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The loud roar of an explosion filled the air, as a blinding white light spread out in all directions from the explosion.

The force of the explosion took out a whole bridge, as large chunks of the bridge break and snap from the force, and fell into the cold lake below it.

A figure of a brown haired teen with a huge bazooka on his shoulder was hovering above what had used to be a mighty long bridge.

As the light clears, his gaze swept across the surface of the lake for a few times.

"Damn it!" he said. He'd just spent months searching for his target… and he'd just let him slip away right under his nose. And his friend was nowhere in sight.

As the god of the winds, Lazarus, hovered closer to the water surface, he noticed a pointy object sticking out of the lake.

He pulled it out of the lake. It was Lancelot's Spear.

His eyes widened at the sight of it. He quickly looked back at the spot where he'd found the spear in the first place.

He gave no time to think about it. He dived right into the lake and pulled his friend's body out of the ice cold water.

Hours later, Lazarus found himself carrying an unconscious and out cold Lancelot to the safety of the woods.

Lancelot's body was unnaturally cold- something that terrified him as he set the limb body of his friend down onto the leafy floor, the leaves crunching below the weight. Lancelot's body was covered in deep wounds, his blood oozing out of the cuts made by Matt's sword. Lazarus winced at the sight as checked for a pulse.

There was none.

His eyes widened, "Lancelot?" he said, as he lightly shook his friend by his shoulder, hoping that it would somehow wake his friend against all means of logic. After all, Lancelot had suffered from more serious wounds in the past and lived.

But Lancelot didn't stir- he was still limp in his friend's arms.

"Oh god," Lazarus said, finally catching up to the events that had taken place.

His only friend- no, his brother- was dead, in his arms.

And was killed by Matt, nonetheless.

"Oh god," he said again, looking down at Lancelot's body, but not really seeing him- he was too busy trying not to downright freak out as his mind forced his body to stay calm.

The god of the Winds felt a part of him die- The orange-haired teen had always been his friend- possibly his only friend- for as long as he could remember; the other teen had always been there for him when he needed it, and was a great companion to have.

And he was dead.

As Lazarus laid the cold body onto the ground completely, he could only think of one person who was responsible for the death of his friend.

Matt. That damned pirate-swordsman.

The mere thought of that blond enraged the God of the Winds beyond believe. He swore that he was going to kill that damned swordsman to avenge his fallen brother- even if it was the last thing he would do.

The God didn't have to wait for long. Few months later the blond swordsman had appeared before him yet again- he had leant that Matt would have participated in Brawl Royale- which is a match in where Matt had to defeat ten challengers.

As the Black Mage- the fifth challenger- fell under Matt's blade, Lazarus made his way up to the ring, and from the shocked look from the other's face, the God could tell that Matt was not excepting his.

He grinned at that, and his hand unconsciously slipped behind his back to grab onto one of the huge guns strapped to his back, his trigger finger itching to just aim the gun at Matt at blow a few holes out of the blond before him, but instead, he waited for the 'Go!' to appear on the huge black screen on the background, not wanting to be fouled before the match even started. And as for Matt, Lazarus could see him tighten his hold onto his Heaven's Blade until his knuckles turned white.

They waited.

And waited.

And waited-


In an almost inhuman pace, the God of Winds reacted- his big gun already aiming at the swordsman- and he fired.

Matt's eyes widened, and he took a quick step back, very narrowly avoiding the direct blow from Lazarus, but the explosion from the blast knocked him back, so far back that he almost slid out of the ring.

But Lazarus didn't give the other time to react, in the few months alone, he had grown much in power, and, with a loud battle cry, he made a dash towards Matt, his bazooka in his hand and already charging, filled with rage to avenge his friend and ready to blast the swordsman to pieces.

But Matt wouldn't go down without a fight.

Gripping his Heaven's Gate, and pointing it at Lazarus, the swordsman let a bright white beam emit from the blade. Lazarus- caught by surprise- flinched and flew out of the way, but his bazooka was caught in the beam's line of fire, and exploded from critical damage, causing the God to stumble backwards from the blast.

And that had given Matt enough time to get back up on his feet, and ram his blade through Lazarus's chest.

The God let out a choking sound, before falling to the ground as Matt withdrew his sword from his body.

Miraculously, the God of the Winds survived. It took nearly a year and a half, but Lazarus had recovered from his battle with the swordsman… and his will to kill him had yet to subside.

It had also taken some time to find the whereabouts of the swordsman again. But this time, there was a mage and a soldier with him.

He paid no attention to the female mage. But the male soldier had instantly grabbed his attention when the God came across the boy' file.

The soldier's name was Lance- and he resembled Lancelot- in every way possible. Sure, the boy looked a bit younger than Lancelot, and had a darker shade of hair, but besides that, he was just like Lancelot.

Further research told him that Lance was Lancelot's little brother.

Lance, aged fifteen, tried to take over the world once. He built an army and a tank, and, later on, was defeated by Matt and Natalie- the female mage.

