A/N: This oneshot was actually meant to be therapuetical for me.

Dear Link:

These past few years have been nothing but a source of heart break and misery for me. I've loved you so much, but ever since you returned from fighting Ganon, from enduring all of those torments that broke you mentally, you just haven't been the same Link, anymore.

At first, all of these things I coveted I ignored. I was tempted every day, but for your sake I never did.

But then I started drinking. At first just enough to help me forget. Then, I started stumbling around, intoxicated. During those episodes, it wasn't unusual for me to cut myself. A few times the blade of my sword dug deeper than the skin; I saw my bone a few times. It was excruciating, but Ivan (isn't it cute how my little red fairy's name was the opposite of yours?) would heal me.

He grew weary of healing me, and on several occasions tried to make me stop entirely, but to no avail. I'd drink myself into an abyssal stupor, intensify my already malevolent feelings of despair and hatred, and before long begin to lash at myself.

You've just never been the same. You don't love me the same, or at all. Maybe you do, and I just can't feel it.

I've too much despair to get up in the mornings. I'd rather sleep until my head throbs dully from its excess. I'd rather stumble around drunk all day, cutting myself to provide some sort of stimulus to remind myself that I'm alive, even though I wish I wasn't.

My turbulent misery strengthens as the days go by. Any happiness is momentary and shallow. It breaks through the dark outer coating temporarily, before being sucked back into the perturbed chasm that are home to my emotions.

I always wished I could tell you how everything hurts. The magnitude of this pain. The tears I shed while writing this letter to you.

You'll never know how deeply I've buried all of this.

I cast my emotions and myself, still alive, into a casket and buried it. Now, I've risen up, not yet dead, but not yet alive, either.

I suppose, after everything I've done for Ganon as well, I would deserve to be this miserable. I don't deserve any chance to redeem myself.

I should have died in the Water Temple, lest I look my mirror reflection in the face and realize that I am a disappointment.

Please don't ever look for me,

Dark Link.