Disclaimer I do not own Naruto! Okay I will say this that I aint really proud with this one, on the account its very hard to come up with a plot. So I'm just not going to add any plots with these. Along with it was very hard to become original with this...So Is till hope you enjoy, this is Ino and Naruto at teh green house.



Ino x Naruto, Garden love.

"Geese Ino how the hell did you rent this?" Naruto exclaim, seeing the exotic plant life that were all around them. What happen was that during some free time from training, Ino manage to save enough money to rent out the green house for the entire day!

Of course it was very difficult task at first, considering squad Miakuno were very used to doing D-rank missions on the account of Mia-sensei being pulled into the fox realm by her summoning Kuchaya to get permission for Naruto to sign the fox contract, of course after saying he is able to use the contract. The leader of the fox jump at Mia in a very heated make out session along with sending them back to the realm, to keep Mia's end of the deal of keeping in touch with Kuchaya mating season.

At that thought Ino had to snicker perversely along with being somewhat jealous of her Sensei. "Course doesn't help that I…Well am secretly Bi sexual. Though I am curious how that deal was made?" Ino wondered herself then shook her head at Naruto getting close to a very dangerous plant. "Whoa Naruto stop, don't touch that plant it's poisonous!" shouted Ino along with quickly grabbing the boy away from the plant, as the two of then fell backwards onto the ground with Naruto bumping heads with Ino's as they groan out in pain.

"Ugh. Thanks Ino I didn't expect some of the flowers here to be dangerous" he responded with a slight chuckle as the girl playfully punched his shoulders.

"Well I'll let it slide, considering you don't visit the flower shop that often" she announced, which is true! Over the past few weeks along with hearing about him finding out who his family was and his heritage, he never did had time to visit her in the shop. ALTHOUGH, it also didn't help the fact he haves five different girls to watch over in the village along with everyone trying their best to keep their 'heat' sessions in check.

Of course Ino was losing the battle very much considering her heat was driving her insane! "Come on Naruto" Ino announced breathlessly as she could feel herself losing the battle along with getting wet from the pheromones the boy was giving off from the close proximity they were at. "There are so many other flowers I wanted to show you" she lied as she pulled the boy up to his feet with her as they continued on their way in the green house.


Ino whom after spending some time with the boy and learning what have been happening the past couple of days from him explain what's been going on in his life. She knew that he wasn't feeling all that good after the incident of the villagers poisoning him and burning his house down, along with the Uzumaki scroll no less.

She could say was furious of what have been happening as of lately. Naruto shouldn't be getting all this bad treatment, let alone anyone else who hangs out with the boy. Sure he was the Jinchurikii of the nine-tailed fox but that didn't stop any of the girls for falling in love with the boy! Hell, she didn't care what was inside of him. Naruto was still Naruto on the inside. Not some demon that everyone is blind or admitting to themselves that he is a demon.

Because of them treating him like that, he came up with a decision that if the fox was fully trying to take control of him. He would try and leave the village without any of the girl's knowledge, well Ino won't have it! Especially after hearing Hinata's declaration to the boy that any one of them will follow him no matter where he goes even outside the village gates!

While she was thinking all of this through her head, she neglected to the fact of where she was going as Naruto suddenly shouted. "Ino watch where you are!" he never got to finished his sentence as the girl yelp from tripping over a flower pot and fell forward into a bunch of hanging vines as the girl franticly tried to break free, only for the vines to get even more tangle up on the girl as she was then tussle upside down with her skirt falling down a bit showing the white bandages and her purple panties as the girl grunted and groan out in frustration. "God damn it! Of all places to get stuck in had to be vines…" she said with annoyance while the boy in front of her turned his head away from looking at the slightly upside down girl as she was arch in a way.

"Oh come on Naruto-kun, you've done it with Kin and Hinata? How is seeing my panties any different from theirs?" she asked with a sexy like tone in her voice as she licked her lips at the already perverted thoughts running through her head about the things he could do to her right now. The boy shook his head at the way Ino implemented at the fact of him already seeing the girls naked before.

This was a different story since each girl's personality was different. Hinata's was shy and closed to herself when she was around him, along with being nervous here and there. Kin's attitude was more of an outgoing type of girl Haku was very calm and sort of haves a carefree attitude. As for Ino…The girl is very playful and darn right as he would say sexy Kunoichi, while TenTen was your all around girl who was very passive about her looks or how people treat her differently for being a tom boy.

