AN: Hello everyone, I'm Corialanus and this is my first foray into Fairy Tail fan-fiction. I just started watching the show about two months ago and in Fairy Tail Erza is my favorite character. I really don't like her with Jellal which seems to be her main pairing and I really love Gray and Juvia together so that leaves her to get with Natsu. I personally like Natsu with Erza, Lucy, Mirajane, or Lisanna, and I read all those pairings but this is going to be a story about a slow developing romance between Erza and Natsu. I'm labeling this as T for now but there is the possibility of some explicit content later in the story so I may have to change it to M. I plan on writing many chapters, and will probably post about two to three a month. I'm in the middle of writing two other fan-fics so I'll try to keep up with that schedule. I hope you enjoy this story and like many fan-fic writers I'm a bit of a whore for reviews so I'd love to hear your thoughts whether positive or negative. Most importantly though I hope you enjoy my story.

Erza Scarlet, known to many as Titania Queen of the Fairies, sat by herself in the corner of the main room of her beloved guild Fairy Tail. It was the most important thing in the world to her, and all the people of the guild were like her family, especially her teammates, and amongst them even more special to her was the young Dragonslayer Natsu.

Erza was playing with the large piece of cheesecake that her formal rival Mirajane had brought over for her, while she stared over at her teammates Natsu, Happy, and Lucy at another table. The three of them were up to their usual shenanigans. In the past on a day like today she would be over at that table pretending to stare at them disapprovingly, while inside she would have been laughing away alongside them. Recently however time around her teammates had become much more stressful to the young knight.

Erza cringed as she watched Lucy punch Natsu playfully on the arm, and then Natsu picked her up by the waist and spun her around as Happy mocked her. Erza felt a burning fire building inside her stomach as her eyes focused on Natsu's hands touching the bare flesh of the blonde girl, which Erza felt Lucy always showed too much of. Erza separated a big piece of cake on to her fork and slammed it into her mouth.

Erza felt the anger bubbling inside of her, anger at Lucy for flirting with Natsu like that, but a much stronger anger was directed solely inward. Erza was furious with herself for having these feelings about Lucy and Natsu. She knew that they were just acting like they always did, and that they were playing around like they have together for as long as Erza has known Lucy.

Natsu put Lucy down on the ground and she punched him again and screamed at him about how you can't just grab a lady whenever you want, then she screamed at Happy as he commented that Lucy didn't really qualify as a lady. Months ago these sort of antics would have had Erza cracking up, but now they just made her sad. Ever since Natsu pulled her out of the Tower of Heaven she had been struggling with the way she felt about the Dragonslayer.

Erza remembered how she felt as a little orphan girl, as a slave to those despicable villains who killed so many people at the Tower of Heaven. She remembered the way that Jellal made her believe in love, and how he filled her heart with a warmth she had never known. The strength that she prides herself on and the drive that makes her an S-class wizard were all born on that day those bastards took Jellal from her. She remembered how hard she fought to save him, and the pure relief and joy she felt when she freed him from their clutches.

However those moments after freeing Jellal were the end of her heart being pure. She looked at Jellal, her eyes, her heart, and her soul filled with the innocent love of a young naïve girl brimming with hope, a hope and love that were crushed mere seconds later. When Jellal betrayed her and all of her friends and then banished her, Erza was sure that she could never find happiness again. She was wrong though, she managed to find Fairy Tail, and within it's walls she found so many people that began to repair the damage to her heart. She spent so many years in her new family that the pain from missing her first family managed to slowly subside with time. She managed to open up her heart and love so many people, but she was convinced that she could never love someone again the way that she loved Jellal.

Over the years Erza had met many men who were brave and strong and perhaps even attractive, but she never could expose herself to the kind of pain opening up fully to one of them could bring. She was convinced that was the scar her heart was meant to carry throughout the rest of her life. She had been betrayed by the only man she ever truelly loved, and then forsook the only friends she had ever made in her life as a result of his betrayal. That kind of damage was the kind you could only sustain once in your life so she decided that day to always protect herself. She became obsessed with surrounding herslef in armor, and she came to cherish that armor, but none was more precious to her than the prison she locked her heart away in.

That night on the Tower of Heaven, face to face with Jellal, when Erza stared down all of those demons of her past, with all the sins that had slowly weighed down her heart for years right on the surface, she accepted her fate. She knew that she was ready to die. Erza smiled, appreciative of all of those years in Fairy Tail. She went into the Tower ready to sacrifice herself. Her life would be well worth the lives of her friends she once abandoned, and the friends who taught her how to love again. That's when she was slipping away and saw her own funeral, all of her precious people were sad, but they were still there and that's what mattered to her. They all had tears in their eyes except for him. Natsu wouldn't accept that she was gone. The passion in his eyes that burned as hot as any flame a dragon had ever breathed, eyes that refused to let his Erza just fade away. Then she felt him grab her from the nothingness that she had been teetering on. Natsu literally pulled her off of death's door and then when she opened her eyes in the world of the living once again they were met by the exact same passion in his black eyes that she had seen in the limbo she was floating in.

