Movie Night


Naruto x M'gann


Story Start
Special Is How He Made Her Felt. It was the only way to describe how M'gann felt when around him. They helped each other grow used to this strange new setting and comforted each other. He test her recipes and as a result she would make him ramen. The perfect set-up one would say. And as a result they were inseparable. In fact the two of them were at the market right now buying groceries. Seeing as they were two out of the three denizens that actually lived in Mount Justice they were given a monthly allowance for such provisions such as food. But seeing as Naruto appeared to be eighteen he was able to get a job as a cashier at a grocery store meaning he was the only one of the team to have a job. (1)

And as such that meant the blond had a little leeway when it came to snacks and such. Which led to him and M'gann being at Wal-mart, looking to buy some snack items and such for movie night. The blond watched as the indecisive red-head tried to make up her mind with what snack she wanted to get. All and all it didn't matter much to the blond, well now that he keyed her in on what combination of foods his stomach couldn't take.

After lightly combing through all the various fruit snacks and chocolate treats M'gann finally settled on a pack of snack bars. A combination of peanut-butter, chocolate, and caramel. She loved chocolate and Naruto had a near insatiable craving for Peanut-butter, but he often didn't go for anything caramel. Picking out the box she waited to see what he thought of her choice. When he nodded in agreement she placed it inside the cart and smiled to herself. one of the things she loved about Naruto was how her opinion meant something to her. She couldn't help but feel special whenever he let her in on a small part of his life.

As they exited the store a breeze came across them, causing M'gann to shiver. She rubbed her arms, trying to warm herself up only to find herself covered in Naruto's orange and black jacket. ''There you go...'' he softly uttered as he picked up the bags as sat down.

''But what about you?'' she asked as Naruto merely smiled.

''I have a warmer body temperature than most people. The cold doesn't bother me as much.'' he stated as a grin broke out on his face. ''I think you look good in orange.'' he complemented.

''Thanks...'' she said as her face began heating up. Without another word they continued on back to the base to began movie night. Special is how he made her feel, but wanted was the way she made him felt.


Chapter End


1. For anyone who has read any of my Naruto x Teen Titan stories you should get the joke.