The Simple Answer

She didn't intend on kissing him. It's just how things went. She was emotional and saddened by the thought of Joey moving out and starting a new life.. without her.. and without the kids. Yeah, the kids. The kids needed him. Who was he to walk out on them like that? It had to be the kids and the neglect they'd be feeling, that had her like this and so ready to kiss him.

Anyway. With all the thoughts going around her mind, it was only reasonable she kiss him. Right? She was confused and sad, and he was there and she was there, and they'd just had dinner by candlelight in his new apartment, the food propped up on a box, with red satin and candles and.. why did she bring the tablecloth and candles with the food?

What did it matter? What did any of it matter, really? She had kissed him. She clearly had brain damage or.. or.. some kind of disease! Yes. A disease. It could be that. She wouldn't kiss Joe if she was in her right mind, and so, clearly she hadn't been sane at the time their lips met. Clearly, she had not been herself.

None of it followed any logic she knew. Temporary insanity had taken control over her. And the kids. They missed him and he'd only been gone two days. Their pain was her pain. And so on. Blah. Blah, blah, blah.

It had to be one of those options or something else she hadn't considered, because she could barely accept that maybe there was a much more obvious answer. There was no way she liked Joe, not like that. Right? It couldn't be that simple, could it? Also, ew. Joe. Really? Was she really that screwed up?

He was the perfect cook and he did always know how to get under her skin, both in the good and bad sense. He knew her. He felt like home. Part of the family. But that was just because he's the nanny, right? Bonds are sure to form with that kind of relationship.

There was no way she liked him! She couldn't possibly!

Well. Maybe. Maybe just a bit. And that kiss had been nice, felt right, short as it was..

She hadn't intended to kiss him - not in the slightest - but maybe there was something there, now that she had kissed him. Or maybe it was just insanity like she'd been thinking.

There was only one way to find out.. and that would be to talk to Joe and kiss him again. Or you know.. just kiss him. So not going to happen. Really not. Honest.

Or better? She was relieved the idea came to her. Better, she would ignore the whole thing. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be and somehow, will be. Til then, why worry? There's no way Joe's going to bring it up and try and talk. Oh hell. He would bring it up and try and talk. Talk with those lips of his. She sighed. Maybe she should worry.