Letting out a small breath, he turned around to face the Kitsune girl along with almost having a nose bleed from the girl trying to rubbed the vine in between her breasts as the girl was letting out small pants, along with managing to bring one finger towards her panties as her hand was close enough to reach it. "Please Naruto-kun…" she begged to the boy, wanting to get that heat done and over with though had to groan in frustration from the boy crossing his arms, along with shaking his head left and right.

"Ino-chan was this just a way to get me too mate with you?" he asked the girl who blushed and grin sheepishly to the boy along with stopping her ministrations with her fingers and chuckle out nervously.

"If I say yes will you do it?" she asked pleadingly along with using the puppy eyes trick on the boy as he hung his head low and mutter out.

"You girls really should control your heat better" he informed while walking up to the blonde hair girl as she looked up to the boy with her red eyes as her yellow tail wag slowly to the left and right. He couldn't ignore them though, since Kin and Hinata did informed him that if he were to ignore their needs to mate, they would become blinded by lust along with going crazy if they weren't able to get it out of their system. He sniffed his nose a bit as he could pick up Ino's pheromones and boy was it strong.

Reaching to the girl along with gliding his hands up her sides causing the girl to shiver and moan from the gentle touch and hiss in some air after feeling the boy's hands going past her waist and up her thigh. "Feels good doesn't it Ino-chan?" he asked with bright smile, he doesn't know why he enjoys the girls pleased expressions, but decided to blame it on the fox for making him like this. Even though in secret he does enjoy seeing how happy the girls get when he does this to each and every one of them.

"Yesss…" she moaned out along with feeling his hands trail further up her left leg, as he added some pressure to her thighs by massaging them gently as he heard the girl starting to purr along with wagging her tail gently.

Naruto making sure to try his best to ignore Ino's ass along with seeing how appetizing it look, he continued with the massage as he trailed back down near her cheeks along with the increasing moans from the girl each time he would get close, she will moan. But when he gets far from a certain spot she will whimper. "Does Ino have a sweet spot on her cheek? That would make sense since she does have the best…ahem better term for the word. Ass compare to the other kunoichi's here, hmm maybe a tie with TenTen's" He thought to himself, remembering all the times Tenten would want him to rub her bottom as the girl loved the feeling. So he thought why not and massage both of Ino's butt cheeks to see what happens as the girl let out a loud moan of pleasure.

"Oh god…Yes Naruto-kun that feel's good" she announced as the boy chuckle to himself as he added some pressure to the covered cheeks as he could feel how wet her panties were. He then came up with an idea as he started rocking Ino forward and back, knowing that the vine between her B-cup breasts will feel the frictions of the plants rubbing against them. Ironic how she was starting pant with each rubbed her breasts will receive, ironically too that this was a greenhouse as the girl was into plants and gardening.

"Oh, oh Naruto-kun please don't stop massaging me!" she moaned out as she tried to rub her bottom against the boy's skillful hands as he smirk and continued with the massage as he slipped both hands inside her panties, to get a better grip over the cheeks as the cloth showed where his hands were rubbing her, as Ino was moaning and panting from all the minuscule and rubbing that was being applied to her cheeks.


After a while along with clothes being taking off from both Ino and Naruto, they both were now resting on the ground with Ino on top of the boy as he was forced to lie on his back. As he was keeping a tight grip over Ino's ass with his hands as he felt Ino constantly shoving it into his face as the boy was happily licking deep inside of her, causing her to groan in pleasure along with vibrating his manhood inside her mouth, as the girl was swirling and bopping up and down on it, doing her best to get him to cum so she could drink it up.

She kept bucking and moaning as the pleasure going through her body was intensifying and wished for it to never end, after letting go of the hard seven inch manhood out of her mouth with a pop, she started stroking it up and down. She could feel her release coming a lot faster than she thought. "Oh god the girls weren't kidding! Naruto is such a beast and with this seven inch I can't wait to dive into it" She thought to herself along with shuddering as she wailed out. "I'm Cumming!" she yelled as Naruto felt her released it onto his face as he tried his best to lap it up he could, along with moving away from her to wipe anything left off from his face. He then was suddenly brought up from Ino turning around as she then grabbed the back of his head and pulled him up into her mouth as she got a good taste of her cum from inside his mouth, as she was litterly grinding her ass up into his hard on as she moan from it sliding strait up between her ass cheeks along with squeaking from Naruto bringing his hands down there as he slaps each cheek softly, making the girl break away from the kiss as she let out a harsh moan. "Yes, smack them Naruto-kun! I've been a bad vixen!" she shouted along with seeing Naruto's K-9 teeth smiling to her as he continued smacking her ass as she could feel the flesh jiggling from the impact.

