Hello! A little AN before I start the story to explain something!

Okay, First, this is just an idea I got from reading other fanfic's and decided I wanted to try. Sorry for laziness in explanations and writing, I just don't like writing stuff I think people will generally already know. To make up for it though, I try to be very careful in not making any actual spelling or grammar errors:)

Anyway just so you know what time-frame we are looking at here, The Star wars Timeline is sometime during the clone wars. Obi wan is a Jedi master and Anikin is a Knight, and he has not yet made his move on Padme. For the Naruto timeline, the setting is from when Kakashi is around 15-16. The Naruto timeline is VERY AU as far as I can tell because I do not actually know how old kakashi was when the events in kakashi gaiden took place. So, I made up what I felt sounded good. [Kakashi: 4-genin, 5-Chunin, 7-Jonin, 11-ANBU, 13-Fox Attack, 15-just starting to get normal again.]

If there are still questions you have about this story, please ask, I try not to leave readers in the dark but sometimes I forget people don't know what I am thinking when I right!

HOPE You like this story!

Dew DeReade

o0O0o (A long time ago in a galaxy far far away) o0O0o

Obi wan jumped from the sleep couch as alarms went off in the ship. Lights were flashing and he could hear Anikin dishing out order to Mace as the two tried to fix whatever the problem with the ship was.

"What is happening?" Obi wan called as he rushed into the main room of their speeder.

"Somethings wrong with the hyperdrive, were losing all control of the ship." Anikin said quickly. His voice rising in pitch as he was starting to get even more nervous.

"And if we do not find a planet soon..." Master Windu trailed off grimly, not bothering to finish the thought. Obi wan nodded and rushed over towards the copilot seat, and started scanning for possible planets to crash land on.

"Anikin." Obi wan started, "Why are we in the middle of unexplored territory! This was we were supposed to be flying through the heart of-"

"I thought it would be a good shortcut." Obi wan could only sigh at his former padawan's impatience to finish things quickly. Suddenly the ship lurch and swerved. Ihateflying! Obi wan thought passionately.

"I hope you've found us a planet to land on Obi wan" Mace said, cutting into Obi's thoughts. Obi turned his attention back to the screen, desperately scrolling down this list of planets. Uninhabitable, uninhabitable, uninhabitable, uninhabitable. The ship suddenly dropped and the lights flickered.


"I know, I know! There: coordinates 99073N 8723W 43110D!" Obi wan shouted in relief. Anikin immediately set out towards the coordinates Obi wan had given, skillfully leading the ship through the atmosphere, albite almost burning them all to a crisp and crash lading them in the middle of a forest. Just as the Jedi were sighing in relief, the ships power completely went out.

"Well, I guess we should go check this place out huh?" Anikin asked the two masers nervously.

"Yes, I suppose so." Obi wan sighed. "From the look of things we will be here for a while.

o0O0o (A Few Days Later) o0O0o

Anikin wiped sweat from his brow as the trio continued to walk down the path they had found. The three had been glad to find that the planet was inhabited but had still not seen anyone yet. Hopetheyatleastarefriendly,Anikin thought. Suddenly though, he felt a slight twist in the force, something he could not describe. It was a bad feeling, but also a good one. Anikin turn towards Obi wan and Mace.

"I felt it too." Obi said, reading Ani's expression. Mace only nodded. The tree glanced around, trying to see past the shadows the trees created.

"Argh!" Mace yell when, suddenly, a cloaked figure literally popped up from the ground behind him. Anikin didn't get a chance to examine closer though because suddenly something hard connected to his temple and the world went black.

o0O0o (Sometime Later that Day) o0O0o

Anikin woke up to see Obi wan looking worriedly over him.

"Are you okay?" He asked instantaneously.

"Yeah fine" Anikin grimaced, "just a bit, uh... Sore" Anikin glance around, noting vaguely, that they seemed to be in some sort of hospital room. "Where are we?" He asked, glancing around again anikin added, "And where is Master Mace?"

"Apparently we are in the Village hidden in the Leaves" Obi wan smiled and put a hand up to stop the flood of questions Anikin had probably been about to ask. "As for Mace, he is talking to the Hokage, or leader of the village about what has happened." Anikin nodded and gestured for Obi wan to continue.

"I rally don't know much else, Although the people here are almost all force sensitive." Anikin opened his mouth to ask more but the door to the room opened just then and a new black robed person stepped inside, followed by mace an a person in a whit robe who looked very old.

"Greetings," The old man said with a small bow, "I am Sandaime Hokage, leader of this Village Hidden in the Leaves. From what I have heard, you are galaxy travelers and warriors." The man paused as if in thought, "How did you end up here again?"

Mace sighed, "As I said, our ship crashed." Hokage nodded.

"I see. Well, to be honest, I doubt there is much we can do to help you since your technology appears to be far more advanced than our own." The three jedi nodded.

"We understand," Obi wan said, "I am Jedi Mast Obi Wan Kenobi, by the way." The Hokage bowed slightly in recognition. "This is Jedi Knight Anikin Skywalker."

o0O0o (Another while later, After Hokage explains everything about the shinobi nations to the Jedi and the Jedi explain everything to the Hokage [because I am lazy and really don't feel like boring you all with explanations you already know:)]) o0O0o

The talks were getting nowhere. After having explained all aspects of the two very different worlds, there came the problem of what to do next. Just as the four were abut to go over the same possibilities again, for maybe the billionth time that day, yelling was heard from the hallway outside. It slowly got louder and louder as it moved down the hallway to the room they were in. Then the door burst open and in rushed multiple different doctors and nurses wheeling a bed into the room, talking over each other in their medical jargon.

"BP down to-"

"I need 3 cc of-"

"Severe chakra depletion-"

The Jedi looked over a the patient in such a bad condition and could not stopped their shocked expressions. It was a boy, his face was covered by a mask and a headband the had be pushed down to cover one eye, so they couldn't tell the age of the boy but knew he was quite young. He had shocking silver hair that also slanted to the side, but even more shocking was how he was covered in burns and cuts.

"Sith, what happened to him?" Anikin muttered at the same time as Mace asked "Who is this?" Obi wan simply observed as Hokage relayed the questions to who he now knew where medic nins. One who seemed to be in charge and with very blond hair turned to answer the hokage.

"His ANBU team was ambushed on their way back from a mission. According to the other team members, he took the hits for them so they could get behind the enemy nins to eliminate them."

"But who is it?" Hokage asked again.

"ANBU: Wolf. Kakashi." She said, then turned to continue work on the injured boy.