she was with him. Garrett just kept walking having made his resolve not to go after Kayley unless it was vital to her survival that he did. He had to tell himself that his feelings were not exactly vital to her survival and so with that thought. Garrett walked on.

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