She then screeched and widened her eyes with gritting her teeth from the boy, entering one of his fingers in her womanhood! "KYAAAA!" she screeched out with pure bliss on her face as her tongue hung out from her mouth, as the boy smirk to himself as he watch the girl arch her back in a way that TenTen will along with pushing out her B-cups breasts which look even more appetizing with the pointed nipples hardening from the pleasure.

"Ino-chan do you mind?" he asked playfully, seeing the girl just nodding and chanting from his constant pumping of his finger and then heard the girl screaming loudly as he latched his mouth on the girls right nipple as he twirled it around with his tongue along with slurping and gnawing the flesh in his mouth, as he started pinching the left nipple as he could hear the girl scream in ecstasy from the added pleasure.

"Naru-Naruto-kun, how long does your Shadow clones lasts?" Ino asked through each pant as she was litterly drooling from everything the boy was doing to her, and felt his fingers exiting from her as she groan in protest from feeling his fingers inside of her, although it will be more pleasing to have his hard on inside of her then just fingers.

Naruto looking up in thought was curious of why Ino was wondering why she wanted him to make a Shadow clone. So he just shrug his shoulders and decided to answer her by letting go of her right breast while trailing his tongue against the nipple before he fully let go of it.

"Um the Shadow clones last as long as there's a lot of chakra inserted into them. But either than that a single punch will cause them to burst into nothing" He explained as he watched the girl finally calming down from cloud nine as she looked at the boy with a Cheshire smile along with even more perverted ideas was going through the girls mind.

"How about when it comes to pleasing a girl?" she asked as she started rubbing up against his manhood with her bottom feeling it twitching and reacting to the idea. "I thought you will like that" she commented along with sliding down the boy's body as she watch him groan and moan from the feeling the girls slim tone body rubbing down his body along with stopping near his hard on as she gave it a quick kiss and then sucking hard on it. After she got done with that she then turn herself around with her ass facing towards Naruto, along with crawling forward towards a stump that was nearby, as the girl rested both of her arms on it. Then looked behind her to his direction as her sweaty body was filled with sweat, as her yellow tail was gently rubbing up and down her thigh as she smack her right butt cheek in front of the boy. "Well I'm waiting for you and your clone Na-ru-to" she said with each shake of her bottom and saw the boy already shooting straight up along with doing his favorite hand seal for the shadow clone.


"AAAAAH!" screamed Ino as she was being penetrated by both of her pleasure spots, from behind and in her pussy. With the clone pumping from behind, the second clone who was standing beside Ino roughly grabbed her head and forced his hard on into the girls mouth, to muffle her screams as she was moaning and screaming in pleasure, as the original Naruto was litterly pumping inside of her pussy as the girl was in heaven! After letting go of the second clones hard on as she was sputtering and choking from his essences that was litterly falling down from her mouth to between her breasts, she then screeched out loud from the two other Naruto's increasing their tempo on the girl. "Yes, Yes, YES! Keep going faster, I'm almost there!" she screamed as she could feel her released coming very soon and felt the clone pulling out from her and then knelt down to bite into Ino's right butt cheek as the girl was wailing and shaking her head left and right as her tail was litterly thrashing into the clones head.

"Ino I'm" Naruto tried to say but couldn't as he felt the girl quickly hopping up and wrapping her legs around the boys waist, as she was litterly humping into him with grunts and groans.

"PLEASE NARUTO! DO IT, DO IT!" she screamed as she felt the mating mark spreading to both cheeks from the clone biting her from earlier, along with feeling him spreading the cheeks apart to start eating her out that way.

Before they even knew what hit them, they both scream out to the world as they came together as they shouted. "I'm Cumming!" they both screamed as they both released their essences along with Ino feeling Naruto Cumming inside of her and the two of them with the clone popping into nothing. Naruto falling backwards along with Ino following right behind him as she hissed in pain from his hard on pushing up into her as she clenched her eyes tightly and let out a breath of air.

"Ino…that was fucking awesome!" Naruto exclaimed, never realized to use the Shadow Clones like that before and felt the girl still humping into him along with fingering herself at the same time. He had to groan from getting a hard on again as the girl was nowhere done with the boy. "Ino, your still horny?" he asked as he saw the girls eyes was covered with lust as she nodded and asked him to make another Shadow clone so they can do it again.

"Please, don't stop Naruto-kun. This vixen still haven't learn anything!" she shouted along with moaning from him pumping straight up into her along with making another clone as it enter from her behind as the two started up again.



Next one will be Hinata and Naruto at the hot springs or Mia and Kuchaya, considering somebody asked me if I could show what happen with the two, after Kuchaya takes Mia back to the fox realm to settle her heat.