Chapter 7: The Lemon

No comment!

"hmhm Tails that tickles!"

"sorry Cosmo."

"its okay I love it when you kiss me like that!

As Tails slowly made his way between Cosmo's legs he felt his nervousness leave him and his instincts take over.

"oh Tails! *pant* that-feels-so-good!"

"oh god! This tastes great!"

"Tails! Don't say things like that its embarrassing!"


"its okay, now, let me return the favor"

As Cosmo took his member into her mouth Tails moaned with pleasure.

"oh Cosmo! That feels incredible"

Tails could never even hope to describe this, no matter how much he tried he could not think of any words to do justice to the feeling he was having now.

"okay, enough foreplay, now, take me!" Cosmo said

Tails was slightly taken aback by this, he never in his time knowing Cosmo would have thought he'd see her like this, but the look of pure lust in her eyes told him all he needed to know to continue going.

"okay, here goes"

Tails' erect member was then placed inside of Cosmo, breaking her hymen and after a few moments Cosmo gave the word, allowing Tails to take control and begin thrusting in and out of her.

"oh Tails! This feels heavenly"

"I can't even describe this feeling"

After a few minutes Tails simply couldn't take it anymore and began thrusting faster into Cosmo, earning pleasurable moans from his lover.

"Tails, I'm going to cum!" Cosmo said

"me too! Should I pull out?"

"no! don't pull out!"

Tails, upon realizing this is what she truly desired, stopped holding back and released his semen into Cosmo.



Tails and Cosmo both were in a state of pure bliss, surely this was the ultimate pleasure!

"That *pant* was *pant* incredible Tails" Cosmo said lovingly

"I know *pant* we should do this again sometime" Tails replied with a mischievous expression on his face.

"heehee, Tails you can be so naughty sometimes!" Cosmo said, resting her head on Tails' chest

"goodnight Cosmo"

"goodnight Tails"

And with that the two lovers fell asleep the only light in the room being the light of the full moon.

Well, hehe I guess this is pretty okay for my first lemon based chapter. Anyway I'd like to point out that Tails and Cosmo are eleven: Tails' I. him to know about sex and Cosmo was taught about it before the destruction of her people.

Anyway, R&R and don't worry its still not over!