And later on, Lance befriended Matt.

The God could not be more shocked- did Lance not know that his very own brother was killed by Matt?

He was determined to give the younger boy a piece of his mind.

A tight grip around his neck was enough to stop Lance from screaming for help. The younger male was an inch or two shorter than Lazarus, which made it much easier for the God to lift him from his feet and slam him against the nearest wall of the inn Lance and his two other teammates were staying at during their travels. Unfortunately for Lance, the three of them didn't share the same room.

"Why?" the God of the Winds said, barely able to keep his emotion in check, his voice filled with anger.

"W-why… what?" Lance gasped, still recovering from the shock of having someone suddenly pinning him to a wall.

"Why did you befriend that swordsman? Do you not know that he is the one that took your brother's life?"

"Who, Matt?" Lance choked out, "I owe that guy my life!" he hissed through clenched teeth as the God tighten his grip on the younger male's neck.

"Explain," Lazarus's voice was Death-like; enough to frighten even the bravest of warriors, and Lance suppressed a shiver.

"Well, uh… I tried to take over the world-"

"I know that," the God growled, "Tell me why you befriended him,"

"Oh, um, okay… So, uh, they defeated me, and they could have killed me…" Lance paused, trying to find the right words to ensure that he would get out of the situation alive, because he was pretty sure that the other could very much kill him if the God happened to cut off his oxygen supply, and when his guns were on the far side of the room- there wasn't much that Lance could do but answer Lazarus's questions, "B-but, um, they kinda… you know, um, didn't kill me. They gave me a chance to, um… Change,"


"Yeah- Cause, I was, uh, blinded by desire to um… take over the world… So they kind of… gave me a chance to know the world's worth and beauty, and uh, gave me a chance to change my thoughts on the world," Lance then took a deep breath, and said, "I guess I was kind of like you, at that time- judging by what you've told me, you know, about being my elder brother's closest friend and all,"

The God narrowed his eyes, "No- you know nothing about me," he said.

"Uh-huh," Lance said, but seemed skeptical, "Look, uh, Lazarus, it's been- how long again? Two years? Can't you just like, uh, let it go or something?"

"Matt killed my best friend,"

"Yeah, but he killed my elder brother too- that didn't stop me from forgiving him!" Lance reasoned, "Look, I know you're mad and all, but do you think Lancelot- my elder brother- would want you to chase after Matt for the rest of your life just for revenge?"

The God paused at that- he never gave it any though, he was too warped up in his own emotions to give it much thought, "I don't know," he finally said.

"Okay…" Lance swallowed, trying to think of something, "Look- even if you don't forgive him, can you at least stop trying to kill him? I mean, there are better things to do than, uh, just trying to kill a single person…"

Lazarus did stop to think about it; his gaze became distant as he tried to make up his own mind, and finally let go of Lance's neck, the younger teen dropping to the floor with a soft thud, and with that, the God turned to leave out the way he had come in from- through the window- but not before saying, "Tell anyone about this, and I will hunt you down, and I will kill you,"

"Alright… no offence, but, um, this is getting awkward,"

Lazarus snorted at that. The God and Matt was currently one top of an… ice mountain, looking over the snow that covered the land before them. The swordsman's two other friends were currently helping themselves to some hot tea under the ice mountain the two rivals were on.

"Uh, what I mean is, um, that you've, um, you know, uh, tried to kill me… twice…"

"I know that," the God replied, his voice emotionless. It freaked Matt out.

"…are you going to try and kill me again?"


Matt arched a brow at that, "Then… what are you here to do?"

The Swordsman and the God stood in silence for a while after that, and Matt shifted uncomfortably, waiting for Lazarus to reply, or, more likely, thinking of how to make a quick getaway if Lazarus happened to start firing at him.

"I've been… thinking," Lazarus finally said, after a long while, "Remember what happened on… that bridge? Two years ago?"

Bridge. Lancelot and Lazarus. Gunshots. A giant sword. And a huge explosion.

"Yeah, I remember,"

"Lancelot died,"

"Oh… I'm sorry,"


Another long awkward silence.

"I… I guess… what I wanted to say is that… I forgive you,"

Matt nearly choked on his own spit, "I-I'm sorry… Come again?"

"You heard me," the God said, slightly annoyed, "Like I said… I've been thinking… and I think that this is what Lancelot would have wanted… Not me trying to kill you over and over again…"

And Matt let out a sigh of relief that he hadn't realized he had been holding, "I-I, uh, um, I don't… uh, wow,"

"Yeah, I know," Lazarus said, "It's funny, right? After trying to kill you for so long, I suddenly decided to forgive you," and with that, Lazarus gave Matt a rare smile, "I guess… I just wanted Lancelot to be happy… he was my only friend, you know…"

Somewhere, an orange haired teen watched as his friend and his long-time rival talked.

"I forgive you," he heard his friend said.

And Lancelot smiled.

"Thank you, dear friend…"

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