Epic Battle Fantasy: To Care

by ~Jade-the-X9ian

A/N: I own nothing. This was inspired by some dumb stuff we (were forced to) read at school. More information will be given after the fan fiction.

(Line Break)

Traveling was not only a way to explore. It was not only a way to get stronger, or to meet more people, or to see more places. And it wasn't a way to steal loots from the tents of other fellow travelers.

It was a way to know and learn about people.

Matt's lifelong travel had brought him to a forest. But unlike other forests he had been to, this one was different. It held no feeling of aggression, which was very common in other forests as foes tend to lurk around in these dark places. Nor it held any aura of holiness, or any other feelings that would have been common in forest areas.

This forest held nothing, but loneliness, which was ridiculous, how could a forest be lonely? It was filled with life- the trees, the birds, and all. Everything was connected to one another. How could they be lonely?

He tried not to think about it, and continued to tread along the forest floor, his Heaven's Gate at his hand. Even if he could not see or hear foes of any sort, he was always cautious in these kinds of areas. Just in case.

(Line Break)

Hours later, Matt found himself in a somewhat open area in the forest. It was wide, with only ankle-high grass growing on the ground. Yet, the flowers there were clearly not wild. They were arranged in a neat order and that the flowers were clearly well looked after, as none had withered. He assumed that this was a garden.

It was a very large garden.

And where there was a garden, there should be people living here.

He needed a place to stay, it was getting dark.

(Line Break)

There was indeed a small village near the edges of this huge garden. Or, at least, was had used to be a village.

There was no one in the village, except for an old lady, who had welcomed him in with a warm and loving embrace, and within a few hours, Matt had already remembered the names of the old lady's siblings, children and grandchildren. He was sure that the old woman had still continued to live here, long after everyone else was gone. Or perhaps there wasn't anyone at all? Just this old lady who, for some reason, decided to live in a forest, that offered nothing but loneliness.

"Do people used to live here?"

"They did, at some point. But they all left,"


"They said that they were lonely here, and left,"

They had the company of each other, and yet, they were still lonely? If so, then where was one to not feel loneliness?

(Line Break)

The next day, the old woman told him the same story about her life again. Everything was the same, but to Matt, it felt like as if the old lady was telling him a totally different story.

"My husband was an adventurer, he was kind and gentle, you see. It was love at first sight. He died twenty years later,"

"I had a son, he loved exploring the forests, he would leave every now and then, but he would always come back a few days later with his new loot and all. That was before he got married and he settled down with his wife somewhere else in the world, they must be having some beautiful kids now,"

"I'm going to call you 'son', I'm older than you. I'm sixty-eight years old already. Are you older than that?"

(Line Break)

Matt ended up staying longer than he actually needed. He wasn't in any way forced to, but he somehow felt like the old lady not just wanted, but needed his company.

She was out in the gardens today.

Even so, before leaving, she'd told him the story about her life to him again. It was the first thing she'd do every day since his arrival.

But Matt not only learnt about the old one's past by just her stories. He could also see her past through the pictures that hung along the walls of the old house.

Forty some years ago, some adventurer fell in love with a beautiful blond girl. They got married, and moved into this small village, where they had a son.

The adventurer took his son to venture out into the woods every now and then. Twenty some years later, only her son returned. There was no sight of her husband. But despite this, her son continued exploring the forests.

Then, something must have happened in the woods, everyone moved out. The old lady's son took his loved one and left, to some other place in the world. But yet, the old woman still stayed behind.

Why would she stay behind? Why not just move out with everyone else?

It was then that he finally understood why the forest was giving out such a lonely aura. Though there was life here, there were no families here, just this old lady living alone in this cold forest in the middle of nowhere.

He was afraid that the old one would die someday, right here and that no one would ever knew that she had already left the world and that no one would bury her.

(Line Break)

Weeks later, on an early morning, Matt heard the old woman call out to him from downstairs.

"Oh son! Your friend came for you! Come down quickly!"

He went downstairs to see a brown haired teen he was so familiar with.


"Oy, Matt!" Lance called out to him when he saw him, "Where'd you been? You were gone for a whole month and no one heard anything from you, I was lucky to find you here," Lance said as he walk out the door and gestured him to follow, "Come on, I'll meet you outside, everyone else in waiting for you," Lance closed to door behind him, leaving Matt with the old lady again.

And that was when he knew why the old one had chosen to stay here, when everyone else was gone.

She was waiting for her son to return to him. Like she always did, when her son had gone out to venture through the woods. She would wait for him until he'd return. But years passed, and her son did not return, but the old lady still remained here, hoping that her son would one day return to her.

Matt wanted to tell her that her son was not going to return this time. But he did not have to hearts to say that. It would only hurt the old one even more than she is now. Instead, he said, "Thank you for letting me stay here for such a long time,"

The old lady nodded, but said nothing.

Matt could not take it anymore; he walked out of the house to meet up with his friends, Natalie, Lance and his cat No Legs.

He had friends that cared for him, but the old lady had no one.

She was alone in the world, and had nothing to live for, expect for that wish that her son would return one day. Like she always did when he went out into the woods.

And here she will remain forever, while Matt and his friends moved on to explore the world, here she will remain, until her time comes.

(Line Break)

A/N: Well hello there 'Wear and Tear' style Matt.

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