That is when the metal cage Erza had erected around the deepest core of her heart was melted away. In those seconds as she stared up at the strongest, most beautiful, most real man she had ever known and saw the love he had for her shining back, she knew that Jellal was her past and only one man could ever be her future, the man who had saved her from herself and her demons, the purest soul she had ever met, Natsu Dragneel.

The months after the incident at the Tower of Heaven she spent trying to convince herself that the way she felt towards Natsu was ephemeral. Of course she was grateful to him, and of course she felt stronger about him after he had saved her. She told herself day after day that tomorrow would be the day that she would come to her senses and start seeing Natsu like she used to, like an annoying little brother. Unfortunately after telling herself that in the day, every night she would lay in bed and remember his eyes that pleaded with her to live for him, she would remember how safe and warm she felt as she was in his arms as he pulled her away from death. She always thought that Fairy Tail would be the closest to a true home she ever would know, but basking in his aura at what could have been the end of the world was the first time in her entire life she felt true contentment.

Erza eventually realized that her feelings would never fade, she found the only man who could be her everything and that realization has led to where she is now, a personal hell that she has been suffering through for a while now. Her eyes were still locked on Lucy who now was sitting next to Natsu, and she felt a stab in her heart as she saw the simple gesture of the blonde resting her head on his shoulder for a nano-second cause her so much pain.

Erza was 99% sure that nothing more than friendship had ever gone on between Lucy and Natsu, but that 1% of doubt ate away at the back of her mind incessantly. She also came to realize that the love she saw in Natsu's eyes when he saved her was the same love he felt for Lucy, or Gray, or anyone of his fellow guildmates. Erza didn't believe that Natsu looked at her with same longing she gazed upon him with, and she was very fearful that if he ever did look at a girl that way, it would be Lucy and not her. The worst part of this whole situation was her resentment of Lucy. The blonde girl had always been nothing but a great member of Fairy Tail, and an even better friend to anyone she got close too, and most relevant to Erza's present predicament, a trusted ally and comrade to her. Now every time Lucy was near Natsu, Erza imagined plunging each and every one of her heaven's swords into the blonde girl's chest.

Erza forked off another piece of her cheesecake slice and lifted it into her mouth. The brave knight would willingly walk into a horde of enemies with almost no hope of survival, but the thought of telling Natsu how she felt terrified her. She wasn't worried that Natsu could betray her like Jellal did, her worry was the uncertainty of his reaction. She knew Natsu was immature and probably not ready for the intensity of her feelings. He was also fiercely loyal and may agree to be with her for fear of hurting her. She couldn't blackmail Natsu like that, but if he caved to her she's not sure that she would have the willpower to stop herself from taking advantage of him. She knew that if they were to ever be together, it would have to be his decision to come to her.

Erza finished the last gigantic piece of cake as her eyes followed Lucy and Natsu as they walked towards the request board. She came to the same conclusion today that she had for everyday the last several weeks, she decided that she would just act like she always did. She'd stay by Natsu, and be there when he needed her, and hope that someday his eyes would open to the great potential the two of them had together. She stiffened up as her three teammates came over towards her, Happy flying with a job request sheet in his hand.

Natsu walked up and gave his big goofy smile that just melted her heart and said, "Hey Erza, Lucy here is freaking out because her rents due next week and she's 40,000 jewels short so we were going to take this job to track down some bandit wizards, wanna come?"

Happy added, "Yea please come Erza, there's supposed to be a bunch of them and since Gray went on that job with Juvia if you're not there Natsu and myself would be the only useful wizards on the mission."

Erza couldn't help but laugh as Lucy shouted, "Hey!" at Happy's insult.

Erza nodded as she thought to herself that going on a mission with the group followed her plan to act normal perfectly. She smiled as she grabbed the request sheet out of Happy's hands and briefly perused it. The job seemed simple enough so she said, "Alright I'll go, let's return home and get prepared. We'll meet at Lucy's house in two hours to head out."

Lucy looked over and said, "Why my house?"

Erza gave her one of her well-practiced death stares to Lucy and the blonde girl said meekly, "Ok my house in two hours."

Natsu laughed and said, "Ok let's go Happy, I caught two fish we can go and eat for lunch."

Happy clapped his hands together in excitement and said, "Aye!" as the dragonslayer and his flying cat turned and walked away.

Lucy smiled at Erza as she turned away and said, "Ok Erza, I'll see you soon."

The knight watched her friends leave as she waved Mirajane over so she could order one last piece of cake before she left.

AN: That was the first chapter, I hope you enjoyed it. It was mostly introspective on Erza's part, but I wanted to convey her feelings about Natsu to set up the rest of the story. Most of the other chapters will be about the group interacting as a whole. I hope to have a blend of romance, angst, action, and comedy as the story unfolds. Like I said at the beginning I'd love to hear your thoughts whether positive or negative. Thanks for reading!